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  1. While we're speculating. . . Can turtles spread Covid19? If so, will they be required to wear masks during diving excursions in Barbados?
  2. Truthfully, I think the idea is preposterous.
  3. My wife likes to go to the Sail-Away drawings in the spa areas. Me, not so much. But when we were on Oasis for the first time, I went with her because she didn't think she could find it first day. So, I begrudgingly went. They eventually announced that the next prize would be a two-day all-inclusive inaugural cruise on the new Harmony of the Seas and then called our stateroom number. Very exciting. The cruise was fantastic. We were able to see all five shows during the two days. Even the room gratuities were included (we tipped extra). No SeaPass cards needed at the bars. Just
  4. It is their approach to an interest-free loan.
  5. I was skeptical about the new and improved Coco Cay. Yes, there is the flashy pay extra areas, but I found the beach areas to be great. Chairs and umbrellas at the lagoon area. Easy to find a chair with Anthem and Grandeur in port. The dining is way superior to the other private beaches RCCL runs - way better. So many more choices, good ones. No annoying beach hawkers. Walk from the pier to the complex; remember all the "not today, folks" as anchoring was canceled. It was a great day without extra pay. I don't care for the other ports on the Bahamas itineraries and the Customs stop in Por
  6. As a guest or as the main course?
  7. Can't be helped when the truth is negative. Can't be helped when facts are really facts. Not facing the truth earlier is why we are in a deep hole.
  8. True and good news for the Commonwealth (my son lives in Wakefield). But decisions made by other countries will be based upon our results as a nation, and that is a grim figure getting worse every day.
  9. Lenny, I'm thinking it's like the short straw, the one people draw when determining who will "volunteer" for a dangerous assignment.
  10. That's a blessing. I'm sure that will comfort those who have just contracted the virus.
  11. You know, if the media hadn't whipped up a frenzy, there are those in power who would still be calling it a hoax. There are those in power who would like the coverage to disappear, as if ignoring will be the cure. Coverage of the outbreak needs to be kept at the top of the list. Don't like the way it is being presented? Attention needs to be kept a high priority. You want an indication of how efforts are going, Chinese travelers are being allowed in countries where American travelers are not. I foresee that I won't/can't be flying to Iceland in August. There are countri
  12. I was watching a game on TV and the Hawk was driving towards the basket from the left side of the key. Closely guarded, he went past the rim, held the ball in his right hand behind his head, reached back and dunked the ball as he flew past. Astounding. Where did you play ball, Lenny? I got to play in a few pick-up games at the old field house at Nassau Community College. Art Heyman (a good Oceanside boy) would play. My being on the same court was comical. I also got to play against Billy King when he was a teenager at a student/faculty game in Sterling, VA.
  13. From what they charge for the pathetic little box of burnt popcorn outside the theaters, better up that price estimate!
  14. Curious as to what that should tell people. The news I read mentions all three.
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