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  1. Don't say I never warned you when your train gets lost!
  2. It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.
  3. Mr. Bayley, Mr. Fain, et al: On the off chance that you or your staff monitor this board, please consider reading what follows. Please respond to any aspects of the summary so those affected by the failure of air conditioning on the 1/6/19 cruise will have access to some answers. We have not been able to get them while on the ship nor from RCCL representatives upon our return. Do I/we realize that mechanical failures happen no matter what level of maintenance is maintained? Definitely. Do I/we believe that the workers on the ship were doing everything possible to correct the problem? Definitely. Do I/we feel that we were intentionally under-informed and given patently false representations of the status of repairs. Definitely. Do I we feel that we were stonewalled to remove us from the ship with as little push-back as possible? Definitely. Do I/we believe that the compensation is not appropriate for six nights of awful conditions? Definitely. Do I/we believe that in you hearts you know it is not near appropriate? Well, I do. Six days of extreme discomfort. Three days of the Captain assuring us that repairs will be completed during the evening and thanking us for our patience and understanding. Four days of Customer Service stating that work is in progress and should be rectified soon. Two days of customer service telling us that “Miami is aware of the situation” and it would be in their hands. Several days of your on-shore customer service agents telling passengers that they should have resolved things on the ship. Quite a Catch 22. On day three of the situation, I tried to think of how I could get a straight answer. I cruise RCCL often, and I am a Navy veteran. Some contact ideas came to me. On my first try, I got the truth. The exact words told to me, “If I told you that this would be fixed today or tomorrow, I would be lying.” Where is any integrity in how RCCL approached this? Now, some figures to consider. The compensation Royal Caribbean deemed as fair and not to be reconsidered: $400 for suites $300 for balconies $200 for interior. Ironic that most of the worst scenarios were in interior cabins. I’ll use the generous $200 credit as the starting point. Six days divided into $200 equals $33.00 credit per day per cabin Two people in a cabin equals $16.50 per person per day/less if more than 2 in the cabin And affected cabins that did not register complaints may not have received anything. $16.50 per person for not getting a night’s sleep and discomfort during the day? That barely covers daily gratuities. It’s one drink with $2.50 in change. It’s six of the tiny bags of inferior popcorn you sell outside the theater. How, with any integrity, do you tell a customer that all night and part of the day in their stateroom will be unbearable and is worth on $16.50? It can’t be said with any integrity. Your response is shameful. Many times during the cruise we were told, “The safety and comfort of our passengers are our primary concerns.” You no longer have the right to make the statement. Possibly, for truth in presentation, you can modify it to “The safety and comfort of our stockholders are our only concerns. Please respond and show me/us how we are wrong. $16.50 per person, per day. If you are even capable of it, you should be ashamed.
  4. I, also, was on this Apology of the Seas cruise. My timeline as follows: Day five of the cruise evening - temperature rapidly rises from the set 68 to 74. I call guest services and they send someone. He opens the hall access panel and tells me it will be fine in a few hours and to call back if it isn't. And so begins the "it will be fixed during the night" routine. It climbs to 78, so I call as directed. No one comes. Day 6 morning. I mention the A/C problem to my room steward. He says it is ship-wide and they are working on it. Day 6 evening - bouncing between 74 and 78 though set for 68. Customer Service says to expect it to be fixed during the night - again. Day 7 - No Improvement. During the noon message from the bridge, the Captain acknowledges that he has been made aware of the problem that started the day before (it started at least two days before). He thanked us for our patience and understanding and said to expect repair during the late afternoon or evening - again. The bull has become obvious to me. I know things break, but don't lie to us to stall. I went to Customer Service to ask again about repairs. I encountered one young representative with a conscience. I told him I just wanted the truth so I would know how to proceed. He said that if he told me it would be repaired the next day or evening, he would be lying. Day 8 - Captain gives us the company line "comfort and safety" "patience and understanding" "repaired during the evening. Bull. The overnight in Port Canaveral has been scheduled to repair the problem. Day 9 Captain gives his repetitive cheerful explanation. Very obvious the stall is on. The Hotel Manager was useless and condescending. Next to last day of the cruise we receive the solution message in our cabin. Stall until the end. I freely admit my A/C problem was not nearly as severe as others. But those who had to endure 5 or more days of cabin temperatures in the 80's, a $200 offer was beyond insulting. Concern for passenger comfort and safety indeed. It is a stonewall. It is reprehensible. This is what happens when the comfort of stockholders completely outweighs the comfort of customers. I hope the negative publicity continues. I am scheduled to sail Anthem again February 3. I wish I had the choice of canceling without penalty. I am very disappointed in the Captain's complicit contribution to the stonewalling.
  5. "We survived"? What the heck does that have to do with this situation for people who have paid for an upscale vacation? Hot in South Carolina? It was hotter in Vietnam, my friend. I would never use it as a comparison to this situation - and I was on this cruise in an affected cabin. And I thought the ridiculous expression "first world problem" had run its course.
  6. I have just received my second "invitation" to bid for my January 6 Anthem cruise. Tempting, but I won't do it for the same reason I don't book a guarantee. I need to know the room location.
  7. This response is WH press conference caliber. "The beautiful port, Grand Bahama." Saw a comedian on Explorer out of NJ some years ago. His performance was the night of our beautiful Grand Bahama stop. He said that he woke up that morning, then went on deck to have a morning look. He said it looked like we were back in Bayonne except for a few palm trees. Here's to minor delays but still advertising an unrealistic completion date when taking bookings.
  8. And if the pier is not finished as advertised, there remains the normal higher risk of not getting onshore do to continued tendering. A perfect day at sea! It reminds me of the two years RCCL continued to promote the aerial show on Grandeur and Enchantment as their "WOW" factor even though it no longer existed.
  9. From what I saw (rather, didn't see) mid-November, it looks like there will be no chance of a May, 2019, completion, yet RCCL takes bookings as if it is a given.
  10. Requests? Hmmm! I'd like to hear "Delirious Love" by Neil Diamond.
  11. No, this isn't going there. I have an upcoming solo cruise on Anthem and have $375 in on board credit (ah, the old days of booking). Other than my $174 for gratuities, I might spend another $20 in ship stores. I'm Diamond Plus and don't need a drink package. I arrange my own transportation to beaches in port. Won't need recommendations on how to spend it onboard; my wife will provide those before I leave! I seem to remember reading of a method to turn OBC into casino credit and then cashing it out for real dollars. Experts, is that the case? Thanks in advance.
  12. C & A level was printed on both my Nov. 1 and Dec. 1 cruises on Grandeur. Not printed on my January 6 Anthem cruise. If I had to guess, it might be associated with the "Key" program. Suites and Keys are the new status.
  13. Hey, Allentown R! I'm back from the Grandeur Southern and have your report. Use johnreid1949@yahoo.com to retrieve.
  14. I can't speak to your experience, but in 25 cruises (most on RCCL) they have always announced it with any disembarking instructions. Additionally, it has always been printed in the Cruise Compass in the blurb about the next day's port. Can it be overlooked by new cruisers? Absolutely. Is it overlooked by the cruise lines? Never in my experience.
  15. November 1 at Port of Baltimore. D+ still had priority security check (front of a separate line) and priority check-in. I will report again after boarding December 1.
  16. The ironically funny thing is that they were experiencing all the same problems accessing the choices I made. It took so long that they had to send a printout of the results to my cabin. No relief on that front.
  17. I boarded Grandeur on November 1 and made a Next Cruise appointment for the next morning. I was going to book Anthem for the fall and one Grandeur for next year. The OBC promotion at the time available to everyone (online) included $100 for balcony bookings. What I encountered: No bonus for booking more than six months out. No OBC beyond what everyone could get online. $100 per person deposits. This is my favorite - The $100 could be taken as OBC or a $100 reduction in cruise price (lowering the odds of ever getting a price drop). I found the process and printed promotional material very deceptive. At a Next Cruise seminar held in the Centrum on a sea day, someone asked "So what is the advantage of booking onboard?" The primary part of the answer was that you could make your choices in a more relaxed atmosphere." The other part of the answer was "Our agents have been on many of these ships and can give you insider information about what they are like." I gagged. More fallout from a stockholder driven economy versus a consumer driven economy.
  18. The Ubered folks did just fine. Pickup was smooth for them; Uber phoned when they were close and pulled up just past the cab line. I believe we were at dock F; it's a fairly long walk through the terminal to get to the exit. My wife was less than adventurous this cruise; no beach in Port Canaveral. I head south in Antigua to Darkwood Beach. It is a bit rustic but has a grill and bar. I guess it's the bathrooms that are somewhat rustic. Beautiful beach. Most of the people on the public transportation system I use get off at Jolly Beach. It is closer to the ship and seems to be popular. I'll be there December 6. Two Darkwood shots.
  19. Not sure what your thoughts have to do with RCCL pretending it is going to be ready by May.
  20. Kids, Is there a way to use the D+ reduction of Internet price when booking in advance through Cruise Planner? Thanks in advance.
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