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  1. There will probably be over 10 BILLION doses required around the world. Of course there are going to be supply issues.
  2. Vaccinations are part of the Swiss Cheese Model of Covid Defence. James Reason originally proposed the Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation. This illustrates that, although many layers of defence lie between hazards and accidents, there are flaws in each layer that, if aligned, can allow the accident to occur. In other words, the more layers of defence you have, the less likely the holes in the slices of swiss cheese will align, therefore reducing the chances of an accident occurring.
  3. An event worth keeping an eye on is the Olympics scheduled for July in Japan. There are a lot of officials and athletes very keen to have this happen after last year's postponement. If it does go ahead, the protocols, procedures and practices put in place for such an undertaking will be the ones to watch. A successful operation of this magnitude would not only be an impressive achievement, but also a glimpse into the sort of things that possibly could be expected in the short term.
  4. It will be interesting to see if cruiselines address this pre departure testing issue before their planned European summer season. Without an onboard testing facility acceptable to the relevant authorities, or contracted onshore facilities, it would cause a problem for the cruiselines booking passengers' air travel post cruise. As an aside: The UK has just put a ban on travellers into the UK from South America, Portugal, Panama and Cape Verde. This was in response to concern over a Brazilian variant of the virus.
  5. Reports of a UK firm developing a vaccine in pill form. Perhaps starting clinical trials this month. Source: UK Telegraph. That could be exciting news to keep an eye on.
  6. According to Viking's press release it's a PCR facility onboard the Star. Re the cost. The cruise lines which have free self service laundry onboard could set one up in one of these rooms. Therefore forcing more use of the paid laundry service. At the price some cruise lines charge for this service it'll pay for the lab super quick. 😟
  7. Whether a person travels to another country by sea or by air, it is the country of arrival which will decide their own entry testing requirements. These requirements can change at short notice. Will an arriving passenger's vaccination status affect this requirement in the 2nd half of this year ? In my opinion....in many cases, no. The ball is in the cruise lines' court. Will they all follow Viking's example this year ?
  8. Much yet to be learnt by the experts. Scientists are worried about whether a mutation in the coronavirus variant first spotted in Sth Africa may decrease vaccine efficacy. They do not yet know the extent of the impact. Source: CNN
  9. The CDC has confirmed the requirement for a negative laboratory result no earlier than 72 hours for air travellers to US. Wef 26 Jan.
  10. Celebrity has cancelled through to 30 April. They have also cancelled the European season for 2 of their ships departing from May to October.
  11. My next final payment is not till October so will be assessing the onboard experience and the port situation before then. I have no qualms about cancelling if necessary. With all my cancellations so far I have only taken refunds, not FCCs. As the UK and the Sth Africa variants take over as the dominant number of cases around the world, I have no doubt more and more countries will tighten up inbound travel requirements in the short term. Many countries will only start to open for tourism again when their own populations are vaccinated ( IE: around 70% plus)
  12. Some good news for a change. The benefits of being small and isolated. Palau, never had a case of Covid reported. It will likely also be the first nation in the World fully vaccinated. Well done Palau.
  13. This could be one of the indicators as to when a cruise line is planning to start operations with each of their ships. When they announce a particular ship is being fitted with an onboard testing facility.
  14. It shouldn't be chaos. It should be a predetermined set of protocols & procedures agreed to by the various authorities in charge of the various regions / countries the cruise is visiting. These should be fully and clearly laid out in the passenger contract before you proceed on the cruise. That's what should happen. I think the cruise lines will be working very hard at making sure Covid incidents are conducted in a pre described and orderly manner. They certainly won't be wanting any more negative press. Then it's a ma
  15. As you know, Viking has already installed a PCR lab on one of their ships. I don't know what other cruise lines are doing similar, but perhaps it may be made mandatory
  16. I have only sailed on the R ships. Do the singers & dancers on the O ships also carry out the secondary duties as they do on the R ships ?
  17. What will be interesting to me is what the new Covid protocols will be for a fully vaccinated ship both onboard, and in countries worldwide. After all, the average efficacy across a ship may be 85% as an example. What will the procedure be if Covid is discovered onboard ? What will various countries require to enter ? How will those countries react to Covid on a ship with everyone vaccinated ? A certain percentage of their own population vaccinated is most likely ? Some countries will likely be more willing to open, others who may be important to a
  18. But they won't all be protected. There will be various efficacy rates from various vaccines amongst both passengers and crew.
  19. Air New Zealand has announced it will stop their non-stop flights to LA and San Francisco. These flights will soon stop in Honolulu for a crew change, and a new crew will operate a Honolulu to mainland return flight. This will enable the crew to remain airside in LA & SFO and therefore reduce risk.
  20. Princess has cancelled all cruises through to 14th May.
  21. Anyone heard any updates ?
  22. There is a thread going on the Royal Caribbean Forum about the future problems regarding getting crews vaccinated. One of the posts is from an essential crew member current onboard a Royal ship. They post that this new strain is causing big problems with even getting small numbers of essential crew on & off ships as countries tighten up travel & border restrictions at very short notice. The logistics of crew vaccinations, travel to ships, in sufficient numbers is going to be a huge logistical problem. Then add in having to reestablish supply lines fo
  23. Keep an eye on news as more information is found out about the South African strain in the next couple of months. Whilst the UK strain is widely known to be more infectious and has already spread to many countries, The South African strain apparently has two additional mutations in important genes. These other mutations may mean the current vaccines do not work as effectively as against the current virus. Also, the current PCR testing may make it harder to pick up, so this strain could be more widespread than thought. Lots of may, could, perhaps in ther
  24. The CDC website with the Green / Provisional Green / Red table listed. It is in a paragraph a few above the table. There is a link on the Carnival Forum in the thread with CDC green in the title. I don't disagree. Note however the wording. Any ship seeking to operate in US waters must comply with all the requirements under the frame work of the Conditional Sailing Order even when outside US waters. As the current expiry of the CSO is 1st Nov then as you say, they don't have to comply if staying outside US waters. Combining Jan's
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