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I made it home but turned around after two days and flew to New York for the weekend.

I have not finished updating my blog that will include the rest of my comments about the river cruise. I'm a little slow sometimes, to finish things up.

I will say that overall I enjoyed the river cruise. There are definitely things that I did not enjoy - those damn locks - and the inconsistent food quality and service, and sometimes feeling rushed in a port, but overall it was good and I'm happy to have experienced it. I might consider going on another one but for sure never again on the Danube!!!

I wanted more time in Vienna. I loved how clean Germany was. I loved all the things to do, visit and see in Budapest, but I was not a fan of the people in that city. I found them rude and sullen.

I bought a cuckoo clock on my travels and I think it will serve as a very nice memory of my trip. When it gets here. (I had it shipped).

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Looking forward to reading your blog regarding the rest of this cruise.