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Note Oceania is not a luxury line, it is upper premium.
Here is my review of Oceania Regatta in Alaska last month


But maybe if you are in the owner's suite, you can order up special meals and bypass the dining issues.
Yes, it is upper premium, but the OS is very luxurious. Your butler will bring meals from any of the venues, but we tend to enjoy dining in the restaurants.
As I mentioned to OctoberKat, timing is everything when taking a cruise to Alaska. May is the time to go, if you want to avoid crowds and children. That will greatly impact any cruise to Alaska in prime Summer season. We avoid Summer cruises like the plague.

I have been on 4 Oceania cruises and they suit us just fine. The smaller R ships tend to feel more crowded when the weather is inclement because everyone tends to stay inside to keep warm. But, when in your own OS, you can avoid those issues.
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