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  1. Agree, we didn't need a second card till we ordered a third drink for another member of our party.
  2. If need be, I'll pay whatever. It's on her bucket list, so if we must, we will.
  3. ....but I do not. We are going to Bahamas in April 2020, and they offer a shore excursion to swim with the Dolphins, I do not care to swim with a mammal that can drown me, toss me in the air or push me out to sea (I cannot swim, sink like a rock), but if all I wanted to do was to take the trip, do I still need to pay the full excursion price ?.
  4. I do know Coors Light just gets cracked open and handed to you, at least on the Escape last year, just close it back up and you're good to go. It may help if you have a good tip in your hand when you ask, make sure it's visible.
  5. If you are a beer drinker, like we are, just split up, hit the bar and each of you ask for 2 beers unopened and bring back to your cabin. Every time we headed back to our cabin for one reason or another, we did this, as soon the fridge was stocked....of course, you need to ask your attendant to empty the fridge first.
  6. This is what people need to understand...........although, the condition of facilities not working would be my main complaint. Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of the review and news site Cruise Critic, said in an email that minor itinerary changes aren’t out of the ordinary, especially during hurricane season. And, she said, strict cruise line contracts give operators the right to change their plans whenever necessary. “When itinerary changes happen, we do tend to see disappointment from guests. But for the most part, cruisers understand that these changes can happen and are usually a result of the lines dealing with situations outside of their control,” she said. “During hurricane season, we’ve seen complete itineraries swapped — sometimes Caribbean cruises are redeployed to New England to avoid storms, for instance."It’s never an ideal situation, and we do hear disappointment, but it’s a result of unsafe conditions and cruise lines reacting so as to keep passengers as safe as possible.”
  7. We have an upscale Japanese / Chinese restaurant one town over (Dinning Room lower level, Hibachi upper level). We usually dine downstairs in the Dinning Room, but after enjoying Tappenyaki on the Escape so much, we decided to give the Hibachi on the upper level a go. Compared to the Escape, the upscale restaurant couldn't come close to the entertainment on the Escape, food at both were outstanding, but the Escape was much more enjoyable.....didn't care much for LaCucinca, as a matter of fact, will skip it on our April cruise on the Bliss
  8. Boss Lady and I were discussing the same thing for our upcoming cruise. We will likely stay on the ship and enjoy what it has to offer.
  9. My understanding is that the original Cast of Choir of Men had thier last show on the Escape on the June 3, 2018 sailing, then toured parts of the US, our friends saw them perform in CT.
  10. My bad, Dueling Pianos is badged "Howl at the Moon".....awesome show.
  11. We saw Choir of Men on our sailing in the Supper Club back in 6/18, great show. If they still have After Midnight (dueling Pianos), I Highly recommend it, we got there late and had to stand, so get there early
  12. Thanks. As long as the music is good, I won't mind,
  13. If anyone had sailed the Bliss in Cabin 9180, a few questions. Bed near the Slider ?, Ease of location being near Stairs and Elevators ?, and any issues from decks below or above ?. Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. Steve, I hope we get the same on our April 2020 sailing.
  15. We were part of a party of 13 on our Bermuda sailing on the Escape. 9 members met for dinner at Lacucina and had service issues (over an hour wait and cold food), so I reported it to Hotel Assistant Manager (Charry). I was invited to a second "Meet the Officers" party and brought the entire group (they said I could), and Charry asked "Has the Hotel Manager spoken to your brother (other half of our group)", I replied "Not that I know of" and pointed him out.....Charry talked to him about the service issue, then invited the entire group to Margaritaville for lunch on NCL's dime, and a bottle of Vino and Strawberries to each Cabin. Totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.
  16. We've done it. As a matter of fact, we had our fridge emptied and brought up a few Coors Lights to put in it to enjoy on the Balcony.
  17. I would, and will take our Passports to the Bahamas. My understanding is that it may be needed if for some reason you need to fly out.....like if you become a You Tube Pier Runner😮
  18. I've read where people rave about the Aft Balcony and the views as you sail. Personally I'd be tempted to take the Mid Ship Suite if it were a few Decks lower where there isn't as much rock'n roll'n, but given it's on Deck 14......you made a good choice
  19. I've also heard you can reserve shows and activities via the Kiosks (Touch Screens, which I think may be near the stairs)
  20. We were in Mini Suite 10790, for us it was perfect
  21. I just like meeting new people, after a few minutes, you may find the conversation enjoyable.
  22. When we went on our cruise last year, there were some shows that we had to book on board. I was hungry and went for the food as soon as we set foot on the ship.....big boo boo, missed booking some shows. If you cannot do it prior to boarding, head for the box office first.....some have mentioned you can book via the kiosk also.
  23. We had a blast on the Escape to Bermuda, actually one year ago to the exact day today (June 3, 2018). Our next cruise is on the Bliss, and so far I can tell, I feel the Grotto (Spice H2O) on the Escape is far better than the offering on the Bliss.
  24. We are doing the April 2020 sailing and hoping The Jersey Boys will still be there
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