Very interesting I am currently on board Avalon Expression doing the same route. I would have to say the food and wine has been excellent and I am comparing it to Oceania who I have travelled with. In most cases we have parked up in town or just on the edge, buses were provided but we have walked back on almost every occasion. There is never a guarantee given of where you are going to be parked as it will depend on river levels, other boats and who gets first. This is our first river cruise and we are enjoying it, although I am almost cathedraled out!

The guides apart from one have been excellent and very knowledgable even when we have been in small towns with not much to see. Locks don't bother us and we have slept right through most night apart from the odd lock where the Capt didn't get the entrance quite right and we brushed the side, other than that absolutely fascinating. Enjoyed the towns along the Main and it was much quieter than the Danube which is chocked full with cruising boats.

Would I do it again, certainly. Would I do it again with Avalon without question.