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  1. 10% of your cruise fare should be fair and generous Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Hopefully can join you for lunch next week. Be happy and enjoy your cruise.
  3. Can we agree to disagree. I am aware that Chandon comes from the house of Moet & Chandon. Interestingly, it is not sold in the UK. It is not champagne and is classed as sparkling wine as in the EU only wine from the champagne region is champagne. Moet & Chandon is the champagne of success and glamour since 1743. In order to bear the label, ‘Champagne’, a sparkling wine must originate from this northeastern region of France—called Champagne—and adhere to strict quality standards. Made up of the three towns Reims, Épernay Moet & Chandon is from Epernay.
  4. There are thousands of liquor in the market.there is no where Celebrity able to have every single one.on shelfs. Chandon is one of the premium brand I dont think I will have problem with that.
  5. That is the common problem a lot of people encountered. They should TURN ON the wifi calling first before they turn on the airplane mode. Best advise is set it up before you leave home.Once on the ship when airplane mode is on,you wont be able to turn wifi calling on unless you turn airplane mode off .You may be charged once you turn airplane mode off on the ship. Be aware!
  6. No XO but VSOP if you are looking for brandy. Any thing par with Premium package is always honored.
  7. You do need insurance to cover your cost of hospital stay and also the evacuation cost if you are on the ship. Med jet DO NOT cover your medical bills,It only provide transportation from the Hospital on land that you are hospitalized to the hospital where you desired to be treated, it needs the approval from the doctor that you are fit to travel.Also the hospital that willing to admit you as patient. Hope this is clear to everybody.
  8. Paul, When next time you are in Murano,try Belle Glos Pinot Noir.One of the best red wine I had from Celebrity.
  9. I submitted claim from Chase Sapphire Reserve card before.The Max is 5K per person for travels cost.For medical you need to purchase separately. I use Geo Blue annually for medical and evaculations.I also submitted claim once before while was hospitalized oversea with no problem.Just give your Insurance information to Hospital and they do the rest. with Zero problem on either side.
  10. May I know how about Diamond? What is the different between Surf and surf and stream?
  11. Every time I fly from Miami to Europe I always parked my car at hotels near airport.Its very reasonable and safe.I didi that all the time. Some hotels do have transportation to the cruise port. SimpleAirportParking.com
  12. Simple,in basic economics we called it the Law of Supply and Demand.
  13. The reason for that is they try to fill up the ship.Celebrity also know that season cruisers they are tired of Caribbean cruises. I am one of them.
  14. Celebrity did a very good job getting passengers filling up the ship by giving EU residences lower fares while the ships in Europe. It does made a lot of sense. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Thanks,I was much worry if the ship need to go to dry dock for repair. I still remember few years back on the new ship they had to cancel one or two ports and sailed at 15 knots to reach Fort Lauderdale from Civitavecchia,Italy because of vibration issue.
  16. If there is no changes,I will be on the aft of the ship cabin 2155 Deck 12
  17. Hi Ghstudio, This vibration thing on this ship really keep me worried as there are a few cruisers posted about this issue. I will be on the Transatlantic on this ship,would you please find out yourself for me or from the cruisers while you are there. Thank you in advance.
  18. I often cruised solo.It all depends who is the Maitre d'. There was one cruise that I was on the Maitre d' told me I can bring a friend along knowing I am a solo cruiser.I don't know is because I am in Celebrity suite. But there is another time on a different cruise(was also in Celebrity Suite) the hostess told me there will be a charge even she knows I cruise alone. One thing I have to say that Maitre D' is one of the best in Celebrity. I have heard a lot of cruisers gave him high mark.
  19. If you are in the concierge class cabin,90% you will get invited because Celebrity is doing the concierge class cabin promotion from the observation of my last few cruises. It’s always on the first sail away. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. Not a problem.the only problem is to find a standby taxi Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. Its not 100 % true. The main reason is still based on supply and demand.
  22. I think that’s what veteran cruisers do, booked a lower category at the beginning and then move up to higher category for little money after final payment.
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