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  1. Hi we are in the over 65 age group and have underlying health problems heart condition and ongoing cancer treatments we will have the vaccine as soon as we possibly can and continue our cruising as soon as it’s safe we want to get our lives back to as close as normal as it can be life is for living and not hiding away like we are at the moment 👍🤗
  2. Hi all can anyone tell me if all cabin grades have bathrobes and slippers I know the suites do but not sure about the others.
  3. Hi after reading all the comments on here I come to the conclusion it’s Cunard all the way for me because I enjoy the formal nights lectures the library the decor and not many children on board the only other cruises we’ve been on are P&O, and one and only on MSC which really was not our cup of tea.
  4. Hi just booked B2B cruise for November December 2022 and was told that they don’t offer discounts for this anymore .
  5. Hi that’s exactly how we feel would love to be on the cruise but not sure what restrictions will be in place or will the cruise be cancelled then we can take the refund still waiting for our ta to call us back regarding our options to transfer our cruise it would be easier for us if it was cancelled sooner rather than later
  6. Yay booked our usual back to back cruise for November December 22 phoned Cunard direct spoke to lovely helpful lady and was booked in 10 mins very happy 👍
  7. Hi it’s really personal preference we prefer the Q5+Q6 on QE+QV because of the size of the suites and we love the views as we sail out of port, we don’t like the layouts of the Q3 and Q4 but as I say it’s personal choice.
  8. I really hope so you would not believe the problems we have had, from now on it’s direct with P&O and Cunard for us.
  9. Absolutely agree would love to be there right now 🤗
  10. Hi you will enjoy your cruise but you will become addicted 😀it’s a fantastic and safe way to holiday for everyone and I’m sure you will meet some lovely people, I have sailed on the Britannia several times and my favourite cabins are at the very back as I love the views when sailing out of the ports.👍
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments think I will be looking to transfer my booking to 2022
  12. Sorry didn’t make myself clear when P&o cancelled our January 21 cruise we asked our TA to transfer our booking to March 21 using our 125%FCC which they didn’t do saying they were still waiting for it to show on our account meanwhile we contacted P&o to make a new booking for 2022 they said we have a FCC which we could use so we booked another cruise with them direct so we haven’t lost anything apart from our Obc we are unhappy with our TA and would like to deal from now on with P&o
  13. I think that will have to be our course of action so disappointed with our TA. Do you think P & O will deal with us direct will be so happy if they do problems over 👍
  14. Yes would like to transfer to a 2022 booking but past experience our Ta has cancelled and rebooked so they receive further commissions
  15. Hi all can’t believe I’m in this situation again 6th time this year. Now the balance is due for my Iona 6th March 2021 really want to believe this cruise will go ahead but have some niggling doubts I don’t want to pay in case it’s cancelled because have had some horrendous problems with TA I do realise bottom line it’s up to me but would appreciate some of your views.
  16. Hi we are on the Iona 6th March also our TA is requesting the balance payment but we are trying to avoid payment in case we are cancelled again , we’ve had 6 cruises cancelled this year with Cunard & P& O have you paid your final balance yet?
  17. Sorry to hear that hopefully it will only be a mild case, my daughter has her appointment at the Sunderland eye infirmary next week so will need to take extra care.
  18. And we used our fcc so nothing to pay until our final balance is due in July 2022👍
  19. Yay just got our confirmation email from P& O for our 19 day cruise on Arcadia around the med and Greek isles haven’t been on Arcadia and so looking forward to it hopefully a bit of normality will return to our lives👍
  20. Would really love to be going on this cruise but already have 6 booked for 2021 and 2 in 2022 so we would have to take a refund, will from now on always book direct as the 2 ta we use have been so unhelpful even cancelling 2 of our cruise then rebooking so they gained the commission again and we lost our FCC so it’s direct for us from now on.
  21. Hi Dermotsgirl we are also booked on the Iona 6th March and our ta has just contacted us for the balance we are very reluctant to pay as really can’t see this cruise happening and if we had booked direct P&O would have wanted payment on 6th December giving us more time to decide.
  22. Hi every single passenger sailing with Cunard are treat as first class the grills passengers are paying extra for larger cabins and private deck area and lounge and more selection on the menus.
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