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  1. You think that this situation is remotely like 2008? The disease then was unregulated banks. No vaccine needed. It is individual conjecture, but I will take cash over FCC for several reasons. Don't want my money in a company that may be forced into Chapter 11. How long do you think it is going to take to get this disease COMPLETELY under control? Mostly doesn't work when hosts don't have symptoms but can still pass the virus. And if America does get it under control, how long do you think it will take to get everyone residing in every port cleared? And then, how lo
  2. What hospital ships are all about. Restitutor Vitae.
  3. Good chance you would get there and not even be allowed off the ship.
  4. If you can get one with the lines from the multiple RCCL ships that will be jammed in each day.
  5. My first "cruise." Fourteen months (1969-1970) on the USS Repose, the Angel of the Orient. We sailed from DaNang to the DMZ taking on wounded and ill. The USS Sanctuary sailed the same waters. Hospital ships did and do incredible work. To my Repose shipmates - Restitutor Vitae - our motto.
  6. I sincerely doubt that. Probably just fishing for some ticket sales and reservations. I imagine that tickets would not be refundable but more like a FCC. Five people with the virus go to the park and the nation would be a ground zero again.
  7. Maybe they have. But if precautions are relaxed too soon, 100 existing cases around the world could exponentially have it right back to a pandemic in a short time. Unlike mankind, viruses continue to evolve for their survival. COVID-19 is closer to perfection in its world than we are in ours. Cruising may be the most vulnerable venue for spreading the virus again. Crew from around the world, ports of call where proper precautions may or may not have been taken. Folks, the world we knew is changed forever.
  8. Think of the incredible expansion of this disease since it was first characterized as a hoax by certain "interests." I believe there will be no chance of summer sailings, whether it be conditions here or in the ports of call. I have one May cruise that I have canceled and await the FCC. I have October and February bookings and will make the decision about canceling near the payment due date. Luckily, they were booked Next Cruise for a lower deposit. I have a November cruise rescheduled due to my canceling a cruise this past February 8; they have full payment for that already. I won'
  9. Do you mean it's not a hoax? Well, I'll be damned.
  10. I wasn't aware that Norovirus and Covid-19 were selective about host's dietary standards. Being healthy (and young) may aid in the impact of the most virulent viruses, but it is not going to ward off the contagion. Stay at a Holiday Inn last night?
  11. If the reports are accurate, and they certainly seem to be since they are acknowledged by the cruise lines, how is this unfair? Don't you want to know the risks? Risks of this type are always elevated in enclosed environments. Seems to be a pandemic in our country to consider truth unfair. Would you rather the information is hidden from us, as some are trying to do?
  12. I'd ask the Duke brothers first, and then I would confirm with Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine.
  13. As Ocean Boy said, you are the one who is laughable. How the h... do you know what every person wants to do in a port? Is the list your previous preferences? And LOL is so pedestrian.
  14. Sorry; my mistake. I thought the thread was going to be about Michael Jackson's son's birthday cake.
  15. Remember the past threads and posts that suggested that the "scare" was just another media hype, blown out of proportion to gain media attention? Where are you now, pundits? Armchair diagnosticians. Must have stayed at a Holiday Inn the previous night.
  16. You riding by a lot of psychiatrist's offices taking a survey?
  17. I've been in the indoor pool on Anthem so many times, the lifeguards know me by name. I've always sailed Anthem in winter months. As mentioned above, it is open to all who are potty trained. They usually don't check adults. 🙂 The air temperature will vary depending on outside temp. The coldest I've felt is about 72 - warm enough when dry; a bit cool getting out. Usual average at sea about 75; warmer when down in the islands. I seem to remember the indoor pool hours as 7:00 am till 9 or 10 pm. Those are always subject to change. Unless they have just refille
  18. Sometimes, it is wise to monger fear. Take a look at the images of babies deformed by Zika and then ask yourself how many were spared by the fear mongering that made people take sensible precautions. Would you have preferred pregnant women be uninformed and traveled to the affected areas? And now Ebola is not a big deal? "That's 'cause it ain't hard To get along with somebody else's troubles, And they don't make you lose any sleep at night. Just as long as fate is out there bustin' somebody else's bubbles, Everything's gonna be all right." Steve Go
  19. The original question is a bit lame. But, yeah, you are so right. Over 9,000 confirmed cases as of yesterday. Over 212 dead. Cases on American soil. Why would the media even bother to carry such unimportant news? You confident enough to take an Asian cruise?
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