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  1. Question on Tendering to GSC. We are going on the Bliss in April, when can you get Tendering Tickets ?, we are hoping to get earliest Tender.
  2. I do know that while we were on the Escape, the Manhattan Room did have a dress code of some sort, no shorts or T-Shirts I believe.
  3. Funny story. Boss Lady and I were on the Escape and at both Savor and Taste restaurants she ordered a salad but asked that romain lettuce be substituted with Iceberg lettuce.....both times they brought her a salad with straight up Iceberg lettuce, nothing else, just a bowl of lettuce 😆
  4. I'm curious on what to do at the Ports. We are going on the Bliss in April, plan on staying on board in Fla, Enjoying the beach at GSC (if we can tender), and in Nassau, Boss Lady is swimming with Dolphins at Blue Lagoon, then meet me for Beach Day.
  5. I do know that they would like the meet and mingle thru CC, to remain thru CC, it's in their policy statement.
  6. My understanding is that the Main Dining Room has a dress code, casual.
  7. We'll make it an early dinner, or just skip the dinner and go for the music and dance. Note to self : Pack you hat and boots, we're going Boot Scootin Boogie
  8. Just realized the spelling error on the topic, and can't find how to edit🙄
  9. I have heard that after dinner hour, or at some time every night, it turns into a Country Bar with music and dancing.....is this true ?
  10. When I was making Dinner reservations for my group of 13 in June of 2018, they would only allow me to make reservations for a group of 6 maximum.
  11. We enjoyed Choir of Men and highly recommend it, also Howl at the Moon if it's still on board.
  12. We will be on the April 12 sailing. So far we have booked the Beach Day at Blue Lagoon (Nassau) for me and Blue Lagoon Swim with The Dolphins for Boss Lady. Possibly getting a Clam Shell at GSC, I hear the sun can be brutal. For us, Jersey Boys is a must and are definitely looking forward to the Observation Lounge on the Bliss. Whatever date they book, have them join in on the Meet & Mingle, lot of great folks to hang with.
  13. I take pain meds that are considered a Narcotic. Am I going to have issues with bringing them on board ?
  14. Fair warning......if you book the Mini Suite with the 6 Jet shower, check the aim of the Jets before stepping in. Consider yourself forewarned🤭
  15. You may feel a little rock'n and rollin' on Deck 14. We were in a Mini Suite (10790) and found it perfect.
  16. When we were on the Escape June of 2018, our TA called to see if we wanted to upgrade from a Balcony to a Mini Suite for $75 pp, we took the offer. Not sure if this was from NCL thru TA, or did TA have thier own block of Cabins to fill ?
  17. I agree with the towel issue....PITA. I thought you can get Towel Animals upon request ?
  18. My first cruise was June 2018, and it was on the Escape to Bermuda. This cruise was chosen to ease the nervousness of becoming a "You Tube Pier Runner", this way we can come and go as we please for two days, and on the third, explore locally. Our next cruise (I'm hooked) will be Bahamas, which has a quick visit at each port on the itinerary, so you can bet I'll be watching the clock.
  19. When we went in June 2018, we arrived early morning Wednesday and left Friday afternoon. I plan on going back at sometime, but want to explore other places for a few years. We enjoyed Bermuda, and feel we didn't get enough (got sick / cold). Next stop Bahamas, then Southern Caribbean, maybe an all inclusive.
  20. I sure hope they are still there April 2020, or Boss Lady isn't gonna be happy😦
  21. When at port, do they tax beverages at the Bars ?
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