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  1. You should get an email at 60 days before sailing with your upgrade offers, as long as you didn't book through a non-participating travel agent.
  2. The MoveUp price on Apex in May starts at $1300 PP to go from C3 to S3, while the price difference to upgrade directly is only $1700 PP. I'm disappointed with the high starting price and am not planning to bid, but will continue monitoring for price drops. On the other hand, bids on the Edge Villas start at $3000 PP vs about $14000 PP to upgrade directly, so there could be some deals to be had there if not completely over budget.
  3. It looks like nothing more than a typical Unisex bathroom with a new inclusive-sounding name.
  4. The article claims they'll be sailing back to New York at a later date for introductory activities. The problem is the ship is fully scheduled through July 2021. Unless they plan on cancelling sailings, they wouldn't be able to do a New York launch until August 2021 at the earliest. However, this would line up perfectly with my previous speculation that they could run a brief Bermuda season from New York in August-October 2021.
  5. It may be nit picking, but the ship does not do 360s in Glacier Bay, only 180s. You will cruise all the way through the bay to Margerie Glacier and stop there for an hour. Port side will face the glacier to begin, then eventually the ship will turn around so starboard is facing the glacier. The ship will then depart and go down Johns Hopkins Inlet. There are glaciers on both sides of the ship, and the ship will stop about a mile from Johns Hopkins Glacier (which will be off the bow of the ship). The ship then turns around and departs, so you'll see the opposite glacier you saw on the way
  6. I downloaded the app and was able to sign in, but it's showing the wrong stateroom (Central Sea Terrace instead of Sweet Aft Suite). I checked on the website and it still shows the correct cabin, so I'll just consider it an early glitch for now.
  7. Cafeteria did come to mind, but I think they'll try to give it a more upscale feel than that. Concession Stand may be a better comparison, where most of the ingredients are pre-cooked (or already being cooked before you order) and they assemble it once you order.
  8. Joy is doing Bermuda in 2021. Beyond that is unknown.
  9. The main difference between a food hall and buffet is whether the food is plated and served to you, or you dish it out yourself. It does appear at least some items are self-serve such as the salad bar and desserts. Hopefully this is not the case for the hot food stations, or else it really is just a buffet under a different name. I would welcome a true food hall type setup because it would be much more hygienic, without having to worry about who else may have touched the food or serving utensils.
  10. They tried to pull the same "deal" when I was on Bliss last year. I don't cruise on NCL often enough to need 4 certificates at once, so I prefer to stick with 2 at a time. Why let NCL hold onto my $250 for that much longer?
  11. As long as Virgin focuses on short, accessible itineraries, they will have a younger customer base. Most people can manage to get vacation days up to a week at a time. Once you go over 8 days including travel time, it becomes more difficult for people to get the time off so you end up with mostly retirees. At this point, all of the itineraries are doable with 3-5 days off work.
  12. The first Leonardo class ship isn't due until March 2022, so it should not factor into the schedules for Winter 2021-22 at all. I'm not sure why they would say this.
  13. A "basic cocktail" would be just a shot of liquor, possibly mixed with one of the included "basic bevvies". The "standard hand crafted cocktails" are mixed drinks with multiple ingredients, thus priced higher than the spirits alone.
  14. Independent tours are not permitted on partial transits. The only way off the ship is by tender, and they won't let you on without an excursion booked through the ship.
  15. These itineraries caught my attention, but Norwegian Sky doesn't appeal to me at all. I would rather they brought Spirit over for these, or used a newer ship.
  16. One thing that stands out to me is it appears the dock is constructed to only allow ships to dock stern-first. This works fine for a ferry which typically has a ramp in the stern to load and unload vehicles, but I'm not sure how a cruise ship could use this. Perhaps they are doing some modifications to allow a side-loading ramp that would fit a cruise ship.
  17. I don't think it has anything to do with cultural preferences, because Bliss was designed to match the buffet layout of Joy before there was even a thought of bringing Joy to the U.S. The layout switch is primarily to accommodate the Observation Lounge, including common kitchen facilities to service both the Observation Lounge buffet and Garden Cafe.
  18. I don't expect base prices to ever go back to what they were before they started 30% off. All you can do is watch prices and book if you see a price drop. The best hope would be the 20% off for Latitudes members comes back, but even that only applied to longer and exotic sailings.
  19. The 30% off fake sale has been going on since November, long before Coronavirus was even in the news. I have not noticed any new discounts in the recent days.
  20. Or they plan to be like other cruise lines and constantly extend promotions to give a false sense of urgency.
  21. Thanks for the clarification. What threw me off was they call out excluding A1 on Edge class but not the other ships, even though presumably you could never upgrade from A1 on any ship because the next better category is a Sky Suite.
  22. If I'm reading that correctly then, the only upgrades possible on Edge Class are 11->10, E4->E3, and E3->E2. Does that sound right?
  23. I saw it yesterday when looking at prices. They've run specials like this for Valentine's Day before.
  24. Once you win a bid, you are done with the bidding process. You will never get another offer to upgrade from an upgrade. Since you upgraded through a NCL agent and not the bidding process, you are still eligible to bid on upgrades. Your upgrade offer will eventually update to show your new room, as well as give you the chance to bid on mini-suites in addition to balconies since you are now in a ocean view.
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