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  1. As was mentioned, it is 330 days from the end of the cruise because the airlines (usually) release their schedules 330 days in advance of the flight's departure.
  2. We use them on anything longer than 7 days, and will occasionally use them on 7 days as well, especially if we are spending a couple days pre/post cruise. In fact, on our last cruise in Jan 2020, which was only 7 days, I did laundry before disembarking because my oldest was flying directly back to college and I didn't want him to need to do laundry when he got back.
  3. Absolutely nothing is wrong with the ship water, but before Princess Plus we would always buy a 12 pack of water from Princess to take into port with us.
  4. I always check to see what promotions I will be gaining/losing with a refare. Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes it isn't. Any pcp/ta who is worth their weight will be up front on what the differences will be prior to making the re-fare.
  5. I was actually thinking the same thing. We were on the Sky in January 2020 and didn't have any of the issues that the OP is mentioning. In fact, we are looking forward to being on the Sky this December. I guess we will see the differences for ourselves then.
  6. Your cancellation penalty is not 100% of what is paid right from the final payment date. Here is a breakdown of it (for cruises between 6-24 days),so depending on how far out, you would receive some funds back as a refund, and under Cruise with confidence, whatever the cancellation penalty is would be returned as FCC:
  7. The Sky has Take 5, a dedicated jazz bar, which became a favorite place to gather for myself and my 21 year old.
  8. This is good news for us with regard to pre-cruise testing. Our cruise is scheduled for December 28, so 3 days prior is Christmas, which might pose a problem.
  9. What level of Captain's Circle are you? If you are not platinum or elite you won't be able to access DMW until after final payment. However, they did also say that if you booked the cruise prior to DMW debuting that all levels will have immediate access to it. So, I would suggest calling Princess, and see if they can fix the issue for you, depending on your level. (platinum and up or pre-DMW)
  10. I think that with the Medallions crew members can see who everyone is just by being in proximity. You only have to scan/tap the medallion to order/pay for things.
  11. I found this article today. It lists every Princess ship in the fleet with their expected return to service date. Let's hope it is accurate. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25571-when-will-princess-cruises-ships-sail-latest-update.html
  12. Good to know! The overage was just a few dollars, so it wasn't a big deal, but I will definitely keep it in mind going forward. Thank you!
  13. That is an important part. We have a 14N cruise booked for February and my husband and I both have around $200 in OBC and I have an additional $250 for stock incentive. I purchased a shore excursion and it was less than the $450 that I had but more than what he had and I had to pay the remainder of his with a credit card.
  14. At the very least, if his parents will not be joining you, and he will be under 18, you will need a notarized letter from his parents stating that you have permission to travel with him out of the country. Also, a medical power of attorney that is valid for the length of the cruise, to have, just in case.
  15. We are booked on the Diamond Princess to South America (Buenos Aires to Santiago) on the February 5, 2022. So far, we are still on. (fingers crossed)
  16. You might want to check out this Cruise critic article: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1782
  17. I believe you are correct about the crew area next to you. As for getting from one cabin to the other, I see 2 options, the first is as you stated, walking around toward the aft to the first set of elevators. The second, which looks a little shorter is to walk toward the forward and cut across by A101/102.
  18. My thought is that NY has specific requirements that Princess does not offer. PVP is not the only travel insurance that is not offered to NY residents.
  19. I agree. My husband doesn't drink, or only rarely does. I will have 1 or 2 at night. However, every cruise we purchase the coffee cards AND a case or 2 of waters to for use in ports, the amount we need to drink to make the $40/pp/day is not that much, especially since my hubby and I will purchase a wifi package (which I realize will be 50% off for being Platinum) and tips, of course. It is almost a wash, and if not, close.
  20. I am sorry that you need to cancel, especially for health reasons. I would reach out to Princess to cancel. As for your deposit, at least in the US, if you cancel prior to final payment, you do receive your initial deposit back in most cases, so you may be able to get a refund.
  21. I went through a bottle MAKING dinner tonight. In my defense I get really thirsty cooking since I tend to sing and dance while cooking.
  22. I would assume so. Last time I purchased a 4 devise plan there were 2 of us in our cabin. We shared it my in-laws in the cabin next door. The only thing is that since it was under my name/cabin they had to log in as such.
  23. Yes, it is a per day charge, for 24 hours. They have a 1 device and a 4 device plan (and maybe others). I believe that it is all up front, but I also THINK that you can purchase it later in the cruise, but will still be required to purchase through disembarkation.
  24. So this is how I am looking at the loss of the wifi minutes for platinum and elite. Back before Medallion Net you, I believe that you could only buy packages of minutes, there was no unlimited (please correct me if I am wrong). When they introduced MedallionNet, on the ships that had it, the only option you had was to buy an unlimited package, so if you had the loyalty perk of minutes, you could upgrade that to unlimited, BUT you could not buy a larger package of minutes. I felt like they were trying to get away from the "by the minute" internet. So, in my opinion, it is not too much of a stretch that they decided to move away from giving internet minutes. For me, it doesn't matter because we have a Princess Plus fare, and even if we didn't we would get an unlimited package, but I do see how someone who only rarely logs in can feel like this is a loss.
  25. Yes, we did this on the Sky in Jan 2020. My husband and I used 2 and my in-laws used the other 2. My kids used the free minutes that came with Platinum.
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