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  1. We tried Princess and never will go back. Liked Carnival a lot more, although we liked Holland America more than Princess. I don't think you will find Princess upscale in the food department. Probably just a bad time, but we thought the food was terrible on the Star Princess and then Norovirus came and it was a mess. We just didn't have fun on the cruise and that's what we missed about Carnival. Even though we aren't party animals or anything, my 80 year old mother still wants to smile while she's on vacation and Carnival does that for us! We have been on Holland America twice and for us, the food was a major upgrade. The buffet was actually really good and we liked it more than the dining room as you basically have service at the table and you are just in charge of getting your food. We are sticking to Carnival and Holland America from now on.
  2. Thank you for the responses. I booked the cruise, but with low expectations of sailing!
  3. I can't find anything on Carnival's site. My mother wants to go on the Horizon at the end of August and it's a stellar deal, but she's over 70 and I've heard other cruises lines are requiring a physician's note. I'm not sure if my mother would pass as she has several stents in her heart as well as AFib. Does anyone know any information? We are fine with booking a cruise in August as we live in South Florida, so pretty flexible if it comes to cancelling/rebooking.
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