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  1. I believe you can make that 11 o’clock time. I’d take a taxi 🚖 but Uber is fine if that is something you are used to. As the day you disembark is a Friday, normally taxis won’t be too plentiful
  2. We just stayed at the Embassy Suites before our cruise in January. This hotel has everything we need including parking (which was extra) . Love their breakfast and Happy Hour was just Ok as they have cut back on snacks. Close to restaurants & stores.
  3. Did you check on Massport.gov or com? The garage across the street from the terminal is now private thus they lease spots to local businesses for long term daily parking. Massport used to have a street lot on D Street. Check it out. Leave off your passenger with your luggage and either walk back or take a shuttle if they still have one. Good luck.
  4. E First book a hotel room with 2 double beds. Try the Millennium as it was the most reasonable when we were doing the cruise. Take the HOHO Old Town Trolley and Don’t get off unless you have to. This method of touring will save your energy. Places of interest are the Freedom Trail, John Hancock building has a panoramic wall around on its top floor. Don’t eat there nor at Cheers as they are tourist traps. Eat in the North end = Italian and waterfront for seafood. Yes Fenway park is great to see if you want to try the Boston subway system. Get a Charlie card for multiple trips. Faneuil hall is great just to walk around and people watch. College students will be back in school so it will be busy on a week.
  5. Just call Uber or get a taxi. Same with going to the port. Ask him if he knows the port well. I did just see an UBER driver going the wrong way on a road at a terminal. Scary!
  6. Knowing traffic around that time, I would call them for a pick up at 9:45am. If you are early you just wait. That’s an early time.
  7. Boston Hotels with parking. For Boston downtown, you won’t find much or will pay up to $60 per day just to park. I suggest looking at the LaQuinta in Somerville. They have an outside lot. Then you can drive to the port on embarkation day and park is the Massport lot.
  8. It’s a great historical place to visit. Hope you enjoy the visit as much as we did. A Boston girl and family.
  9. I would collect your luggage and proceed to your hotel. Ask them if it is possible to check in or if they will hold your luggage. Then you can go off to tour .
  10. I would get your luggage at the airport and head to your hotel. Ask them if it’s possible to check in early or if they will kindly store your luggage, while you go out and tour. Most will do this for their guests.
  11. I would go with 1:30PM. The earlier flight is too risky. When I was a TA I always advised to not book a flight until after noon. Enjoy your family and your Vacation.
  12. 26 miles is pretty far from Boston considering that is about where I used to live. Call La Quinta (Somerville) as they might have a parking package. I know they had a van for airport transfer so just maybe they will take you to the Ray Flynn Black Falcon pier. Other areas may be off Rt. 1near Revere.
  13. I’m glad you got an answer. I lived in NH so never bought wine in Boston. D St isn’t too far from the terminal. Call them to make sure they are open, take an Uber.
  14. At 5am you won’t have the assistance of a conceriege or bellman to help you hail a taxi. Uber would be your best bet at that hour.
  15. NO, and forgive me but I’m shouting. last year at Ray Flynn pier the longshoremen and street side staff were not prepared for the extra arrival of the Celebrity ship and ships with a day call at Boston all at the same time. It was a nightmare for taxis and Uber alike. Your flight should be No earlier than noon.
  16. Not really. You may try Park, Stay and Fly or hotels in Revere, Quincy or Somerville (on the outskirts of Boston) to see if they have an airport shuttle first and ask if they have a parking package. To take a taxi or Uber from there might be expensive. There is a MASSport parking lot near D Street. As they have a contract with NCL, they don't open up their excess reservations until about 2 weeks before sailing. Most drivers drop off their passengers, with luggage, go park and walk back to the Ray Flynn/Black Falcon (terminal). The garage across from the terminal is no longer an option. Also look on the Boston as a port forum.
  17. Usually boarding starts about 11 AM. It's unusual you state the ship is coming up empty unless it picked up new crew in Florida. Even when ships change itinerary for a season, they have guests on board like agents. Have a wonderful cruise.
  18. Check with your hotel to see whether it has a Water Taxi. I know of one hotel that did. Uber or taxi may be your only options for both routes; airport and cruiseport.
  19. Yes, when a ship is in port, the Old Town Trolley usually makes the Raymond Flynn Cruise Terminal a stop. You can buy your ticket from the cruise line or online in advance. The drawback of getting on at the terminal is that it will be crowded. If you are staying a night pre-cruise or post cruise, this would be the better time to Hop on.
  20. The Hyatt would be my first choice (Hilton is very noisy due to aircraft). There is a hotel out in Chelsea that provides airport transfer but very few do ship port transfer as it is so seasonal. I'll try to do some research. It might just take a fairly large bill in the hand to get a HP accessible van if you need that. Cindy , I forgot all about those new locations Hampton Inn/Home2Suites. Both are easy taxi/Uber drive if they don't have a shuttle bus. Seafood restaurants on the pier area are good as well.
  21. The question should be should they risk the stress, getting a taxi or Uber, there being a traffic tie up with other ships embarking or disembarking on the same day. Ray Flynn can't handle more that one ship at a time for both. A day trip is different. As a former Bostonian, I'd say 11 + AM would be safer.
  22. Emmy, are you on Beyond on the 6th? You seem like a lady who would enjoy the knitters and crochetiers group.
  23. The only pass I know of and it was sold years ago was limited and did not include beach or pool areas just Aquarium and general inside property. Don't buy a pass from the ship including lunch. You can go to the same restaurant for much less.
  24. What a wonderful thing to plan just for the two of you. Book a pre-cruise hotel in downtown as soon as you book your cruise. Don't book it through the cruise line as you will have to pay double. Hotels in downtown can be pricey. Once you are situated, you can walk everywhere. First I would take a Horse and Carriage Ride. I like the Red carriages the best; they have different routes and the town tells them where to go so not to have a lot of "horse" traffic. Later that day or the next, take a boat tour out to Ft. Summter. Lots of history here too. There is also Patriot Point across the bay if she would like to explore a battle ship. Charlestown is a foodie town. I love Poogan's Porch. Hyman's Seafood has a few location right in the center of things. The central Marketplace has lots of local lore and nice souvenirs. You have to check it out. There is an Embassy suites, a Holiday Inn but it has another local name as well. Have fun checking out our Southern Low Country.
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