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  1. steelers36; so far no one who's stayed in aft suite on Sky has reported in; or has not seen this thread
  2. Thank you. Next fall when I go back; I will be eating pizza; more than once; so will report back my fav
  3. Is the soot issue just with royal class ships? I was in aft suite on emerald and caribbean and no issues at all
  4. Thanks for a great review. Appreciate all the info. Have a wonderful day
  5. No I have not; that is the one in the Village; correct?. The last time I was in NY a few years ago I ate at Carmine's somewhere in midtown; and at a pizza place near times square; it used to be a church. That was two years ago
  6. Got2Cruise i buy the sauce but like you, only on sale. Would never buy pizza for a buck.
  7. When I sailed in Feb; the steak house was slammed the first night; so you may want to pick another specialty place to eat. It may just have been my cruise; but I almost had to wait until 9pm to eat dinner; then they host told me there was a canx; and they put us in at 6:30pm
  8. Hi I did back to back in Venice and did not have to leave the ship. Assume it is same throughout europe
  9. Rao's like the sauce you can buy at grocery stores?
  10. Hi your bags should be checked all the way thru to Basel; when you check your bags in JFK make sure the baggage tag has BSL(Basel) on it and not AMS
  11. caribill, that stinks; I would think it would let you know the ship transfer would cancel if you rebooked.
  12. 247readr, so you did your booking with EZAir under each person; which means you both have two different confirmation #'s?
  13. Keith, thanks for the great report. You pics help us visualize the venues. Have a great rest of your trip
  14. To the OP, I have stayed in Emerald Princess two bedroom family suite. It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, two separate entrance doors and common living room. Basically you are getting a mini suite and inside cabin combined into the two bedroom family suite. There are only two family suites on Emerald. They are located on Deck 9 Dolphin Deck
  15. I hope you have better weather for the rest of your cruise
  16. suggest you go down to internet cafe and have them add the login and logoff apps to your phones. That way you just click the on or off app to disconnect and the other person can log on
  17. acwmom that is a great story
  18. So you park your car in cruise port parking lot; leave your bags in the car and then leave the port. If this is the case; then I would assume two things. First it would be ok if the bags are locked in the car and no one has access to them. Second, like airlines; the security requirements would be to not let bags out of your sight until they are checked in with porters at the port. Are you worried about not getting a parking spot if you show up at say 3pm?
  19. Thank you for in depth coverage of the Sky
  20. There are a few companies that have been mentioned on this forum Dial 7 Carmel Limo Empire CLS All three have websites https://www.carmellimo.com/ https://www.dial7.com/coupons.html https://www.empirecls.com/ Good luck
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