what if 2nd person doesnt show up (casino rate if that matters)- deny boarding?

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Wowzer!! I book as a solo and get the Casino rate (typically 25% off of a balcony and 35% off an Inside) and am very Happy to get that - believe you me! If I were you, I would JUMP on the Dec 20th, 14 night balcony - OMG that is an excellent price!! Not to mention your airfare. Go for it! Please let us know what you decide to do - ENJOY!! Oh, and Merry Christmas!!
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Wish I was free or I'd volunteer to be cabinmate.
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1. Island Princess - 60-night Grand South America, Jan 24/18.
2. Majestic Princess - 13-night NZ (out of SYD) - March, 2019 (We'll see...booked w/Cyber Sale)
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Keep checking! We got an amazing casino offer in October and had been eyeing a cruise on the Regal that leaves this Sunday. While we were mulling it over the low rate disappeared. I kept checking though and over the next couple of days it popped up again so I grabbed it.
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didnt book yet

14 day balcony disappeared and listed at 1549 now. at 509 people couldnt resist. and ive seen some mid ship balconies up to 7k on the selection list.

i realize some of these can be 24 hour holds. i'm also still fighting with the idea of christmas and if its right to be away then. 493 for gty obst balc is nothing to sneeze at for 11 days though. is cheaper than the inside. weird. but pricing changes as ive seen
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