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  1. I should have waited longer to respond. I see you have many fantastic ideas.
  2. What a curt reply. Try this one: Grandeur's Diamond Lounge has seating for about 20-22. Most of the twelve day cruises have over 500 D's and above. Anthem's Diamond Lounge has seating for about 25-30. On my last Anthem 12-day, there were over 1,200 D's and above. How early do you think a person should get there? Do you think if a D+ throws a towel over a chair it would be considered saved. Another other good ideas?
  3. Yes, there is still vibration - both before and after booking! Our cabin was forward, so our only experience was in the lower MDR. Not as bad as my three other Pride cruises in '13,'14, and '15. Enough to watch water shimmy shake in glass and a slight "magic fingers" effect in the chair seat. For us, it was minor.
  4. My wife and I were on this cruise, also. Didn't notice if what came out the other end was any worse than usual.
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