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  1. I thought Gus came across as informal, conversational and more genuine than many boilerplate interviews done these days. I like that HAL salvaged art from Rotterdam VI and plans on working into they art of Rotterdam VII.
  2. Agreed. They seem to find a way to make things work in most cases. Do it early and check a time or two later also.
  3. Glad it worked out for you! Calling is always the best thing even though you can get conflicting info from the horse's mouth too. 😁
  4. I see now... I would assume that since the "free" inside comes with none of the perks that it would be from the "Best Price" and not the "View and Verandah" price quote. But you could quickly call HAL and ask to be sure as I'm just guessing.... 🙃 If you do, let us know what they say.
  5. Your dad has to choose the "View and Verandah" price to get the free inside cabin. Still have to pay taxes and port fees and there are no perks for the inside cabin.
  6. Just to add to this excellent explanation, we "gifted" our DD for her BD with an inside and added her bestie and her bestie's 3 year old son to the inside. We did have to pay the freight on the child, which was what we considered minimal. As mentioned, the booking is completely separate and has no added perks, but they can be added. We were asked if we wanted to link our payment method to their booking but we declined for now; this can be added at any time and our bookings are otherwise linked (for meals, etc.) They can book excursions and all services on their own through HAL on their own accounts. We also did the $750 installment and received $250 in OBC along with a $50 p/p OBC in our verandah cabin. Seemed pretty straight and easy to me. You have 3 days to add people to the "free" inside cabin.
  7. We bit and bought a cruise in December 2021 as a BD present for our DD. Just paid the taxes and port charges for the "free" inside cabin.
  8. Huh... wonder what the catch is?
  9. Back in 2014 (obviously, these would have been used or expired/refunded by now), the OBC for FCDs was different still, so this is not so shocking. Just be aware of whatever conditions applied when you bought them and make sure they match. See: 2014 FCD Program PDF.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Rich! Thanks for all the efforts you make with this.
  11. Like that quote, Rich! (a.k.a. The School of Hard Knocks)
  12. Great looking supervisor you have there.... 🐱
  13. Throughout my childhood, I lived in military housing at various AF and Army bases/posts. I do remember wearing poppies and the minute of silence at 11 am observed on base/post. It was a solemn day then. Same thing when I served 9 years in the AF. The VA hospital just a stones throw from where I live will stop all incoming and outgoing traffic and observe a minute of silence at 11 am, just a few minutes from now. I'm leaving now to participate in their observance and do my volunteering. Again, thank you to all vets. BTW, the Dept. of the Interior announced yesterday that all vets are now able to visit all US National Parks for free for their lifetime. A thoughtful gift.
  14. To all our men and women in uniform, American, Canadian, British, Australian and New Zealanders, who served, are serving and will serve in the future, God Bless You and Thank You. Your sacrifice is the bedrock our countries were built upon and now stand upon.
  15. The American Legion and Auxiliary used to give poppies away in exchange for donations, as once did the VFW. Sadly, they are hard to find here in the states any longer but a few areas still do. I know our Canadian and British friends still observe Remembrance Day with poppies playing a larger roll than is found here.
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