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  1. We have two booked before end of year and we are gonna make Carnival cancel us or we luck out and go cruising. Let them cancel and give you the deals.
  2. Unfortunately it depends on the Mayor of the port city. We are scheduled for Oct. cruise out of NOLA and I doubt the Mayor there will open the port back up for cruising. At least not until after Nov. 3.
  3. This! I much prefer the first come first serve style to shows etc. than having to book everything.
  4. You're not crazy. We booked for October and November and can't wait. The chances I'll die from the idiot drivers in my hometown is a lot greater than from a Coronavirus.
  5. Well crap! I have a coworker that was on the Valor for the cruise right after he got off. Considering the virus can live for up to several days on most surfaces this is concerning.
  6. I really like the Seafood Shack. The prices are actually better than most restaurants at least for the crab legs and peel and eat shrimp.
  7. It’s not $15. It’s either $6 or $7 an hour. We used it several times on our cruise last month while we did comedy, carnival quest, and dance club.
  8. We were on Glory a week ago and repairs are patched but not complete. It will need to dry dock to fully repair damage but we hardly noticed it. We had sea day brunch on upper platinum dining and saw the walled-off area. Looks like it consumed between 40-50 seats.
  9. Glory has been updated with Guy's, Blue Iguana and water park. I was on the Dream before and felt right at home on the Glory.
  10. Well, newer ship I should say. Wife and I are planning to go on a short 4 or 5 day cruise to fill the void while waiting on our longer cruises. We were thinking Valor out of NOLA or Fantasy out of Mobile which is only an hour further drive. We've never been on any Fantasy Class ships and are curious on trying it out. Looking for some feedback from those who have traveled on both. Not necessarily those two ships but class of ships. Thanks!
  11. We just spend 14 days on the Glory. We had a great time (especially at Alchemy due to the 2 bottles of Blanton's I drank) and are going on the Freedom this Thanksgiving. I guess just pick which port you wanna go to. If you're into Cheers! that might make a difference since Cheers unavailable first night out of Galveston where as NOLA pretty much fines you if you DON'T have a drink in your hand. LOL
  12. We just booked our 15 day Hawaii Sailabration Cruise for Feb. 2022. I would like to see the mint chocolates again.
  13. I don't recall seeing Broiled Maine Lobster Tail or Seared Striped Bass at the buffet.
  14. That's no lie! I went over there to check on what they had to offer and absolutely hated the layout. Shore excursions was also a mess to navigate.
  15. Equal to 4 MDR eh? I usually order 3. Guess I'll order 4 next cruise. 😎
  16. Both times on the Dream, we boarded and went up to Lido deck and just before you enter the outside area they were standing there taking reservations for both Steakhouse and Chef's Table. They asked us which night we wanted since it was just two of us.
  17. We usually gamble and wait til we board ship and hope there are still openings. Then we pick which day we want.
  18. I just read on Carnival website that the Hub App Chat feature is limited to ages 13 plus. I wonder if there is a way around this stupid restriction as our daughter will be signing herself out to do scavenger hunts in Camp Ocean and wanted to give her one of our older phones to use to chat with us.
  19. Yes you now have to pay up front like a shore excursion for steakhouse. I had to call Carnival Corp. because after I paid it told me a confirmation email will be sent. It was never sent. Had to get representative from the Fun Shops to email me a confirmation. Carnival's wonderful website problems. It still doesn't show the steakhouse reservation on our booking and order details on website. It has everything else we ordered online but the steakhouse. I guess specialty dining is just that. Special.
  20. We were just notified that Cookie will no longer be our CD for our Journeys Cruise next week. We were really looking forward to his entertainment. He's been replaced by Lee Mason. I'm not familiar with Lee. Has anyone had him for CD?
  21. I had to prepay when I made my reservation. It didn't give me an option.
  22. If you do go to Mobile for the Fantasy and stay the night before the cruise, I highly recommend going to Felix's Fish Camp Restaurant near the Battleship. Great food, drink and service and overlooks the bay.
  23. I had the same experience a few weeks ago when I prepurchased steakhouse on our cruise coming up in less than two weeks. I had nothing for steakhouse on the planner or booking for it but it did show prepaid couples massage and cheers. I called Carnival Corp., selected fun shops and talked to a representative and they looked up my booking number info and saw where I had purchased steakhouse reservations on their end and then they check the website and saw nothing listed for steakhouse. He assured me that since it is in their computer that it will show up on ship. He emailed me the invoice of the purchase and I printed it out to take on board in case there is a problem.
  24. Sorry you had a bad experience with Alchemy. I can tell you that has not been our experience for past 3 cruises with Alchemy. In fact, the service got a better each cruise on same ship. They were very willing to experiment and come up with alternate tasting cocktails besides what's on the menu. Hope you have a much better experience on next cruise.
  25. That's good to know. I'd prefer it with melted butter. I wonder if they charge extra for extra melted butter for the crab legs?
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