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  1. Many thanks to those who posted photos of the Emerald traversing through the Panama Canal. Great memories.
  2. My iphone was 8 years old and not compatible with the OM. So I ended buying a new phone (kicking and screaming) and I LOVE it. It was time for me to get up to date.
  3. I also prefer the smaller portions. As stated above, you can ask for additional serving. They will gladly accommodate you. I want to add my gratitude to the OP for an excellent review. I'll be boarding the K-dam on the 31st of October!
  4. Nimi, enjoying your photos and narrative. Very generous of you to share your adventures. We'll be following you on the K-dam on 10/31. A belated happy birthday to you and your honey.
  5. Beyond bizarre. So I can make all kinds of mistakes and be promoted and rewarded? Brave new world, indeed.
  6. @CharmedLifer Thanks for posting. We're scheduled to sail on 9/25. Can you share your plans while in port? Excursions through cruise line or on your own? Are proper protocols being followed in ports? Thank you.
  7. Sorry, I meant the Koningsdam, not he Koningsberg. Duh!
  8. @Wanna_Cruize Thanks for sharing. We're on the 9/25 voyage. Does the Havana Cabana area feel crowded?
  9. @Sunburg1 We were on the Oct. 23 itinerary and have been moved to Oct. 31st. Were you able to get a similar or better cabin on the Koningsberg? TIA
  10. @geoherb Thanks for taking the time to share your impressions. Very much appreciated.
  11. What a nice surprise! I'm in and it seems to be working.
  12. Spoke too soon. Locked out this morning. Oh, well.
  13. Eureka! Tried to log in with my new reset password. No go. Entered previous PW and it worked. Finally!
  14. I followed all the prompts to reset password. Still cannot access my account. Beyond frustrating. Not willing to spend an hour on the phone to be connected to a rep.
  15. Not working for me either. I noticed that it says "Log in" whereas before it said "Sign in".
  16. So many great Grand memories. We met you and K on a TA back in 2006, Galveston to Civitavecchia with many, many stops including Portoferraio, Elba. That was our first TA and we got addicted.
  17. Thank you, Theo, for your remarkable website which helped so many of us. Very, very grateful.
  18. Looks like Trunk Bay in St. John. Wish I were there sipping a mango margarita or a painkiller.
  19. I agree. There are no boring sunsets. Each one is unique.
  20. Don't you love those fiery Alaskan sunsets?
  21. We cruised on the MSC Musica out of Venice.
  22. If and when you visit the Med I would highly recommend the town of Arbelobello (the port is Brindisi).
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