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  1. BTW you will NOT be the first on the ship as Platinum, It just will not happen, ZERO chance. Several groups will board before you are allowed to book. Among them are ADA passengers and Haven guests.
  2. 1-Midnight Eastern Time 2-Boarding tiems are NOT offered, only check in times. 3-Hate to burst yoru bubble but thsoe thngs sound a whole lot moer of a dbig deal than they are. They are enjoyabel to do one time IMHO. 4-Go to the shore excursion desk and the dining booking desk (dining is usually at one end of GS).
  3. The check in time is when you get to the port and line up to get (ta-da) check in. There are only but so many slots available for each check in time to help keep the process organized. Boarding times are not selectable as they have no idea when boarding will start. It all depnds on how quickly there is a zero head count from the prior cruise and the CG gives them the OK to start boarding.
  4. One other thing, the steak house on CCL is VERY sub par, Low quality steaks and not cooked properly even after several chances
  5. Well they are called the Walmart of the seas for a reason Among them, same price structure and sane class of people. Have fun LOL.
  6. We sailed CCL one time and we will NEVER even consider it again. Dirty rusty nasty ship. Food VERY sub par. No late night food other than half raw pizza that was so greasy that the grease poured off of it as you picked it up. Crew only moderately friendly. Not a very good casino if that is an area of interest for you. Entertainemnt was fair at best. Other than all that it was OK
  7. Still wondering if thsi guy ever found hus MISSING luggage.
  8. No experts needed. You do not order based on payment method so yoru question is invalid. The best way is to bok the fixed price first then the ala a carte.
  9. Actually 1700 could easily be below the threshhold for a hand pay and a 1099. In most casinos the criteria is NOT the amount won but the odds of hitting that prize.
  10. Not sure if you know this. If an airline makes a change to your flight of more than one hour, you can call in and get ANY flight of your choice that same day with no change fee and no additional cost (no matter the cost of teh flight). It may have to be the smae number of syops as well. I had a flight ofor my July crusie changed recently. I called American and got a lot better and more expensive flights for all four of us. No cost at all.
  11. You are very welcome. I hope you have an amazing time on your cruise ipgrade or not!
  12. Yet another reason to not use a TA. They are highly over-rated and most often, with a little effort, you can do just as well on your own as far as price goes. I travel A LOT as well. I always do my own booking and select my own cabin. This way I know for a fact exactly what it is that I am buying, how much I am paying, and how I need to ALLOT my vacation funds. 🙂
  13. Nothing at all to "BEWARE" of if one simply reads what it is they are buying before they buy it. As fr as the cancellation and re-booking goes, that may or may not have been NCL's decision. It is just as likely that the airline cancelled or changed the original flight,
  14. Tell them if they want iternet to pay for it themselves. Also tell him to man up and not let hsi kids dictate things, he is teh parent! If they want to be wth tehir boy friends that nadly tell them to stay home and not vruise!!!
  15. No need to wait. Simply go to https://upgrade.plusgrade.com/offer/NCL/
  16. The prices have noting to do with the ages. The soda pass is $9.95 per day plus a 20% auto-gratuity (per persom). I would HIGHLY suggest NOT getting them internet. They will be on an amazing cruise vacation, they can inplug and discover tha tthere is a real world out there to enjoy without having their faces stuck in a computer for a week.
  17. There are a lot of professional complainers on these boards who think it is their job to post as many negative comments as possible. Get in the habit of moving past their posts and you will be much better off. I hope you get to go on yoru cruise and that you have quite an amazing adventure (and come back with stellar reviews).
  18. Your opinion is appreciated but the FAQ clearly states that the DSC is an incentive program. Unless you are an NCL employee you have no idea how that incentive us set up. Your post is opinion and conjecture, nothing more.
  19. Mo one other than NCL and the employees know for a fact how any of the revenue generated by NCL is distrubited. There is a lot of conjecturebut it goils down to we do not know. As fae as leaving a tip per drink at time of service, some do, some dont. It is a matter of personal preference. The best answer is to tip anyone you want, any time you want, any amount you want. Have a great cruise.
  20. Just as with any other port it only takes few minutes to get off of the ship. Get in line at yoru assigned time and you will be off in a matter of minutes. Now if you are asjking WHAT TIME are you off of the sip, that depends on the debarkation time you select.
  21. Yes however paying $0.00 for the package does mena it is free. There is noting to refund other than the $0.00 paid..
  22. There is nothing to get back. The package is FREE. You will get back yoru entire $0.00 that the package cost you.
  23. It was avery poor attempt at humor. I'm known for that! 🙂
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