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  1. CDC mandated no cruises over 7 days. Karen
  2. I plan to not book a cruise til at least April 2023. I have a FCC/OBC to use by then. Karen
  3. Try: https://www.carnival.com.au/ Karen
  4. Deck 5 is the only deck where the suites are one room. Deck 4 has the overhang. Karen
  5. Had my 3rd cruise cancelled in the past year. 1st: Took FCC/OBC and used it to pay off cruise # 2 + 3 2nd: Took FCC/OBC. Yet to rebook. Looking at 2023 3rd: Requested Full Refund. Need to regroup and keep Hubby happy. He's not a Cruise Addict like I am!! I may make Platinum sometime in my life time!! Karen
  6. I agree with you. If the cruise is not til 2022 or later, they may allow 8 day cruises. Carnival is still selling 8 day Horizon, Freedom and Celebration cruises out of Miami. If they dropped St. Maarten, I would cancel the cruise!! Karen
  7. Checking other port cams: There's a Carnival ship in St. Maarten. Karen
  8. If you really want to have the experience, get an Extended Balcony on the rear of the ship. deck 4 if you want shade. Deck 5-7 if it doesn't matter. Deck 8 is under the Serentiy area so can be noisy. Karen
  9. Our 14 day Pride November 2020 was cancelled. We didn't find out til 30 days out from the cruise. There is still time for them to let you know. Karen
  10. Hubby and I should be on the Pride Journey cruise. Today's our 2nd Sea Day. Tomorrow should have been Grand Turk! Karen
  11. April 18, 2021 Carnival Pride to Bermuda (hopefully) Karen
  12. I'm sure they have their plans ready to go. I think they are waiting for CDC to make the first move (cancel the No Sail order or let it expire). Let's see what happens October 1st. Karen Carnival Pride 11/1/2020.
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