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  1. Thanks for all the daily news, have not heard if there will be a shortage of wine here, so will make enquiries.  

    @smitty34877 thanks for sharing the photos of Camilla, what does she weigh now?

    It was good to have a Fort Lauderdale Sail away today, and hear the tooting.

    The day is very changeable weatherwise, clouds, occasional rain, now some feeble sunshine.Temperature 15 C.

    Appreciate  seeing all the photos of Barcelona,....another port we have not visited.

    Stay safe, take care everyone.

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  2. Thanks for all the daily news, photos and humour.

    @bdrcoleHappy Birthday, your lovely cat knows that the new chair is comfortable.

    We have been to Huatulco, on the Statendam 2009., San Diego to Fort Lauderdale return to San Diego, 28 splendid days.  We stayed at a hotel opposite the pier in San Diego so that we could wake early to watch the ship arrive on 30th October,  she was late, arriving into port at 8.15 am,  disembarkation was delayed until 1100 am , boarding was delayed until 1 pm.  During that cruise there were three different Captains, Harm-Jan Arnold, Acting Captain Paul Spaas, then Captain John Mercer.

    @rafinmd sorry that your  PSA is elevated, but good that you can now see the Radiologist on the 29th.

    It's another pleasant sunny spring day, temperature 18 C.

    Stay safe, take care everyone.


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  3. 35 minutes ago, Vict0riann said:

    I didn’t notice  yesterday, and KD just called the dining room to check - the answer is no; next time I’m near the Pinnacle I will ask there. ..  is Lady Grey a New Zealand thing.  KD said in the South Pacific they have noni tea (just in case you are interested..)


    Thanks for your reply.

    The Lady Grey tea we buy is blended and packed by Twinings in the UK. 

    Curious if any brand of Lady Grey is available on HAL.

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  4. 11 hours ago, St. Louis Sal said:


    Today my full size electric wheelchair arrives. I’m most excited about it’s elevator seat which will allow me to navigate my kitchen without having to stand and hang on to the counter and do everything one-handed. A special thanks goes to the foundation “Team Gleason” who provided a grant for that, because Medicare doesn’t consider it a necessity. Team Gleason is out of New Orleans and was started by Steve Gleason, a former New Orleans Saints football player who has ALS. They also provided the recorder that is allowing me to bank my voice.


    Great news that you have the new wheelchair, hope it helps make life easier for you.

    The recorder is a good idea.


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  5. Another busy daily thread, thanks for all the information, photos and humour.

    We have been to Adelaide a few times, both by ship and staying in hotels. 

    @Mr. Bostonhow long will you have the temporary crown?

    @ger_77 condolences on the loss of your good friend and your relative, sending hugs to you.

    @Quartzsite Cruisercondolences on the loss of your good friend and neighbour, so good of you  to notify others. 

    @smitty34877thank you for sharing the lovely photo of Camilla.

    @grapau27hope you do not have to wait too long to have the BCC removed.

    We have a pleasant sunny day, temperature 16 C.

    Stay safe, take care everyone. 


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  6. Thanks for all the daily news, 6 pages, a busy thread.  Appreciate seeing the photos of the destination as we have not visited. 

    Welcome home  to @Cruising-along and @VMax1700.

    @durangoscots safe travelling.

    @rafinmd Roy, thanks for reporting the result of your appointment today. radiotherapy is a good option, more precise than it used to be.

    Bon Voyage to all sailing on the Rotterdam.

    The daily number of delta cases continues to rise, 94 In Auckland and 8 in the Waikato.

    A sunny afternoon but only 11 C,

    Stay safe, take care everyone.


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