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  1. I am surprised that the bus doesn't leave until 245. Do they expect you to sit in the lobby from check-out until then? I think I will look into a cab too to as I'm at the same hotel in November. Glad to hear Premiere was a good tour, looking forward to it! M in M
  2. Hi Lois, Have a wonderful time! If you go by Italy, wave as I am flying to Rome on Monday, assuming I pass Covid test on Saturday. Also using Premiere tours in early November before boarding Shadow (Sintra/Obidos/Mafra one day followed by Templars the next) so do let me know how things go with them. Thanks, Missy in MD
  3. Hi Lois, I'm headed to Italy for 3 weeks with a college friend and her mother. From there I fly to Lisbon to meet the Shadow. I couldn't say no when she asked even tho' it was right before my cruise! So many details to take care of to be away for 7 weeks. I have a HUGE checklist. Have my antigen test booked. Am shipping one suitcase with cruise clothes to Lisbon because I've been told not to drag 2 suitcases around Italy with them. M in M
  4. "Have I prepared and researched all the Covid restrictions and other items properly" is a concern as well as "Will I pass all the Covid tests". I worry about false positives and other test issues. Along with packing clothes and charging electronics, let's now worry about forgetting masks, vaccine cards, and test results. It's not just grab the credit card with the passport and GO any more. All that being said, I have a check list and I'm hoping to sail on the Shadow in November! Missy in MD
  5. Yep, changed password and reserved shore excursions for new ports. Except for no shore excursions showing in Santorini so I will do those later. There's an excursion showing in Seville that starts at 2230. I'm thinking they mean 1230 instead. M
  6. Hi Lois, I head for South Dakota on Thursday so hoping mySs comes up tomorrow so I can do shore excursions before I leave. Especially important since we can't do our own thing in Italy and now that I have 4 new ports to read about. M
  7. FB page rumor mill now says the 10th for My Ss to be working.
  8. Two different places on FB said "Should be" Tuesday the 7th, including the official Ss FB page. So check with your morning coffee! L, Did any of your ports get changed? 5 of mine did for November so I too am awaiting ability to sign in and book new shore excursions. M
  9. The cruise before this has also changed (I'm doing B2B). Lost Tunisia and Motril and Tangier. Here's the new list... 5-Nov-21 LISBON Portugal 23:59 6-Nov-21 Day at Sea At sea 7-Nov-21 Sevilla Spain 10:00 8-Nov-21 Sevilla Spain 20:30 9-Nov-21 Cadiz Spain 8:00 19:00 10-Nov-21 Malaga Spain 8:00 18:00 11-Nov-21 Cartagena, Spain Spain 8:00 14:00 12-Nov-21 Day at Sea At sea 13-Nov-21 Palermo, Sicily Italy 9:00 19:00 14-Nov-21 Naples Italy 8:00 18:00 15-Nov-21 CIVITAVECCHIA (Rome) Italy 7:00
  10. 15-Nov-21 CIVITAVECCHIA (Rome) Italy 20:00 16-Nov-21 Day at Sea At sea 17-Nov-21 Palermo, Sicily Italy 8:00 18:00 18-Nov-21 Siracusa, Sicily Italy 8:00 23:00 19-Nov-21 Day at sea At sea 20-Nov-21 Nafplion Greece 8:00 19:00 21-Nov-21 Rethymnon, Crete Greece 8:00 18:00 22-Nov-21 Rhodes Greece 8:00 21:00 23-Nov-21 Santorini Greece 8:00 18:00 24-Nov-21 PIRAEUS (Athens) Greece 7:00 NB: Guests venturing ashore in Italian ports will only be able to
  11. This was posted on the Ss FaceBook page a bit ago... "Update on systems: we started relaunching systems during the week end. Ship services have been the priority and restoration practically complete since yesterday. Phones are ringing again and emails are restarting today, by tomorrow am all silversea emails should be up and running. Reservation system ramp up (including mysilversea) still in progress, will post another update as soon as completed! Thanks to all for your incredible support and patience and we profoundly apologise for the disservice caused this week Barbara and the team"
  12. I never got that from Ss either. I have private tours booked in Rome and in Naples for November cruise.
  13. Thanks for keeping us updated! I wonder what the impact on bookings or cancellations will be based on the latest CDC recommendation that some people avoid cruises altogether. I am not sure what a CDC recommendation does to insurance availability.
  14. Thanks for the update. I'm on a Shadow cruise in November with a stop in Turkey so expecting an email at any time to delete that port. I wouldn't mind an extra Greek Isle. M
  15. If you like fabric, there was a tiny fabric store in Sitka near the church. I bought enough Alaska fabric to make a jacket and then bought reindeer horn buttons at Skagway. Only place in the world that that particular fabric is sold. Enjoy your trip! M
  16. Lois, Have a marvelous time! We did Alaska on Shadow in early September 2010. Seeing Endicott/Tracey glaciers depends on ice conditions. We got really close and got some great photos. Rained in Ketchikan which is normal. Took the bus out to Mendenhall after our helicopter flight with glacier walk in Juneau. Rented a car and drove up Yukon highway. Such a great trip! Let us know how things are going. Missy in Maryland, fingers and toes crossed that I'm boarding Shadow in November
  17. Surprised to hear about no mid-cruise survey on Ss Iceland. I know there was one when we did Alaska years ago because I remember commenting on the lack of crab legs and some showed up for us! There was also one on the Carib 2019 where I commented on the DJ needing improvement and the CD said something to me the next day about working on it. I am looking at Seabourn for 2023. Have been on Regent and was not a true convert but would go back if itinerary was good. Missy in MD who would get on a Ss cruise NOW with no survey required!
  18. From what I understand in reading reports on various news sources, this decision is reviewed at least every 2 weeks. So August 23 would be the next official review and vote date.
  19. Looks like a new group of countries has been added to the US CDC's "level 4" list, including my dis-embarkation and post-cruise trip country of Greece...which is also the port for the Moon these days. "The following 16 destinations moved to the CDC's "Level 4: COVID-19 Very High" category on August 2: Andorra, Curaçao, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Iran, Ireland, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Libya, Malta, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin and US Virgin Islands."
  20. Yep, I found that out about 45 minutes after I booked the Rome to Lisbon flight! Thank goodness it was only about 8,000 Visa points for the ticket. ($100 for Premium Economy w/1 bag) Spain was moved up too and we have 2 stops in Spain. I am now wishing I did like you and hoped on a Greek cruise this summer! \
  21. The quick question...can anyone recommend a luggage forwarding service that is not the Ss one? I'm looking at Luggage Free but hoping for suggestions. The long explanation...a college friend invited me to Italy for 3 weeks in October. We're done 3 days before I'm boarding the Shadow in Lisbon. My thought is to fly over with day touring clothes (she doesn't do dressy dinners) which can be washed before I board. Then ship "fancier" clothes and a few other pieces to Lisbon. I will fly to Lisbon from Rome a few days before boarding Shadow for 3 weeks. We are doing a lot of trains, stairs, apartments, etc, and I don't/can't mess with 2 large suitcases. The other alternative is to spend the 4 formal nights in the Grill or La T which isn't a bad thing and hope I can fit a few informal items in the suitcase. Any other planning thoughts about almost 7 weeks away appreciated! Yes, Lois, retirement = travel. Have an a-MUSING time in Alaska! Missy in Maryland, fingers and toes crossed that I get to go somewhere this fall
  22. Received same message from TA today too. Departure 5 November but wondering if I can actually sail given then new Spain and Portugal CDC restrictions. Fingers crossed.
  23. Finally heard from them...not terribly interested in me as a solo. They suggested I put together a group tour instead. Will look elsewhere.
  24. Thank you for recommending Premiere Tours in Lisbon. I have booked a full day "Templars" tour and a 1/2 day of something TBD. Jorge has been a delight to email with. This is in contrast to a well-known company in Rome who, when finding out I was solo, suggested joining a large group tour and letting them decide where to go. Uh, no. Thanks Wes W and I hope you get to board the Dawn in Lisbon and I get to board the Shadow there too. Missy in Maryland
  25. I emailed RomeInLimo about a week ago (via their website) about an excursion from Civitavecchia in mid-November. Have not heard anything. Does this mean they are booked?
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