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  1. I initially get what Thrak shows, then I click on the little down arrow it goes back to show, when I click on the show again the chat is now there Weird
  2. @Thrak see post #11. Click that down arrow in the black bar. It’s will change
  3. Click the little down arrow on the far right. You’ll get different options
  4. The difference might be due to the desktop vs mobile? Just a guess. It shows on my iPhone and iPad. maybe not just saw the post above
  5. I don’t believe there was any talk about re using the personalizer. The reporting was that there is to be a “web based Ocean Ready” which I took to be a new and separate web site interface to the app. Back at the beginning of the medallion there was a separate website for Ocean now etc but it is now defunct. I think they are reviving a version of that site. I may be wrong but that is how I interpret it.
  6. Do you have “camera” and “photos” enabled in the app settings?
  7. I have had no problems, however I’ve been on two medallion cruises pre-pandemic so all my data (photos, passport etc) was already in the app. My cruises are not until next fall so no boarding groups. I’m also in club class so I don’t need the dining choices. The only new item was the covid acceptance and that worked fine. We have all the correct checks needed until closer to the cruise. Since my situation is not typical it may not help with whatever you’re looking for by asking this question.
  8. Passport information can still be entered on the Princess website. Login then select “account”, “ profile information”
  9. Log out of the app for your account and log back in with mom’s account. Don’t need two devices.
  10. I believe what the app shows is the price of the drink plus the gratuity ($10.80 + 18% $1.95 = $12.75). Since the plus package includes the gratuity and the actual price of the drink is less than $12 it was correct that there was no charge.
  11. Agreed, but what device are those folks going to use to connect wirelessly to a printer?lol. They would likely use the computers in the Internet cafe anyway.
  12. They would need bluetooth printers then you could connect (if you have a device with bluetooth). But why do they need too? You don’t need a paper boarding pass. The airlines will email a pass with a barcode or use the airlines app. Both can be scanned by setting your phone on the scanner at security and boarding.
  13. I WAS able to text using iMSG with only the Princess inTranet on my last cruise in 2020. In fact I had to turn on my do not disturb so that texts were not coming in from home in the middle of the night (I was in Australia). Unless Princess has blocked something since then, iMSG will work without paid internet.
  14. This is not quite true. You do NOT need access to the internet to text iPhone to iPhone. All you need is a wifi connection. Princess Wifi (intranet) is what you need to use the medallion app on board and there is no cost for this. You only need the paid internet if you need to access websites or download emails from your service provider.
  15. Also, if you feel like you need to prove you purchased the plus package it shows up in your cruise personalizer under onboard services and is also on your travel summary that you can print out. I also have been on a medallion cruise and agree that there is no problem with anyone recognizing that you have the package just by being near your medallion. It will show up on their tablets along with your name and photo. The app is totally unnecessary on board!
  16. This what shows before I go into the details (which is the same, just didn’t want my deets showing 😉). Are you sure you have the latest version of the app?
  17. Mine says preferred name….I would assume they’re the same. Apple or Android? I’m on Apple. Just curious.
  18. In the app. Scroll down to my account, then personal information, then personal (first choice). There is a spot to enter “preferred name”.
  19. In the app store. Version should be 3.1.4 (middle right) and if you are up to date the blue selection button will be “open” not “update”
  20. You might want to post this on the dine my way thread also, as this issue is not Apple specific.
  21. This is a known issue for several users (maybe all?). One person had the medallion help desk get it back and now it’s gone again. If your cruise isn’t for a while I would just wait until more updates happen. Until it’s fixed the workaround is to log on separately for each of you to put in your information. Your husband should still be listed as a travel companion in that section of the app. They know you are together.
  22. Where did you hear this? I don’t believe Princess is requiring tests as the cruises currently (through 2021?) are only for fully vaccinated passengers. You are required to bring proof of vaccination to check in.
  23. Yes it’s instant. It should show on your home screen. Swipe left to see if it went to a different page or into what apple calls the app library. What iphone did you get. It will help in explaining some processes.
  24. The app is called “medallionclass”. One word. Search for that
  25. Not Astro Flyer obviously but go to “settings”, “app store” and toggle on automatic updates. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202180 scroll down the page in this link for auto.
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