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  1. I don't see David's post as "political". It is a statement of what has been reported by many sources about the CDC and White House interactions related to cruising. So I'm not sure what you mean by your question of why does everything have to be so political around here? If "around here" refers to Cruise Critic boards, are you suggesting David shouldn't have reported on the controversy on Cruise Critic?
  2. Thanks for posting. One of the concerns about getting back to cruising with Regent is that some passengers won't follow the rules and Regent won't enforce them. I've seen too many examples of Regent not enforcing its own policies such as dealing with chair hogs or attire after 6 PM, among other issues. One might expect that Regent would be more diligent about rule enforcement with a serious matter such as Covid, but I have my doubts. And many times staff may not be around to observe behavior such as not wearing a mask, not washing hands, or not appropriately social distancing. I was amazed by your observations about people not wearing masks and following distancing guidelines at BWI. I looked up the guidelines for BWI and they require masks (https://www.bwiairport.com/COVID19FaceMasks) so if people weren't wearing them that is a big concern for Covid transmission. And it is a major concern that the airport isn't enforcing its own guidelines. If airlines and airports aren't following rules, that is a big reason to avoid them in my opinion. To feel safe with travel, including on Regent, I want to know that guidelines will be enforced. Until I am assured of that, I'm not booking anything.
  3. Agree with SusieQft. Many of us posters are trying to assess the risks of cruising and the risks that we can tolerate. If someone posts that cruising is not as risky as one might think or it is riskier than most think, or we should consider other risk factors, I don't see what the problem is. As for "amateurs spouting data" about Covid safety issues on cruises, the discussion here doesn't seem much different than what occurs on many other Regent threads such as those discussing Norovirus outbreaks or cleanliness or safety of Regent ships and excursions.
  4. Covid has widely been reported to have worse outcomes for those who are older and who have pre-existing conditions. So I'm not sure why one would expect that half the cases would not have some other condition listed on a death certificate. Covid's effects on the body are diverse such as causing blood clotting. Blood clotting can cause calamitous conditions in nearly in every part of the body. So death certificates will rightly indicate that a patient had multiple diagnoses or conditions. How these should all be listed is outlined in a CDC publication: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/vsrg/vsrg03-508.pdf There is an explanation I saw this morning about the meaning of 6% figure reported by CDC: https://www.kmov.com/why-its-misleading-to-say-only-6-of-covid-19-deaths-are-caused-by-the/article_a4c19a99-7a77-5000-b77f-984398ea94a8.html In addition, the mortality figures say nothing about long term sequelae of Covid infections. It is well known that some Covid survivors may suffer long term effects, though I have not yet seen reliable data on the type and incidence of these effects. So I do not understand how any of this news is encouraging?
  5. Could have been me you were chuckling at! Got home from the grocery store and realized I still had my mask on a couple days ago. Think the moral of the story is that after a time masks can become second nature for short periods of time. Most of us wouldn't give second thought to seeing someone in a car wearing a rain jacket or hat, though it isn't raining in the car. Takes a bit of time for our perceptions to adjust to the new normal.
  6. Before agreeing or disagreeing with that statement, I'd like to have a trial run at inheriting money so I can do a comparison
  7. I don't know that the Covid/flu comparisons make a great difference, especially in terms of travel. There is a vaccine for the flu. Would I travel during flu season if I didn't have a vaccine? I think not. It is clear that there are thousands and thousands of deaths in the USA due to Covid over a few months. Deaths will continue, and the death count overall will worsen during our traditional flu season. Not clearly captured in all the data are the long term sequelae that result from Covid. There are reports of severe impairments in various organ systems, but I'm not aware of data yet that can give reliable numbers or reliably relate the long term effects to criteria such as age or various pre-existing conditions. It is also clear that the major health organizations and the frontline doctors and nurses see this current pandemic as a health crisis no matter what the true death rate might prove to be. At the present time Covid is not under control in the USA and the response from various government agencies is inadequate by not mandating masks and social distancing, among other preventive measures. In reference to the question that started this thread, I will not cruise until masks and social distancing are no longer required and I feel that such a policy is scientifically based. I suspect that time will not come until there is a vaccine and I have taken the vaccine. If masks and distancing are required, it means that Covid is still a significant risk, For me, it means a major diminishment in the ability to enjoy much of what we take for granted about a cruise that others have mentioned on this thread.
  8. I still don't understand the difference between telling someone to get a certain kind of travel agent and telling someone to take or not take a cruise, for example. Those are all personal decisions. If there is some personal decision category that is off limits for comments, then I'd like to understand the logic behind the distinction. As for posts criticizing people who do not want to cruise, as just one example, I would suggest doing a CC thread search for terms such as "doom and gloom". This term has been applied often to posts or posters who either do not want to cruise, or to think that cruising will be markedly delayed, or that cruising will not be fun, etc. If calling some out for spreading "doom and gloom" isn't a criticism, then what is it? It certainly isn't praise. So yes, there have been a number of posts criticizing people that do not see future (or near future) cruising in a positive light.
  9. It seems that there is some special sensitivity around Covid decision making that I don't quite understand. The theme "don't tell me what to do" in one form or another has appeared on various threads during the Covid discussion. In this instance it is framed as "Please do not try to make decisions for others", though I'm not sure to whom the post was intended to apply. This sentiment is from a post that ends with "Wear a mask...", a sentiment that seems to me to be telling others what to do or making decisions for others. The CC threads are filled with posts that tell others what to do. Use a travel agent, book or don't book certain suites, use Regent air or don't use Regent air, worry or don't worry about something such as refunds, don't post too much on the Regent board if you haven't sailed on Regent, call Regent directly or don't call Regent but rather have your TA call Regent, etc., etc. Even telling someone to try not to make decisions for others is telling someone what to do or making a decision for others. It is the nature of these threads to give advice about doing something or not doing something, sometimes indirectly but often directly. Of course, there are different ways of phrasing suggestions such as: Don't book a suite under the pool deck, I would never book a suite under the pool deck, Consider the noise if you are going to book a suite under the pool deck, etc. These are all variations on advice that could be interpreted as telling people what to do or making decisions for others. So I remain puzzled by the meaning of posts suggesting that others shouldn't tell others what to do with regard to sailing during the Covid times.
  10. Having some experience in the past with the regulatory process, I would think this will take months to finalize any rule or guideline. By soliciting comments, CDC is going to have to address outright the spectrum of problems that Covid poses onboard, on excursions, in ports, etc. Until there is a vaccine it is difficult for me to imagine how CDC will be able to come up with cruise ship guidelines that are compatible with current recommendations to slow transmission on land. So maybe delaying rules while seeking input is a reasonable strategy for CDC and the safety of passengers. As for protocols for various size ships, CDC is faced with that issue no matter whether they seek input or not.
  11. Your post may be clear to you, but it seemed contradictory to me. Criticisms of posters followed by a statement about holding each other. If you feel those concepts are not contradictory, then so be it. I do not understand why posters who are new to Regent are so often criticized for posting on these boards. I've felt for a long time CC should have a rule book that says which criticisms (or whose criticisms) are okay and which or whose criticisms are not okay.
  12. After criticizing various posters this post goes on to say "let's try to hold each other." Maybe meant to say "chokehold" each other? I don't get the repetitive generic criticism of posters because they have not yet sailed on Regent. If there is something specific in a post that you disagree with, then why not address it? For example, what post was it that indicated that someone was worried about your money? I must have missed that one. I've sailed many times on Regent and I appreciate the perspectives/questions/posts of those new to Regent.
  13. I find the NYT article fascinating as the CDC highlights failures of cruise lines. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to visualize a host of other entities just "encouraging" masks, or continuing to permit social gatherings, or having live music and pool parties or otherwise violating basic protocols to stop the spread of the virus. If the CDC did a similar assessment of the actions of various US government entities (Federal, State and local), airlines, other businesses, confinement facilities, or yes, even political rallies, I have a feeling there would be many more scathing reports coming out.
  14. Your names brought back fond memories of time spend reading so many of those books, though I missed the one about their Regent travel. Sorry to take this thread off topic. Well, not that sorry to relive something pleasant from earlier days! Better than the constant stream of bad news about the spread of Covid and people who refuse to undertake simple procedures (i.e., wear a mask) that could help slow or stop the spread of the disease--and get us back to sailing again sooner rather than later.
  15. Okay, totally off topic--but after last two posts wondering if anyone else remembers who Freddie and Flossie were (from an earlier era).
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