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  1. Just curious how was the movement up front in the cabin? Thanks
  2. I have to agree that most of the time the Elite canopes were some what dry and to some degree tasteless On one occassion our travel agent sent us canopes for booking. I was surprised how much better the canopes for a fee tasted. FRESH. what a difference.
  3. It boils down to what time you show up for dinner and how many others show up at the same time. Only one time we waited a few minutes and a couple times we had another table. ALL the staff we had in Club Class were exceptional. We loved the experience.
  4. We have been on both and like them both for different reasons but if I had to pick one it would be the Sapphire.
  5. 😱 LOL I'm shocked!!!! You have never been on either?????? I would have thought you had been on them all.
  6. I think going forward EVERYONE should send their complaints to the above email address. It's fine to discuss it here but maybe if the powers that be get enough emails they will rethink the new customer service. Mr Padgett you have been forwarned.
  7. Not sure about international cruises but local cruises are well celebrated. Decorations in the Atrium, crew members celebrate and dressup.also. A fair number of people bring costumes.
  8. Would anyone have the itinerary for the 16 day out of :os Angeles? Princess not letting me on the website.. It would be nice to know where we are going as we booked a cabin. LOL
  9. Oh you say you wanted fresh towels daily? A towel Freshenr charge. Do I get a prize for this new fee?🙂
  10. Of course you would bring up gratuities AGAIN. PLEASE take bus tours and move on.
  11. We have back to backs on the Diamond next year. Leaving from Singapore and eventually returning from Tokyo. Booked airline seats through EZAir. Each one way. It was easy.
  12. OP, do you have any issues using the stairs? The only drawback to Botticelli is if you have to use the elevators. It can be a long wait between elevators. Also depending on the weather it can be a bit bouncy back there at times. Otherwise all good.
  13. We were on the Sapphire for 31 days in December and thought the majority of the food to be outstanding.
  14. I still hope they post late ship arrival times. I'm not fond of waiting in the terminal for the ship to be cleared. I think that was one of the pluses .
  15. Yes this is exactly what I had to do. Took about 10 minutes but now back in the original seats.
  16. What an ordeal getting this done. First I asked my travel agent about any changes to my booking and of course we had bad connection but I did hear her say I might try going through EZAir to get it done. Big Mistake. Called, followed the prompt and did not get EZAir. of course not. Explained what I wanted to do. Spent about 20 minutes waiting then the phone call got dropped. Had to call back. Got another customer service person. After about 30 minutes she came back and said she could not find the price I was looking at on line. No one ever connected me to EZAir rep. Hung up and went on line and booked the flight I wanted. Now just waiting for it to , I assume, up date so I can go back in and get the original seats I had. I will NEVER complain about the customer service that use to be here in Santa Clarita. It is done and saved $744. dollars.
  17. If I go ahead and change my airfare will it in any way change my booking? Price of seats went down almost $400. per person. Plenty of Premium seats available. Don't want to touch it if I can secrew up my cruise reservations.
  18. Older ship pricing has been historically lower. Everyone wants newer ships and they can charge more. . Its the incentive to get the older ships filled. It's fine with me as we like the older ships.
  19. If the ship isn't going to sail why would they have people go to the pier? Easier to keep them at the hotel where they are some what comfortable and if need be find them airfare and send them home.
  20. I would say expect the unexpected. New ship, new crew so things are not always as smooth as you might expect. Go with the flow and just enjoy the cruise. you might even come back with some great stories.
  21. Yes every hotel stay we have booked after the cruise has included ship to hotel and hotel to airport.
  22. We used Blacklane Car Service and were very happy with them. They were waiting for us at the terminal with a sign.
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