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  1. On the email from Carnival about the cruise cancelation, near the bottom, there was a place that said click here after you rebook to apply your credit. That’s what it said on mine.
  2. I’ve pushed my husband’s wheelchair (both in our 60’s) up the gangway the last 2 years. A couple of places were a little harder. Right where the ramp meets the ship, I had to turn and go backwards on a steep area covered with a rubber mat. Going to try it again on Jubilee in Sept.
  3. Which would you choose? Have only been on Rhapsody of the Seas in 2003 from Galveston. Been on Carnival but want to try a big Royal ship. Which one?
  4. I book them myself. Only problem is you need to book early, there are not that many. After you book it, you will get an email from access department with form to fill out about needing an accessible room and wheelchair/scooter size. I usually book at least 1 year out.
  5. We had that same room on Dream. Loved the handicap access but hated that we always had to move carts out of way to get wheelchair down the hallway. 2 days of storms with the waves banging against the front of ship made us say never again. It was so loud! Staying away from front from now on.
  6. Yeah, I have a 'Play My Way free OV' offer that at first had no cruises out of Galveston. Then they added 1 on Dream. I was hoping for one on Jubilee and it finally showed up yesterday. One for April, one for May 2025.The offer doesn't expire until Mar. 3rd. Glad I happened to check yesterday!
  7. FTTF was available to book for September 2024 cruise last October.
  8. If you go on Facebook and type your ship name and date of your cruise in the search bar, you should be able to find group for your cruise that you can join.
  9. Jubilee for Sept. 2024 had it available for quite a while and a few days ago it disappeared.
  10. Well, I think Jubilee is supposed to pull into Nassau Sunday afternoon, so maybe you will get to see it.
  11. I bought this insurance for a cruise next year, now reading this, I am starting to think I should get something else!
  12. Finally got my 10% cash back on my shore excursion (FTTF) They said it was supposed to be credited to your account within 2 days of purchase. It took maybe a week after I questioned them about it.
  13. I did a chat with them too. No 10% back for my shore excursion. They are looking into it.
  14. Carnival will give you the shareholder credit for your free cruise? I always get the email after submitting it saying you cannot get the credit for any discounted cruises.
  15. Very 1st Carnival cruise Dream,2016, $2500 3 people spa balcony. Played a little in casino, won $600 on wheel of fortune and was given a t-shirt and asked to come back later to pick an envelope =+$50.00. It was our 1st Carnival cruise so we were not on any casino deal. Not sure why they had him to do the envelope? 2nd cruise free balcony.. 2022 Dream $100pp/$100obc/$200freeplay. Lost probably $500 then starting playing $.60 together with husband just for fun. Hit Grand plus bonus for $11626.00 second to last day. Came home with almost all of that after tips. Also had free drinks everywhere on ship. Probably only had 5/6 drinks whole cruise. Not big drinkers. 3rd cruse Dream 2023 free balcony, $100pp/$200obc/$200fp husband sick last 3 days, lost $500. Next cruise free inside, $100pp/$200obc/$200fp Jubilee Fall 2024. have free balcony, free inside also but none of them are for out of Galveston, so inside it is. We are not big gamblers. Finally going on another ship besides Dream!
  16. I emailed Patriot Cruise Parking telling them their coupon code doesn't work. They wrote back today saying make sure you are on Falstaffcruiseparking.com site? and that they fixed the coupon. I tried to book parking for Sept. 2024 and although you can book parking, the coupon still doesn't work. After spending a few minutes messing with it, it seems coupon only works with parking through Jan. 2024. I about give up for now. I just liked their indoor parking and wheelchair accessible bus; it was really convenient.
  17. I would book it now for next Sept. cruise if the discount code worked. It says invalid promo code.
  18. You might want to look up "Tripinsurancestore." I thought you need to buy insurance within 14-21 days of first deposit in order to get Cancel for any reason insurance? Maybe it's different in Canada?
  19. We also have that offer. Also would like a balcony, but it's $1540.00 more for the cheapest balcony than the interior under that offer. We are sticking to interior for Jubilee.
  20. I wonder why they are going to take away ambulatory accessible staterooms? I also wonder when they plan on telling us that have those kind of rooms already booked far in advanced? We have one booked for 2025 on Dream, but according to your email, they may not even have them by then.
  21. I put a room on hold, then before it expired tried to pay the deposit. It only gave me options of easy pay, uplift or full balance due. I wanted to just pay deposit and then make payments when I wanted to. It wouldn't let me pay just the deposit. I finally called and they had to take the payment over the phone. I did get email confirmation of deposit while on the phone, but the rest of the day the countdown was still going on for the deposit for the hold. Finally, by the next morning, the countdown was gone.
  22. Same thing happened us on Dream 2022. We were at the non smoking casino deck 4, hit a big jackpot,, they came around and got his driver's license. Came back with piece of paper to take to cashier on deck 5. Husband (in wheelchair) was looking at him like wth so the guy say's "I can go get it for you." So, they eventually brought him the cash.
  23. Call Steve at "Tripinsurancestore.com" 1-816-282-6858 or look it up online. You can input your info and get quote online or call and ask questions. No extra charge. It was better coverage and cheaper than the cruise line for us.
  24. Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta Orange
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