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  1. Please keep us posted. I'm sailing on the Legend out of NYC next May. Karen
  2. Haven't been on the Legend since 2005. Since then, I've been on the Pride 3 times, Victory 2x, Princess 3x, and Celebrity 1x. Karen
  3. I'll be sailing on her May 16th, 2020. It will be our 4th cruise on the Legend. LOVE the Spirit=class ships. We have our 4th cruise on the Pride 14-day Journey cruise November 2020. Karen
  4. It doesn't show Platinum/Priority for the Pride yet as the carnival site says I only have 58 days. Karen
  5. I have 2 cruises booked in 2020. 1st: Legend Journey 9-day out of NYC. That will put me at 67. Then in November, I'm doing Pride Journey cruise(14 days). That will put me at 81. I should get Platinum from the beginning of the Pride cruise, right??? Karen PS: I can't check Pride luggage tags til after the Legend cruise.
  6. Love the Aft balconies on the Pride and the Legend. View is Perfect! Some people complain about soot on the outside chairs but we have never had that problem. I did feel the vibration a little but that only makes me sleep better. Only Con: Long walk to the elevators! Would I book an Aft Balcony again: Yes!!! Karen
  7. I was ready to cry when they did the show the last night. "All your bags are packed, etc" (Leaving on a Jet Plane tune). Karen
  8. Spirit Class(Pride, Legend,etc.) I book an Aft Vista Suite if I can. Next try is "bowling alley" balconies(twice the length at least). 3rd: regular balconies close to the eloevators. Prefer Deck 4-7. Just sailed on the Pride. Had a bowling alley balcony on Deck 8. Very little noise. 11 pm seemed to be the cleaning time for the cleaning above me. Karen
  9. Didn't get one tonight on the Carnival Pride. Karen
  10. Currently on the Pride. Our Bermuda cruise turned into Grand Turk and Amber Cove. Having a greatvtime. They gave us 25% FCC. Karen
  11. Leaving on the Pride this coming Sunday. If there are any things you want me to check out, let me know! Karen
  12. We missed Freeport on our Pride cruise a few years ago. They gave us an extra sea day. Love it much more than a Freeport stop. Karen
  13. Stop Mail Empty garbage up and down Change cat litter Feed cat in am/pm (whenever leaving) Empty fridge That's my list currently. Karen
  14. I am on the Pride Deck 8 next week. I usually like a cabin on a deck with cabins above and below me. I only booked Deck 8 because I got one of the "bowling alley" balconies. I have the same cabin but on the Legend next May. i will still have time to change it if the Pride is too noisy. Karen
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