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  1. Is; "I will guess the number..." part of your "facts" which go either way? Please explain your reasoning on how this works.
  2. Unfortunately, as I age, I've noticed that my reaction times are getting slower and slower. Likewise my scooter is getting older and I don't think the brakes work as well as they used to. Drunks staggering in front of me have become a fairly constant problem on cruise ships exacerbating the problem of hitting others. As to warning them, I once used a portable boat horn that attached to a soft drink bottle. Fill it with air and I assure you it will get their attention. Little else does when they have a snoot full. Elevator bullies: I just smile and say, "Go ahead. You ne
  3. Thrak, I think you're a bit confused here. You don't take off anything. Some of the women like to raise their blouses and show what they have. I haven't seen anyone take it completely off though............Maybe someday.
  4. Sorry. I forgot about Ferd. Tony are we picking him up in Las Vegas or is he going to meet us on the Gulf Coast? FWIW: You don't have to take off your shirt to have beads thrown to you. I know this can be very complicated, but I'll work with you. It's really very easy with a little instruction. Tony how's your eyesite? Some of the young ladies down here like to raise their blouses and show all to the crowds. ( Do they do that in Boston)? Will you be OK with that? It could happen and we want to make sure your eyesite is good. Otherwise, are you taking any heart medication?
  5. Later date: Tony why don't you just bring the rowboat down the coast and pick us up in Gulfport or New Orleans and then we could go on to California to pick up thrak. Might take a couple days but it is going to be getting much colder up there in Boston. I can fix you up with some shrimp and grits, po boys, jambalaya, file gumbo, crawfish pies. We don't have any cream of wheat or scrapple, or baked beans though. My wife just made a big pot of collards with ham hocks and rice. There's a little bit left if you hurry. I'll be happy to make you some homemade seafood gumbo if you prefer.
  6. Tony, Unfortunately I can't make it. Too short of notice. Besides, the airlines are giving me problems about bringing Dudley as my support animal. He insists on a window seat and none are available. And there's a problem getting an appropriate seat belt for him. Then there's the problem of food. They provide low calorie, sugar free, Kosher, etc. but unfortunately, they can't provide the things he likes such as carrots, apples and most importantly, hay. What's with this? NO HAY?! That's why we don't like flying. We would much prefer cruising any day. Perhaps we could com
  7. Wow, that sure sounds like him! But I never saw him taking his wife in tow. He was solo when he hit me. If word gets out, thay may eventually identify this guy. Maybe Sgt. Joe Friday can put out an APB (all points bulletin) or a BOLO ( be on the lookouton) for him.
  8. What birthday? I thought you were celebrating thrak's birthday on the rowboat. Mine isn't for another couple months. Tell Christina to send me one of her famous Italian rum cakes in case I can't make it and I'll celebrate in absentia. P.S. Also ask Cristina to put a little extra rum in it for good measure. Happy Birthday!
  9. Birthday party coming soon on the rowboat! Everone is invited! Thanks Tony! Free birthday cake, premiuim booze for everyone along with gourmet food. Let the cruising begin. The hell with covid 19. We'll do our own cruise thanks to Tony and his rowboat. What a great guy! When is the celebration Tony? How many lifejackets do you have on the rowboat? Shall we all sing, "For he's a jolly good fellow" ?
  10. Missed voting: Many years ago I missed voting too when I went into the army. I was given a rifle to kill people but I was not old enough to vote or buy a beer. My how times have changed!
  11. Yes of course. But with a rented scooter you have to be a bit more discreet. After you leave it on the ship, you'll be long gone and if they subsequently discover it, you can always tell them you knew nothing about it. It may take a little creative explaining but I'm sure there are many options, i.e, blame it on the cruise line, etc. Or you could get indignant. Tell them tht if they are going to get petty about such a small thing, you won't be back to rent for your next cruise. You'll rent from their competitor and spread lies about their company. Ther are many options for creative
  12. Yes, perhaps so. Sorry we got carried away in a civil and friendly discussion on a cruise site that has very, very little cruise talk. Are we also going to delete all the talk about weather, forest fires, floods, covid, etc. that we have slid into? We certainly don't want to fall into the trap of having fun, meeting others through these discussions, making friends and seeing different perspectives and perhaps even learning something new. Perhaps you have a cruise topic you would like to discuss that is more on topic. Again, I apologize for having such 'off topic'
  13. Thanks so much for the clarification. The spelling is what threw me. I thought it was supposed to be spelled: T-R-A-C-K-S. I couldn't find T-R-A-X in my dictionary. Since T and R are next to each other on my keyboard, I thought you just hit the two together to make TRAX instead of spelling tracks as it is supposed to be spelled correctly. So it really wasn't a typographical error after all, was it? And the ballot monitors aren't sure of the spelling of a common word such as tracks.
  14. ... And isn't it nice that we can have a civil discussion and not get kicked off CC? But I think we really have wandered off the subject of cruising. Onward......
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