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  1. Just so it's clear about the bathrooms that were re-done during dry dock in 2018, you can see a group of OV cabins mid-ship port and starboard on deck 3 that are all "shower only" as noted by the "*" on the deck plan. These are the OV cabins that had the baths updated.
  2. Roz, I think I would write a letter to Orlando Ashford's office, copying Stein Kruse and and Arnold Donald, succinctly explaining the issue and informing him (them) of your intentions not to book another HAL cruise until this problem gets solved. They should be made aware that their inattention to good customer service is contributing to an unfavorable and vocal opinion of CCL and HAL, something that they can ill afford to foster. I feel badly for you. No one likes to feel so unappreciated by a company they choose to spend considerable sums of money on and time with that they are considering alternatives. Such a bad taste in the mouth gets left by their flagging concern for their customers' satisfaction.
  3. Much of the cabin electronics upgrades occurred in the suites. The bathroom upgrades occurred in a select few of the OV cabins on the lower prom deck, removing the tubs and making many showers only while upgrading the walls and sink area. No LED TVs on the walls in the OV cabins either and I believe not in the insides as well. If you look through that website you'll find a few of the OV cabins that had the bathroom upgrades. Look at the few mid-ship OV cabins on the lower promenade deck. In Sep-Oct-Nov of 2018, there were no upgrades in the forward section or aft section of this deck. I was in 3317 and it hadn't been touched in the dry dock: http://halfacts.com/r-class/3317-zaandam/ but you can look at 3339 and see the bath upgrades.
  4. All good things must come to an end.... but often sadly so. Thanks for posting this with the memories.
  5. Quite welcome! Glad you found what you were looking for.
  6. You may want to go through the thread by Crew News, he was on the Westerdam but the pricing for the fitness classes would likely be listed in the daily When and Where he posts. The programs would be similar for the 2 different ships as well as the menus. Crew News thread: Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I believe the Mariner Society is a M-F operation, but a simple call to 1-800-547-9139 will confirm my recollections.
  8. You'll need to click "Manage Payments" in the "My Bookings" tab next to the cruise in question to find it. The "Manage Payments" option only appears if you have booked directly with HAL in some manner.
  9. It's not optional as the detergent has to meet the requirements for processing and getting rid of. That doesn't prevent you from also adding your own but I don't believe it'll be of much use along with the ship's detergent. You also want to be sure that upcoming drydocks aren't going to delete the self-serve laundry as they have on at least the Zaandam. Used to be $2 per laundry load, $1 per dryer load, quarters only. On that note, a friend of mine does laundry in a hand spun salad mixer, usually only delicates/intimates. Might be an idea for you as an option.
  10. A Youtube where you can sort of see some small canoes and small boats near the pier:
  11. Appears to be environmentalists according to the caption on this photo: http://www.epa.eu/politics-photos/environmental-pollution-citizens-initiative-recall-photos/activists-try-to-block-cruise-liner-ms-zuiderdam-from-entering-kiel-port-photos-55260897
  12. We use them on most all our cruises. Another thought for this is you aren't handing someone your room key (not suggesting there's been problems with this, but would you give someone your house key?). We've always gotten any balance back and they are great for having a cleaner account bill at the end of the cruise. We'll buy the larger cards for longer cruises as you always get the balance back. If we happen to have a beverage package with our booking, we skip this step obviously.
  13. I'd say that's plenty of time. I'd give the MS a call this coming week and inquire.
  14. No, it does not. Enjoy Alaska and the Westerdam!
  15. Sandflea00, this thread is about a year old now. Hopefully you get a answer from someone who's done this in 2019.
  16. Enjoy, Rich! Thanks for the time taken to do this, again.
  17. Then no question you earned the suite bonus days. I was providing the information you'd requested regarding HAL's policy on suite bonus days. We've done the same as you (ask and sometimes you shall receive!), been offered below published cost upsells and taken a few of those and also received complimentary upgrades on occasion too. It's just good to know the policy on how suite credits are awarded.
  18. You are welcome for the number, it's handy to have. Perhaps you got away with something with the suite upgrade (more power to you! ). FAQs for Mariner Society include this note: Suite Bonus Earn double Cruise Day credits when you pay a published fare for a spacious suite or penthouse on your next cruise. For example, a guest who pays published fare for suite accommodations for a 10-day cruise earns 20 Cruise Day credits.
  19. The setup of the Explorer's Lounge pictured early is exactly the way it was set up on Zaandam late last year. The Adagio players in the first half of the 40 day cruise (Julian Aleev and Yegor Yegorov) would pack the place... not so much the second half but still half full or more most of the time. I think both itinerary and musicians sort of dictate attendance here more so than the set up. We did find that the area was poorly serviced (little attention from the bar stewards) before and during performances which might also contribute to the poor attendance. Glad you had such a nice time, Chris!
  20. As I look back at my emails, it took over 4 weeks to hear back from my email contact with the MS. Also notable to those mentioning suite bonus credits, they only will be added if you booked a suite up front and don't get credited if you upgrade on an offer. I learned that lesson the hard way some ways back. From the website.... Call the Mariner Society at 1‐800‐547‐9139 (outside of the U.S. call 206-626-7359ext. 8353).
  21. Glad you are enjoying. Good surprises are always welcome on a cruise. We've encountered a few grumpy crew on our last couple of cruises; hope this isn't a trend.
  22. I had similar problem after a 40 night cruise on Zaandam and patiently waited several weeks for my spending credits before contacting the Mariner Society. I emailed them first, with all the docs like you and got a ridiculous answer from them and credits that didn't even cover our HSC for 40 nights. I called them after this and had the problem fixed in 15 minutes. You might want to call. FWIW, in the future, you can request your account statement to be sent to you via email; it will come in PDF format from Revenue.
  23. I'm mostly walrus so enjoy temps others call cool or cold. I've done 3 Alaska cruises, one in May, one in June and one in September, and have brought and worn shorts better than 1/2 time on each cruise, including excursions and will be doing the same for my July 2019 cruise there. Shorts are perfectly acceptable on board and in town during the days, so it really boils down to whether you are comfortable in shorts in various weather. I've seen 90s in early June in Alaska so it does happen, although that's more of an exception. Have found mosquitoes to be an issue between Anchorage and Seward so if going there, consider long pants and sleeves and/or repellent.
  24. Y'all have me thinking I need to take that Tracy Arm excursion in July, especially with the photos. Though I will say my grand niece thought the bear was a gorilla..... FWIW, I too would choose Northern Europe over the Med but don't believe you can go wrong with either. Thanks, Chris!
  25. We had Captain Friso on Zaandam last September/October. We liked his noon talks and he kept us safe.
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