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  1. Last time we cruised I believe it was 2 bags for each elite plus passenger.
  2. If I read that article correctly it is dated October 29th last year. Are there any further updates, and how many of their cruise were cut short?
  3. Has MSC had many outbreaks on their European cruises?
  4. She is scheduled to depart at 5 this evening according to the port schedule. We are doing an Equinox cruise next April so I will be watching the port cam.
  5. Thank you. We are sailing out of Miami, hopefully. 🙏
  6. Our first MSC cruise is in November on the Meraviglia. When we get to the pier I believe we look for the White Yacht Club tent where we first drop our bags? Is that correct, and is the tent towards the front of the ship?
  7. It’s still there now and I think it departs at 6PM local time.
  8. Why not book it in US funds. We have a couple booked in US funds and I have found that in the past they been slow in adjusting.
  9. Interesting. We haven’t thought about that and we have a November cruise that has at least half the YC balcony cabins still available, but showing no inside YC available. This will be our first MSC cruise but from videos I’ve seen it looks like distancing shouldn’t be an issue in Yacht Club. I’m sure some who have cruised there can provide more insight.
  10. lienf

    FCC question

    It’s not a problem but it is an interesting link. I put it in my RC file for future reference. Thanks.
  11. lienf

    FCC question

    I think this should be posted on an RC thread.
  12. There is definitely a shortage here. We have done a very poor job in vaccine procurement. I just checked on our CTV news web site and it shows we are at number 53 in the world in vaccines given. My wife and I are in our early 70’s and we may get our first shots sometime in April. Then a second 4 months after that. We have friends in the US and the UK who have had both shots.
  13. Canadian agencies we have used in the past offer very little in the way of perks. We use a US agent and get approximately 8% of the gross price in OBC. We can book in either US or Canadian funds. Google some US agencies and then phone and ask what they might give. If you know other cruisers ask them.
  14. On Skylinewebcams.com when searching Malta and Valletta there are several cams that show the harbour so you can follow the ship sailing out.
  15. I just noticed it is leaving right now.
  16. From the Celebrity website call up your cruise and click on VIEW INTINERARY & FLIGHTS and when that screen comes up you should see flights and a plane icon under the various cabin pricing. Click on that. That will take you to the page you are looking for.
  17. We had a price drop last month and had to cancel our existing booking which had a $49 deposit as you did, and that was refunded. Unfortunately the rebooked cruise is with the higher deposit and it is non refundable. We also deal with an agency out of Orlando.
  18. Following this thread and also being first time MSC cruisers I do have at least one question. We supposedly get unlimited internet, and if so, what would the reason be to upgrade? Neil
  19. What a great reply. The price did drop a little from when we booked but we have a very low NRD so it didn’t pay to cancel and rebook with a higher deposit. This will be our first MSC cruise so I’m always looking for a little help. Thank you for the information. Neil
  20. We are booked on the Meraviglia in YC next November for less than $2500/pp for 1 week. A little off topic, but is that a good price?
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