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  1. Since I didn't get the survey. These are my most critical; 1)Complimentary unlimited intenet. 2)Complimentary Premium drink package. 3)Complimentary Laundry Least Flavor ; 1)20% off photo package. 2)Complimentary scoop of Gelator. 3)$5 match play. I hope Miss Shey read this.
  2. With the saving I can afford to fly business class. I rather choose my seat on my flight than my cabin.😿
  3. Hmmm. after spending so much of our saving and been so loyal to the cruise line.It really give me a second toughs for my next booking. Guess still not to late to change.I only had 2 on RCCL, 1 on NCL and 36 on Celebrity. To me a bar without a bar counter is not for me.I like to watch the Bar tenders make my drink. Btw. on all my cruises taken,I haven't use the pool or the Sun bathing deck once.
  4. Do not take the Taxi right at the Exit of disembarkation. Those drivers are contracted by an agent and will charge a lot more than regular fares. Walk away from the entrance and catch a taxi that come by.That will save you a lot.
  5. I will definitely take 2114.there is no question about it. If you need an alarm clock then take 2134.
  6. Book the Celebrity Transfer on board.I did that last year and my flight was 11:00 am
  7. According to my experiences there is always suite guess invitation to the Helipad sail away or sail in party. I also know there is one CC Hostess sent out invitation to the Concierge guests for the sail away nor matter what tier they are.
  8. Sorry guys in order not to clog up the plumbing systems we have to take away the spare toilet paper.
  9. Yes Celebrity needs her to bring more revenues to the company as so many customers like to sail with her.
  10. Please don't stop cruising. Bring some pills next time.
  11. Hope you get a good fare from your TA since its a group booking. Your OBC is not very appealing.
  12. Terminal 25 has always been one of the worst terminals if driving to the port as the walk to/from the garage is a long one with luggage. It will be more problematic if it is raining.I just can't understand what the designer is thinking when he or she design this terminal. May be they are thinking of setting up Valet Parking Services.
  13. Learn from a frequent cruiser.Try to stay at the lower deck if possible. Cause you will feel less motion.
  14. Open the link from msf2k On the left hand corner next to Shop Flights is Deals Sign Up Then on the next page you will see Sign Up For Email.Click on that. Then you are done and hope they will send you Move up bit email.
  15. Take the Celebrity Transfer.I think you have the same flight that I had last year. It only takes 20 minutes to airport.
  16. I watch HK news very often on TV,from the Background of some video the harbor seems pretty much polluted in HK.
  17. You need to prebook taxi. There won't be many taxi come to the port area.
  18. Yes i am afraid you will miss it.It will be on Feb. 8th 2020
  19. Its not the arrival of the ships problem.They both arrive almost the same time to port. The problem is what time the immigration officers start working. I have cruised enough that I know Port of Miami always start immigration process at 6:45 -7:00am.In Port Everglade always around 8:00am
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