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  1. We are gold... One cruise to reach platinum. I'm not getting special offers, but admittedly am seeing low VIFP rates on short cruises which I may book. We spend only a little in casino, so I'm not seeing offers like others here describe. Whatever algorithms CCL uses appears random, but I'm guessing they are crunching stats to help the bottom line.
  2. I will be following along. We last sailed Elation in 2012 out of NOLA, and I thought she was a lovely ship. I'm a big fan of the Fantasy class and sad to see them being put out of service.
  3. Glad it worked out. After reading this thread, I checked my AA flight (I booked myself)... and sure enough flight times had changed - not enough to impact our trip. We are also sailing Horizon Nov 7, flying to MIA on the 6th from Pgh.
  4. I agree with GTO Girl... These fakers should be charged with federal felony. And receive a lifetime ban on cruising. It's evidence of the selfish and self serving folks among us. The cruise lines need to do a better job of ferreting out the cheaters, cause lawd knows we can't trust our fellow cruisers... Its actually sad.
  5. That was also the itinerary for our Horizon cruise in November. Now have HMC, GT and Bimini. Not happy, but understand Carnival has little choice. Just glad to be cruising again.
  6. Only a guess, but if you porter check luggage, then the unvaccinated person tests positive.... None would be permitted to sail and it would be a logistical nightmare getting your luggage back.
  7. There is no alcohol service debarkation .morning. Self serve beer stations are disabled. Out of cabin by 8:30 and they will start moving you out of lido buffet or sit down breakfast in MDR by 9-9:30. Remember they have to clear and clean for all those passengers anxiously waiting to board. We had no luck in past finding post cruise day passes in Miami. Perhaps that has changed. There used to be a luggage service at the port so you could go to lunch or shopping but I don't think that exists now. Like others said, maybe a city day tour.
  8. We are set to sail in approx 70 days. DH was recently prescribed meds (for a few months) that is contra-indicated to use with adult bevies (yes he is unhappy). But we booked Cheers with a steep discount offer, and I hate to give up the deal, BUT there is no way I alone can get our money's worth as I am a light drinker at best. We have same length cruise booked in early March and wondering if we can transfer to that booking... we are hoping this temporary health issue will be resolved by then. I'm considering calling FunShops, but as we all know... that is NOT a fun endeavor these days. Perhaps someone here has had a similar experience. TIA
  9. Personally, we NEVER use a cruise ship pool. Typically non-chlorinated filtered sea water, changed daily. Imho, more like a septic tank. I've seen them shut down due to accidents. Those pools make me think of the Dookie in Caddy Shack.
  10. More often frugal, as we would rather cruise 2 or 3 times a year. That said, we have a balcony on order for November considering possibility of quarantine. We only had a balcony once and found we spent very little time there. And once, upgrade fairy called and we got an aft wrap... And while it was pretty, it was soo hot. Direct sun reflecting off the ship and decking was like sitting on the surface of the sun. So mostly inside cabins mid ship. Rarely drink pkg unless we get a good offer. We've been to so many of the Caribbean stops, we do our own thing rather than an excursion. Maybe JiJi one night.
  11. Taxi. Usually ton of them. At least prepandemic
  12. we bought more yesterday. No one can time the market... It's mostly a matter of luck and events that are unpredictable, coupled with a bit of research. For us, it's a long play... don't expect it to get close to peak for a few years. Until then, I want to invest in a company I love and utilize.
  13. If you consent it is not a violation
  14. Interesting. I flew UAL earlier this year, and tho I am fully vaccinated I was not asked nor had to show proof. Is this something new?
  15. SAS does pick up at certain hotels. There is a list on their website
  16. We've used them a couple times. Most often just to use an iron. The washing machine is ok, but recall the dryer taking a long time and never really dried the load. Just hung them up in the cabin. It was a few dollars per load.... Cheaper than paying for luggage fees.
  17. Its the best bar on board, in my opinion. Some bartenders won't venture off the menu...but we've found that if you tip and engage in pleasant conversation they will make something special off menu.
  18. Hmmm. As a party of 2, I recall only being offered one option from each category, served to us individually. Perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly. However, it wasn't crowded and the food was excellent. We have reservations for Horizon in November. I'm sure solo is fine and they will accommodate your wishes.
  19. Generally, Carnival seems to get a bad rap which is not deserved IMHO. We are a couple in early 60's. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. I don't really mind all the kids as we can always find a place on one of the side decks to hang out and avoid crowds. We find food options fine. Can't speak specifically on Sunshine, but haven't had any negative issues on any of the other ships we've been on.
  20. Follow up. After this mess up, I called Customer service as mentioned in my OP. I was assured refund would be issued.... It has not yet happened. I found emails for every Carnival executive available, CS, etc. No response except a standard reply form.... Called ph number as directed and provided Incident number... Was transferred 3 times, on hold for over an hour (for the second time).... Finally got someone who understood the issue, and had ability to audit the booking. He actually called me back today with assurance that refund is on the way. As a shareholder as well as a user of this product, I must question the business practices that keeps Customer Services hands tied, and departments so segmented.
  21. I'm fully vaccinated. I will wear a mask voluntarily in the near future when flying. I've sat beside ppl hacking and coughing in the past PC ( pre covid) and it was disgusting. Why chance it.... Its so little to protect self and loved ones
  22. As nice as our current PVP is, I feel the same as you.... I do all the research, tell him what to book - right down to cabin #. No special deals or perks, no notice on promotion offers, etc. I see comments here on CC and other sites saying how great their PVP or TA is... How do I find one like that
  23. With a couple cruises cancelled, and a combination of credits issued, gift card and credit card refunds and credit moved and reapplied to a future cruise... It became difficult keeping track.. I tried. We also asked PVP to upgrade our future cabin. Don't know what happened, but within 24 hours, carnival cancelled our cruise for nonpayment after the upgrade. In doing so, all our fun shop purchases also cancelled, Including Cheers purchased at steep discount using a Promo offer from Carnival. No one is taking responsibility. We never received notice that additional payment was needed, nor did PVP tell us. Before upgrade we only owed $60 not due for 6 months! It took me over an hour with Customer Service to rebook and straighten it out. PVP essentially said wasnt his problem. I know this company and industry is struggling.... And in the end we are back on track. But am I wrong to be annoyed and disappointed with a company we have patronized A LOT? And have referred others to?
  24. Thanks for all the replies. Honestly sometimes being with families is just too hard. Days of prep, contending with politics, special dietary requests, and then all the clean up after they hog down dinner in 15 mins. I'm over it. The only concern I have is the references to number of kids... we don't dislike kids, but I've been on board when kids were running wild everywhere. But we are still seriously considering.
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