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  1. Yes, but these are press releases about their refurb. Of course they are not deceptive. But new cruisers to Carnival, or any line, do not say to each other, "Let's check the refurb press releases before we book." They go to the website. Now, the Carnival site is transparent. You read "Radiance - coming in 2020" and it tells you immediately it is the improved Victory - and that's great and fair and not deceptive. Great marketing. But when Sunrise was "introduced" the website and other marketing clearly said the "new Sunshine." That was the deception. The approach seems to have been corrected and is perfectly fair and informative - now.
  2. I, also, bring them in my weekly packer - and way more than one prescription! Even injectables. Always in my carry-on backpack. Hasn't been a problem in 27 cruises on 4 lines. However, to be safe, I do a printout of my prescriptions from my Caremark/CVS site for some verification if asked.
  3. Point me in the right direction. Where is the bashing and name calling? Or is calling the Sunshine Destiny name calling?
  4. Glad to help with this. The entire fleet has refurbs on a rotating schedule. If they are renaming the ships, well, they are using the same name. To my knowledge the only other renaming that occurs is when a cruise line buys a ship from another line.
  5. Once again, the logic of this post defies me. What is the point that it is made moot? Does the fact that this person avoids the reconditioned ships undo the problems with the A/C and ship infrastructure that occurred? Help us all.
  6. Could you explain the logic of your post? I fail to see any at all.
  7. LOL - swell. When you change your shirt and pants in the morning, are you then jhimboh2so4? Why would the name bother anyone. It's the deceit that bothers people. And it is deceit for any new cruisers to Carnival.
  8. How did you arrive at the opinion that BlerkOne said she didn't like Carnival?
  9. Your quote seems irrelevant to the topic. Why is it if you think the ship is not new (which it is not) the person is a "hater"? "Shake it off, shake it off."
  10. You can paint it any way you like and have any opinion you want. It is not and cannot be a new ship. Refurbished and renamed.
  11. Not having butter available in dining venues gives Carnival a bad name.
  12. You're quite welcome. It's a great itinerary; have a good time.
  13. I've done the first three Oasis class ships - very enjoyable. But I, too, like the ability to drive to port. Living in southern Delaware, Grandeur from Baltimore is our go-to. But that would be incredibly similar to Enchantment. I've done three cruises and booked a fourth on Anthem. The entertainment isn't quite as good as Oasis class, but I like the ship. Very good bands in different venues. It will be a very different experience for you. Parking and boarding are easy. So is disembarking. For us, it's a four hour drive and worth it.
  14. Back to answer; these are things we have done or plan to July 25. Boston - We walk down the street from the pier and take the Silver bus to South Station. Price is about $2 to $2.50 pp. From there, you can transfer (no additional charge unless you walk out of the facility like I once did by mistake). Take the Red line two stops to Park. Get out and you are right there at Boston Common and the Public Gardens. From there it is an easy walk to the Old State House, Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market, Union Oyster House, even the North End (cannolis at Mike's or Modern). Just check a map in advance for the other sights in walking distance. a two person tour for $10.00 or less. As someone else mentioned, the Harpoon beer hall is two or three blocks from the pier. Portland - There are reliable tours offered when you get to the street from the ship. I took one once for $27; I found it boring except for the extended stop at a great lighthouse that is or was a military site. Since then we have just walked the harbor area near the ship. Not bad on a nice day. Lobster rolls (my wife likes; I don't eat food that the Almighty has hidden under water and/or armed to attack). My favorite was walking a bit northeast (short walk) and getting a slab of Sicilian pizza from Miccucci's and taking it to the Shipyard store and brewpub a block away. Great flights of beer or soda for a good price, and they are happy to have you bring food in. Interesting store attached. Bar Harbor - The number one choice is the Island Express FREE (donations accepted) bus system out of the town square park. Problem: The last day of service for the season is Columbus Day, October 14. If you are there, I recommend route 3 or 4. You can get off at any stop and catch another bus to move on. The longest I have ever waited was about 12 minutes. If not available, the previously mentioned Ollie's Trolley is a good choice. Book through their website and save big. If nothing else, walk around town including the shore path. It is a great walk. Saint John - Our first time there, we walked around town. We found that dull. The three times since and our next in July, we rent a car. The Avis/Budget office is about a quarter mile down Water Street. Book through Budget; it's cheaper and the same cars. Lower rental taxes and the exchange rate, $41 American, unlimited mileage. We drive to the Fundy Trail (check it on a map). It is spectacular. Once we turned around because of fog. They, also, close some time in October. Check their website. On the fog day, we backtracked to the Sea Caves by the seafood shack on the shore road by St. Martin. A great stop. If the tide is right, you can walk into the caves. They are huge. And the rocks on the shore there - fascinating. We will go back this July. Halifax has different options. One is the market next door and exploring up the waterfront. That was interesting. Got to have my first Tim Horton donut. Side note - Canadians eat more donuts per capita than any other country. We have also walked uphill through town to the base of the Citadel. That we enjoyed. I know Peggy's Cove is a biggie for people, but I can't justify the cost. Sooo, we have rented a car in Halifax. There are agencies within two blocks of the pier. I went with Budget, about $57 American. I'll have to walk a 1/2 mile to pick it up. They may have pick-up service; I don't know for sure. We will drive to Peggy's Cove and stop at Long Lake Provincial Park on the way back. There is also a big grocery store nearby you can see from the ship. Very high deposits for cans and bottles. And that's what we do! I'm not pushing any of them but wanted to let you know some things that are available. We like the itinerary, but have only done it from Baltimore on Grandeur. I have done three Anthem 12 day cruises south. I like the ship. Book your three shows when available. Northstar and I-Fly were sometimes available for walk-ons. I easily made reservations at Customer Service. Explore the ship; it has many great areas. Very nice Solarium. Enjoy your cruise. P.S. - this is why I had to wait until I had more time!
  15. Saw your thread. I don't have time to respond now, but tonight I'll give you our five city run down and give you some alternatives. We never use ship excursions on this itinerary.
  16. I cruise RCCL solo fairy often. Once, when I was making a late booking for a port I could drive to, the website showed sold-out of all solo cabins. When I went back and entered two, cabins magically appeared. I booked for two and got my taxes back in a refund after the cruise.
  17. If you are not that hungry when you order a whole pizza at Sorrento's, ask them to cut the pizza in four pieces if you are not hungry enough to eat six.
  18. If you see a fork in your ship's path, take it.
  19. Didn't he play for the Yankees?
  20. 27 RCCL cruises on 8 different ships. Quest has not been on the last night on any of them.
  21. These are among the most ridiculous criticisms I have ever read on this board. Starting point: the expectation is that the card will cease to work when the arranged amount expired. "The kids should have been keeping track of the number of uses." What alternative universe do you live in? They're told it will expire when it runs out; why would counting be necessary? "You should have checked your on-screen account more often." Why should it have been necessary? Is that one of the fun, free activities? A personal favorite - "Why are they even in the arcade when there are so many activities on the ship"? Have you never paid for an activity on a ship? Casino? Tour? Internet? Cupcake class? Shore Excursion? Remarkable. The error was RCCL's. Amazing how incidents like this are turned on the OP. Nashna, thanks for the info that could be very helpful for families with children from this planet.
  22. Is there something inherently wrong with you? Just subtract the pompous for a self evaluation.
  23. Sea lice. Jellyfish larvae. They also tend to cling to the ropes used to cordon off areas in the water. Avoid grabbing hold.
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