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  1. I apologize for my error. I didn't realize that the speech police were lurking and that I could have said anything that would be so politically sensitive and that would result in censorship.
  2. Latest news; This just in: New study links Ivermectin to large reductions in Covid 19 deaths. For the non farmers; Ivermectin is an anthelminic & Boticide for livestock. It, "Removes worms and bots in a single dose". The foregoing is a quote from The Epoch Times.
  3. And in Gulf Coast Mississippi! Who has the highest humidity?
  4. So? We'll just do your's too! I like that idea!
  5. Why is Princess dragging their feet? Because they want to hold onto your interest free money as long as possible. Why offer to give it back any sooner than necessary? Even if they cancel and give you a refund, they're going to take up to 90 days. Did it take 90 days to pay your deposit when you first booked the cruise? Of course not! They can take your money much faster than they can give it back, and all interest free!
  6. Forgot about the square feet. Our house is about 2300 sf with no vaulted ceilings. We do have a glassed sun room that is about 10x30. Lotto heat incursion if we don't keep the blinds down.
  7. We have essentially the same without the solar. We have a top of the line brand heat pump along with electronic air filter. Costs are going to be dependent on your geographical location, cost of living, taxes, labor costs, etc. States like CA and NY are usually high dollar states for these costs.
  8. Thrak, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I predict that your A/C is going to conk out on Friday when it is 111 degrees. I suggest you go buy a couple window units now to use when your central fails and your A/C guy is swamped with other jobs for the next few weeks. Been there and done that before! Believe me, this is how life works. How much more life can you squeeze out of a 25 year old unit? You're going to save a lot of money on a more efficient unit.
  9. Isn't it obvious? There's a giant, zombie, prehistoric monster on the loose! Obviously looking for a drink of water.
  10. When I answer the phone and say "hello", if I don't hear a live response within seconds, I hang up. I also hang up if I start to get a recorded message. I don't talk to machines. That's not communication.
  11. I used to live near St. Louis but I too did not want to live near there. So I moved way down south. NO SNOW. I don't like shoveling it, driving in it, falling in it, etc. Remember snow is a four letter word. And mama always told me to never use those four letter words. If I were still working in management, Wuhan might be the better alternative. On second thought...maybe not.
  12. Aus, You sound like you have good management potential. Have you considered living in St. Louis? Not a bad place and right on the Mississippi river. I hear there are also great opportunities in the Wuhan division also. You might want to get your shots first though. If you can't get one of the more popular shots, there is also a special Chinese version available that was (I believe) developed right in Wuhan. Wuhan sounds like a very progressive city with lots of research going on in many areas. This is what we call a, "ground floor opportunity".
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