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  1. I'd be happy to share our Palm Springs Sun with you all but we're on Purple Tier of Lockdown Mode although many of the visitors here are ignoring our rules for mask wearing and quarantine ...
  2. Well, I am happy to be in the minority 0.0001 If you Google Chasen's Chili, you'd see that 9.9999 is probably fake news
  3. My cleaning person used Self Clean when I told her I did it recently so she did not need to clean the oven. So she pushed the button. Set off the smoke detector, smoked up the house and melted the silicone shelf edge protector. The oven was fairly new. We couldn't turn it off until it finished the cycle. The silicone was all over the oven. I think she tried to remove it and made it worse. It took six weeks to get a replacement oven. Lucky for me the same model was still being made because I have 2 wall ovens. It's a little updated but close enough. She is still works for me and every
  4. We did a crossing on both Regent and Oceania although years have passed. One on Voyager and One on Riviera. They were both quite similar in the entertainment department. You need the generous cabins because there is one one or two things to do in a span of a day. Once you have experienced Crystal's daily at Sea enrichment, there's no going back. While we're not booked for anything in the future, we'd do the Pacific Crossing from LA/Hawaii/Vancouver/LA on Crystal. We won't book anything for 2021 as we think there is too much risk.
  5. Check out the Chef Jon Ashton segment before Thanksgiving on the Crystal Blog. After I boiled the potatoes, I left them cool and the peel came right off. Then I put them in the ricer. Finally added the warm cream, milk and butter. Thanks for the Sous Vide tip. In the Desert it will likely be nice enough to grill my rib roast. I will sear it on the grill and then cook it via indirect heat.
  6. Which Sous Vide device do you have? And the potatoes that Jon Ashton did before Thanksgiving are pretty on par with Robuchon;s. So good I am making them again for Christmas. And yes, they are riced.
  7. I was on her sister, The Viking Serenade which also did the LA/Mexico runs and the Splendor of the Seas as well when it was launched in the Caribbean. Yes, fun for a first timer who did not know better and it fits for somethings. Well, none fit for now. I doubt we would sail any line until at least 2022...
  8. I took my twin granddaughter on Monarch on the California LA/Mexico itinerary. I have several stories about that sailing not suitable for the Crystal Board complete with BellyFlop contests and drunk college students. We named it "Monster of the Seas" 120 CF cabin was all that was available and I was able to get adjoining cabins. The time with the twins was priceless but it reminds me why I am not ever going on that kind of ship again.
  9. Thanks for a link to different information. I get my stats from the County and Local Hospital. We now have regions instead of just counties and perhaps I should have used the local information.
  10. It's so bad here right now in California. We got an emergency alert today telling us to stay home. Hotels and other lodging is restricted to essential personnel now. ICU is less than 8% I believe.
  11. I am sorry. Assisting living has been one of the hardest places for spread and those there are helpless. Wishing the best possible outcome for your MIL and family.
  12. It's like that here too. Imaging a friend of mine announcing her move to my neighborhood 2 weeks after we opened escrow. There are several others and some childhood friends. Marc L is also from my area
  13. Keith, you know my Brother and his wife live there. Mark, I did not know you and Arlene were in the same development
  14. Me too but sadly it was a different one than you sailed.
  15. I learned today that I can "cast" my website to my television and see all my travel photos at 75 inches. What a fun rainy day we had for a while. This was from our first Crystal Cruise at Key West
  16. I am happy to go to work and grocery shop these days
  17. I am not stuck at home. I am still working but safely socially distant. Thank you - HB2U Marc!
  18. Highly probable. My husband's age and risk factor is such that he won't go out to eat, he does not go out to shop, and the high numbers of covid in our community keep him home other than to walk in our community. The potential is far less to get covid if we stay home. We have friends who have been sick and friends who have died. We have a young relative exposed at a very public event on national news because one selfish person was positive. We hope that she and her unborn child are not testing positive as they have about 10 days left to quarantine
  19. I live in a tourist destination and I spent a few hours on the main drag today socially distanced. We had a Halloween Parade for cars. The foot traffic was heavier than it's been. I watched as people passed my place of business and mask wearing was about 50%. We are required to wear them. Our numbers are up and we are at the stage of highest shut down. Imagine if those people paid $10000 for a week's stay in a PH. How will the butler serve them? How will housekeeping maintain their room.? I honestly think it's going to be limited cooperation. I spoke to someone yest
  20. We are still hoping to rebook for 2022 but not 100% . We are waiting to know more about the experience
  21. My experience too with Oceania and Regent as well. I moved to Crystal and found it perfect for us.
  22. We took one cruise on Celebrity and even though it was some time ago, we were cruising on more deluxe lines that the time. We too can say we expect changes in the cruising environment after Covid 19. No one will know how any of the cruiselines will be affected. If the customer experience and the past crew returns, you could not even remotely consider Celebrity and Crystal on the same wave length. I hope that will be the case again. Food and Entertainment top notch on Crystal.
  23. It is a sad reality but it's not just cruise lines. They are expecting 30-50% of restaurants, hotels and other travel related businesses to close also. There are many sectors of the world wide economy to take a huge hit.
  24. Living in a travel destination there are many people who are unsure of what the future holds. I feel for the crew members as they have made the ships their life's work and the uncertainty for them is unsettling. While I know that for us the ships are a few weeks/months of distraction from our daily lives, but for them, their survival. I hope we will all meet again.
  25. Don't tell my husband this, but, there are people who know more than I do.
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