Chair Hog pictures... post 'em here!

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so many Chair hog threads... have only seen one picture... if you have a picture of lido deck Chair hogs... post em here....
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cruzn buckeye
Middle Coast, USA
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John Heald had a post on his facebook page that showed "chair hogs"...It was amazing the number of chair's taken..check out his facebook page
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I saw that, it was funny.. makes me wonder, did someone really use the towel animals to save those chairs... or was he just being silly as usual?? ...
I am sure there are pictures out there...

Post your early morning chair saving chair hog pics....
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cruzn buckeye
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Originally posted by CrusinCyndi
John Heald had a post on his facebook page that showed "chair hogs"...It was amazing the number of chair's taken..check out his facebook page
here is that pic for those not on facebook:
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A later post from JH stated that the towel animals were put there by employees to surprise the passengers. LOL
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i thought it was the funniest pic I had seen in a while!!
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Originally posted by cruisetobeaches
Serenity Deck, Fantasy:

oh yeah.. what about those two towels stretched over 4 chairs?
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cruzn buckeye
Stone Mountain GA
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Just plain rude, but I have no problem moving a towel...they don't weigh any thing, just like the guilt of the people who leave them there.
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This was taken just at about 730AM on our recent cruise aboard the Liberty.

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OMG, rudeness has reached a new level with those towels draped across multiple chairs.

What to do if you are in the hot tub and have your towel on a chair? What's to stop someone from thinking you're a chair hog? Leave a note "In hot tub, please don't move my stuff" ? LOL

Originally posted by cruisetobeaches
Serenity Deck, Fantasy:

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Originally posted by cruzn buckeye
oh yeah.. what about those two towels stretched over 4 chairs?
I've never been brave enough to actually move someone else's towels, even though I would love to do it..... but this is tempting!
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Originally posted by cruisetobeaches
Serenity Deck, Fantasy:

And the lady in pink, top right corner.... caught red handed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by shof515
here is that pic for those not on facebook:

HAHA....That's the most hilarious picture I have ever seen!! It made me LOL!!
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I can honestly say that in 15 cruises I have never once parked my behind in a lounger by the pool. I am too impatient to try to find an empty one and don't care enough to get up early to reserve one. I have never actually swam in any of the pools either. More of a hot tub girl I guess. Disney has great padded loungers on deck 4 in the shade facing the water. They are great because they are always empty and you can curl up and read or take a nap .
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Originally posted by platinum.wannabe
Wouldn't it be funny if they could put 'parking meters' on the!
Oh my gosh, I can hear it now. Did you know that Carnival charges you to use the chairs by the pool!!!!!
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Watch out chair hoggers. I am not afraid of you at all and I will move your stuff in a heartbeat.. I get excited thinking about it... the worst GREAT post!