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  1. My uncle passed away while on a land vacation overseas. Hospital admin wanted their bill settled before they would release him to the mortuary. Mortuary took advantage and did the same before they would release him to the airline. Aunt was a total mess since uncle handles the money.
  2. Times are a changing... https://www.berkeleyscanner.com/2024/02/23/crime/north-berkeley-bart-auto-break-ins/
  3. On our last NCL cruise the Captain sat down at the table behind us with another officer. We exchanged hellos, he said he loves curry pointing to his heaping plate of curry over rice. Guessing it was a work dinner, the Executive Chef showed up later.
  4. The only requirements of citizenship is jury duty and the privilege of paying taxes πŸ˜‰
  5. Transit through Narita (NRT) several times in the past to change planes (one ticket). Each time I had to go through security. You get off the plane on the lower arrival level, security, and escalator to the upper departure level. The closest was 45 minutes on JAL; they were "last call" when we got to the departure gate.
  6. Better check the terms of your healthcare plan. Back in the 90s a friend of mine had to be air-ambulanced from Anchorage to Seattle. It was a non-emergency transport and the co-pay was pretty hefty.
  7. Philob


    Don't forget in certain Bay Area cities there's the employee health insurance surcharge, soda tax, take out container surcharge, and lest we forget the auto glass surcharge πŸ˜‰
  8. NCL would have a pp fee that'll cover most items on the menu or if you order 3,4... extra desserts or entrees.
  9. Bring your own or hack into the ship's GPS 😎
  10. Best to have a copy of the policy coverage page and telephone numbers handy. "it's back on the ship. I'll go get it," may not work some times 😎
  11. On that note, airports will x-ray international luggage before it's loaded on the plane. Your luggage with the cookie sheets will be diverted to secondary screening...they're going to open them up for a look see.
  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Your questions are best answered in the dedicated NCL forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/
  13. The luau is a dinner (buffet) show. HA begins soon after and ends 9ish. As you mentioned you can't book either without a package. Best to call them, they may of a "secret" option for you. Your NCL excursion would have gone back to Waikiki already, so you'll need to figure out how to get back. It's a 45 minute drive back to Waikiki and Uber on the PCC side of the island may be limited that time of night.
  14. Doable, but consider: Depending on your last port of call you may have to clear immigration and customs at the pier. Takes about 30-45 minutes to drive from the pier to SFO with minimal traffic. Another 30-45 (at best) if you have to check baggage and go through TSA. Sometimes TSA precheck gets backed up during the mid-morning crunch. Suggest you look for a later flight. Why stress this after a cruise😎
  15. Can't just show up, advanced reservations are needed: https://gostateparks.hawaii.gov/diamondhead/about
  16. Bob's Donuts on Polk Street is the closest to the pier that would have the pink boxes. 24/7 dive joint, that's always in the top 3 of best donuts shops in the city. Before the great lock down, line would be at least 5 deep after 2 am.
  17. Are you reading the summary or actual contract? The contract should have a "Definitions" section that will define the coverage.
  18. Sam Woo Restaurant formally on Washington Street was voted to have the rudest waiter, Edsel Fong. The 3 story restaurant was literally built between the surrounding buildings as there are no side or back walls, only the front. Kitchen is on the ground floor and you need to walk through it to get to dining rooms upstairs. Edsel will toss you the notepad and yell at you to write down your order "be concise and precise" he would say. When your food comes, he'll either plop it on your table or yell at you to get it yourself from the dumbwaiter while he's reading his Chinese newspaper. Your utensils is self service. If you complain that your sweet & sour taste like ketchup, he'll tell you it probably is. If you think your pot stickers are burnt he'll tell you, "you ordered it, you eat it". Best time to go was after last call in North Beach and staggering in to "freshen up" before going home. Sadly Edsel left us many years ago, but the restaurant in its newer version is still here on Clay St. across from Portsmouth Square. Food is still good, but no longer has that extra "flavor".
  19. Hilton SF Financial District is right across the street from Chinatown. There's a bridgeway (east meets west) between the hotel and Portsmouth Square (Chinatown's living room) across the street. Couple of blocks north is North Beach (Little Italy), east & south is Wall Street of the West. Bunch of smaller boutique hotels in that corner of the city.
  20. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal has a money exchange. https://www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk/facilities/money-exchange/
  21. Ship's handheld radios are at least 5 watts and require a network of repeaters through out the ship. Even if someone were to bring a pair of 5+ watt handhelds (gmrs or hams) they still would need a repeater network to talk through all that steel.
  22. Delays can happen anytime and anywhere. Key is to plan ahead and have options. SFO is not the only airport with sinking runways, Kansai Int'l Airport (Japan) has sank about 8m since completion.
  23. I remember seeing this suitcase come in a bin out in TPE. It was splayed out for all to see, another bin followed with items that looked familiar. When the bins came around to me, I realized it was my stuff. When we got to the hotel later, the shop had a Samsonite Oyster in the window. That lasted me almost 20 years until the newly created TSA decided to open it.
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