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  1. Pictures of the enormous rear corner ocean view cabin on Freedom. (Is that still its name???)
  2. The giant Red Frog beer tube as a prize for trivia on the Pride. Almost as good as a Ship-on-a-Stick.
  3. Port stop in St. Thomas. Water Island beach. Unfortunately, she was not an excursion choice.
  4. Wow, you have an excellent cabin! You should be excited for your cruise. Enjoy.
  5. The club ends at the rear elevators. The aft balconies go back from the far end of the elevators and are not directly over the club. Each cabin further back, less and less of a chance. It's possible no aft balconies hear anything. Are you on the same side as the club, port/left? Enjoy the balcony and cruise.
  6. You may be getting responses from people who booked mid-ship forward on deck 1. If you are on the port side by the dance club, you've got a problem. The club is on decks 1 and 2. We booked a french door cabin on deck 4 about 40 feet forward of being over the dance club. We thought we were safe. The room vibrated with bass until two plus in the morning. I could feel the vibrations in my pillow and mattress. You could feel the vibrations walking in the passageway - on deck 4! I tend to walk the promenade deck in the evening before bed. It is on deck three. I could hear the music and feel the vibrations in my feet through the teak flooring. This was our experience.
  7. Word is that in a cost cutting measure similar to what's happening to headliners, the new movie will be shown instead.
  8. Because of the unpredictability of the weather there, the range is wide. Sailing out of Seattle on Golden Princess, we had a relatively calm sail. Returning, we hit consistent 17 foot waves for about 12 to 14 hours. I don't get seasick, so I was out and about. It seemed like an 85% drop in people out there with me. You will not know in advance.
  9. Glad it became easier. That it is happening at all borders on fraud.
  10. Guests in the next cabin hope not.
  11. I don't think your question is being interpreted the same way by everyone. I don't ever "prepay." I don't make any payments long before they are do. If something goes awry in advance, the money is still in my pocket. If you don't act at all, the gratuities are placed on your shipboard account on a daily basis. Envelopes and hand-overs are a personal choice in addition to the gratuities. As far as "getting them out of the way so I don't have to worry about it later," It's the same amount of money and it just goes on your credit card for most people.
  12. Good luck getting a response from AON; they are notorious stonewallers. Read their BBB ratings. You didn't buy it; why should you have to cancel it? Even though you have sent the letter, I would still hound RCCL for them to resolve. It is their error, not yours.
  13. There is no reserved pool seating area for suites. There is a private sundeck two or three decks above the pool deck. It does not face the pool; it is not convenient to access the pool. It has not had a hot tub. Check the deck plans to get the best idea.
  14. Hmm - Yawn was a name I hadn't considered. It has potential.
  15. It took awhile, but now I can see clearly. My wife is about to go through elective plastic surgery. The surgeon told her she will feel like a new person. I'm going to rename her. I'm deciding between Sunblock and Sunburn.
  16. You are correct. The Bay Bridge is not the problem; it's the Key Bridge.
  17. I do try. I didn't get "tricked" either because I read about the entire span of the refurb on Cruise Critic. Do you know how small the number of people who book Carnival and all cruises never read Cruise critic? I read once on Cruise Critic that it was well over 95%. That's how you step into the unexpected if the company's site or agents say it's new.
  18. Please, please. please tell me what was wrong.
  19. I think it's funny you used the words "got tricked."
  20. Thank you, Jimbo. If we ever cross paths on a cruise, the first drink is on me!
  21. Let me help you. 1. I never said anything about the Sunrise. 2. What you remember or not, Carnival used the word New on their website at the time. Definite. 3. You seem to be fixated on press releases being honest. Try grasping this, LOL. I said that customers deciding on a cruise do not go to press releases as their source of information; they go to the company websites. And the website said the all-new Sunshine - no mention of a reconditioned Destiny. I'll have to go now, I need to back a few years to check press releases before I book my next cruise. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.
  22. Yes, but these are press releases about their refurb. Of course they are not deceptive. But new cruisers to Carnival, or any line, do not say to each other, "Let's check the refurb press releases before we book." They go to the website. Now, the Carnival site is transparent. You read "Radiance - coming in 2020" and it tells you immediately it is the improved Victory - and that's great and fair and not deceptive. Great marketing. But when Sunrise was "introduced" the website and other marketing clearly said the "new Sunshine." That was the deception. The approach seems to have been corrected and is perfectly fair and informative - now.
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