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  1. rkacruiser, I must admit that it was such a common occurrence on the QE2 in the past in the Lido Buffet. Even with a full tray, I was offered assistance by a waiter. I have seen this in the past and recent sailing of assistance on the QM2 for those of Senior Age. And even my wife asked for assistance and it was happily offered by a waiter to our open table. We were happy to see the staff offering some Old Cunard Traditions. We would not ask unless there was a reason since we want the staff keep the buffet moving.
  2. I enjoy also enjoy when presented their Opera Cake. Looks the same as served in the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC - Grand Tier Restaurant
  3. Great Baking.. Hoping My Looks the Same when I attempt. R These recipes ingredients and measures and timing accurate? Just want to follow a sure thing.
  4. steve1young, WOW they look great and thank you for the recipes posted. If you can send some scones to me I just got my favorite Strawberry Jam from the UK and new batch of Devonshire Clotted Cream on the way. I am will soon be ready to enjoy Tea Time again with a proper cup of Darjeeling tea.
  5. snaefell, So sorry you won't get the opportunity to sail on the QM2 next year. Maybe in the future. When we heard of the actions being taken early on with cancellations we decided to re-book for next year asap and got the same cabin for 2021. In the days and weeks to come, we saw and heard from others how fast re-booking were happening for 2021 in hopes of a vaccine would come about to assist sailing again. Unfortunately it seems precautions will continue next year too which we are fine with. You mentioned the sailing would include the June visit to Boston & Halifax with NYC. That is the same sailing we were booked and re-booked for. We have done the July 4th Celebration Cruise many times and you would have liked it as we have. But I was not surprised to hear how booked the ship is thru your message. Hope you dream cruise does come true in the future.
  6. Gerry & Barbara, First, welcome to the Cunard Family and the QM2. We too even after sailing on the QM2 over a dozen times like to view You Tubes of other passengers and review our personal photos and video on those quiet times. Even on a chilly wintry evening with a warm drink. We feel very comfortable on the QM2 as everyone does their own thing during the day. Several pools spreads out the crowd. Plenty of space for sunning. Yes do find it can become over populated in the evening in the theater (Royal Court Theater), Casino and Queens Room. We actually go to the Theater quite a bit earlier to get some good seats. It does fill up closer to when Show time will beginning. The Casino also starts to fill in btw the Show times. And when the main program in the Queens Room starts it is quite full already with those that gathered earlier and enjoyed a drink and company. Of course there are other activities taking place in the evening like Jazz Music in the Chart Room or Karaoke in the Golden Lion Pub which attracts quite a number of passengers. Enjoy planning your sailing..
  7. We are partial to Club Britannia cabins which do have balconies but on the 12th & 13th Decks. Part of the 12th Deck is sheltered with the the overhang of the Sun Deck on Deck 13th. Cabins further forward on Deck 12 are clear of overhangs and gets sun most of the day the sun is on that side of the ship. These are the cabin location we prefer. We are very happy with the full exposure of the sun then in privacy. Deck 13 cabins - Club Cabins , the new addition onto the ship during the last refit, do have the overhang from the new Lookout Walkway above the Bridge Area. Everyone has a personal preference to the location they wish to sail in. We did have friends that sailed on the QM2 for the first time and had Sheltered Cabin on Deck 6. They thought it was interesting not having that type of cabin on other cruise ships. They favor Disney which does not have sheltered cabins. The other addition to the Club Britannia Cabins is they have a separate pre-grill style dining room with preassigned table for the entire sailing for all three meals, with one seating at dinner time. As always, after experiencing the QM2 for the first time I know you will want to return to sail on her again and maybe try another cabin cat. or the same.
  8. Our first drink is always the Gifted Sparkling Wine we fine in the Cabin. And on a warm day when we sail is always a G&T with Bombay Sapphire Gin.
  9. Dear cruz, My DW & I are so happy that you have found the opportunity to sail on our favorite "Ocean Liner" the Queen Mary 2. Since 2006, we looked forward to all the opportunities we have had and those we have booked on the QM2. We feel like we are returning home each time we board and enter the Grand Lobby. There are so many aspects that soon many will follow this message with their experiences on board. We enjoy the care and concern the Staff on board offers you as a passenger. From the Cabin Service, Restaurants, Bars and Tour Department to name a few and not to forget the Elegant Afternoon Tea in the Queen Room. She is like nothing you can imagine especially when the ship's clock turn 6PM each evening and the Magic occurs specially on Gala Evenings. Each passenger does have their own personal experience to look forward too! Truly enjoy your 14 days at Sea and all it's offers. Hope we too one day book a BTB......(back to back)...
  10. My Dad always enjoyed on any cruise ship and the QE2 & QM2 his favorite "Rob Roy". He always respected a good and professional bartender that measured a shake that would fill the glass to the "rim"..
  11. My favorite is Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic.....
  12. naturelovergirl, Ditto.... Though we do wear the full formal gown and tux dress code, we too feel the same way you do on board. Though some not many but few do display airs of stuffy and snobbish attitude, they do not disturb the wonderful Ocean Liner experience on the QM2. "just a beautiful and relaxing trip. We loved it!"
  13. I was lucky to take a copy of the website page before hand to have a record. We keep a Vacation/Cruise Log Book at home of all our trips and the data pertaining to it (ex.. trip, locations, number of days etc..)
  14. On this past Thursday my DW and I finally got the opportunity to dine outside at our favorite Seafood Restaurant called Nick's Lobster House in Lower Brooklyn. We have had the opportunity to dine outside around our area but not comfortable the way the locations have spaced the layout. There is one that now looks better and will try it in the near future. A great Italian restaurant from Positano with great cuisine. Of course reservations are needed to limit the amount of diners. At the end of this month they are anticipating to open indoor dining with of course certain limitations. That we will be uncertain if we would participate in at the beginning. Dining at Nick's was great with proper spacing and many sanitary features we felt very comfortable with. All were masked till we ate and staff honored our privacy till courses were completed. The open air felt so good after all this time. The restaurant deck was in the rear by the bay and away from the main road. Definitely returning to the outside. We have till the 31st of Oct. for outside dining.
  15. We really haven't experience the Cunard Cough for all the times we sailed on the QE2, QM2 and Caronia. I know my DW experienced a slight virus on a TA back home after a QE2 Norway sailing. We did get rundown after all the touring we enjoyed Norway. We also know that on our sailings, the AC is quite noticeable in many parts of the ship that is why my DW takes shawls or a jacket. But never experienced or know any of our CC friends catching the "Bug".......
  16. We personally enjoy the "Gala Nights" that maybe also be labeled with a particular Theme with the suggested dress both myself and my DW enjoy. I enjoy wearing a Tux on those given evenings that adds to the feeling that I look forward to on our sailings. Many other passengers add to the Elegance with the same dress. Yes it is personal choice. Yes I do use a regular suit on the Informal nights. We abide by the dress code for that special experience we look forward each time we return and sail on her. It's up to you to make the choice of how you wish to dress and experience your sailing. It will be exciting hearing that you have not sailed on Cunard in the past. Hope you catch the Cunard Bug to return.
  17. The Wildest experience we had was being invited to the Captain's Table with the Captain and then CEO of Cunard Lines. Several other passengers were present and sat at the large table under the Britannia Restaurant huge Tapestry. That sailing was when the QM2 first sailed thru the narrow St. Thomas Crown Bay and docked. Also the CEO was making a CD Presentation in Illumination of the New Queen Victoria that was being built. It was a very exciting sailing with many events.
  18. Hi Max344, We experienced Deck 11 twice on the Mary and really had no problems in the past. We even now use Deck 12 for Club Britannia which is below Deck 13 Sundeck and still haven't been disturbed in any way. We were once in a cabin on Deck 11 btw Stairway A & B with no open deck above. And once on Deck 11 in the rear with a balcony near Stairway C & D which is a walkway above and really not disturbing. Since passengers are mostly out of the cabins, we really didn't have a problem from above. We did sense ship movement on Deck 11 forward but always attempt to book a cabin middle ship for more stability. It also depends on the type of sailing you are selecting.
  19. bigrednole, Hope and praying we will return to the traditional setups of the past we too hope to experience on our next July sailing. It is true many head for the buffets since it has the mass amount of food available to select and are well known by those repeat cruisers. Some cruisers even know of alternative locations like on our ship ex. a pub or upscale grill (elegant) type of restaurant. The last time we were onboard and went to the buffet we were disappointed with the crowds. Selections run out so fast and not replaced with the same selections but hamburgers. Not a great way to start a sailing with different enjoyable food we wouldn't have at home. So sorry to think we will have to contend with restrictions for 2021 sailings for another year till the vaccine is proven we can ease down with facial covering. Our ship will be the Queen Mary 2 and has alot to offer at Embarkation Lunch to enjoy. Hope yours ditto the same.
  20. WOW, can't believe we have to wait till then to see the Majestic QM2 return sailing into New York Harbor. Living at the entrance of the Harbor by the VZ Bridge we so miss seeing the parade of Cruise Ships in and out of the Harbor on Saturday and Sundays. Oh yes and those leaving during the week days also. It is so thrilling to live here to see the way the traffic backs up on the Belt Parkway along the shore from Redhook to Coney Island/Seagate. The way people pull over to watch the ships and take pictures. And I think even to see someone off that is on board. But the best of all is the Queen Mary 2. Especially in the Fall & Winter when she sparkles in the dark passing under the Bridge. Counting the days till mid April.
  21. Our Favorite Ports related to New England and Canadian Sailings. Halifax, Canada Quebec, Canada Montreal, Canada Sydney, Canada Portland, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine (Most Favorite - Great Lobster Meal) Boston, Mass (Especially on 4th of July) Newport, Rhode Island (Most Favorite) Hope you are able to take the opportunity to enjoy one or many of these Ports of Call... Bon Voyage!
  22. Foodsvcmgr, I too ditto your remarks...... We hope and pray we can next June look forward to the sailing we missed last month...We truly miss the QM2 and all the elegance and pomp all experience sailing on her. Return Soon, QM2.....
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