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  1. My comment (#451) regarding masks was made in general and not to anyone specifically. Just as this comment is made. I quoted no one and made reference to no one.
  2. Hats off to those who refuse to wear a mask on a cruise! Can you tell the rest of us how you know that you are NOT carrying the virus and infecting others? By all means exercise your right to infect those around you. But please tell us which cruises you have scheduled? Ever wonder why this pandemic is now taking off like a rocket?
  3. It's ALL relative. Some more than others. Some never grow up. Some never mature. Some never learn. Some never age. Aging can be a state of mind and attittude.
  4. Isn't this whole question of age actually age discrimination ( which is illegal)? What next ? Discrimination against the handicapped. Or those with less than perfect vision? Do you wear glasses or contacts? Most everone has heard the phrase, 'old and wise'. And there is much truth in that phrase. We learn (usually) as we get older. Few realize that there is a corrolary to that phrase. It is; 'Young and dumb'. Young people typically do dumb things such as excessive drinking, smoking, reckless driving , eating unwisely, listening to ear piercing loud music, etc., etc. If they live long enough on thre road of life, they usually learn about their mistakes and become wiser as they age. Life becomes more precious and most mature adults cease reckless behavior. Read carefully: I'm not saying these are absolutes that apply to everyone. But in general, I do believe most become wiser with time and life experience. For those who might want to challenge me on this, I would ask, "How old are you"? Are you Y&D or O&W?
  5. Lucky, I'm on Ruby on 3-3-21. Any chance you'll be on that one (barring Covid changes)?
  6. Lucky: If the rowboat has A/C I'd just load up, fuel up, and not come back til all this Covid is over. Who needs a cruise ship when you have the rowboat?!
  7. May I suggest an electric blanket for those extra chilly nights?
  8. What a sight to see! Do you suppose this will benefit the tourist industry?
  9. Now I'm confused. New Jersey? I thought you were from Boston!
  10. Lady, Excellent travel insurance is available for senior geezers with a few health problems. I use one based in San Antonio and caters to the military. If you buy soon after booking you can get coverage for preexisting conditions. And you can get complete coverage for all aspects of your vacation (flights, hotel, etc.). Not just for the cruise only as many policies offer. Look carefully at what the policy says.
  11. Likewise. I have both November and January cruises and I'm not cancelling either. I'll wait til the cruise line cancels it and see what concessions they offer. But I'm optomistic. I think things will improve by then, IF people will start complying will all the health protocols.
  12. Oh no! You didn't?! You could have given thanks, blessed it and fed thousands! And then had fish left over! Did you have any bread too? Oh, ye of little faith!
  13. Tony, Are you going to have a fish 'fry' and invite all your friends?
  14. Thanks mom! We've missed out on a couple Cunard cruises. And to compund it; my wife and I are both veretans. Yes, we're double dippers. We always thought that Princess was the only line with that great military benefit.
  15. Have you considered a small camping air mattress inflater? Usually they will also deflate and are pretty small and compact. There may also be some models that are totally battery operated. Make sure the model you choose has the appropriate adapter you will need. Find one and you're totally independent!
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