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  1. Their benefits wont be as good as Zenith unless you book a suite on Azamara. Initially I was thinking cruising with Azamara but changed my mind when take into consideration of the perks that Celebrity offered.
  2. Just booked. Free gratuity and 150 OBC
  3. This is what I got offer. Tory was able to add Free gratuities on both reservation just for of You as good will gesture. They are worth $210 for the 14 NT and $225 for 15 nights plus $150 per cabin Onboard credit. Very happy.
  4. Booking Singapore to Sydney 11/24/2020 on Eclipse. Any one make a stop in KL pre-cruise please email me. I have accommodations available.
  5. Basic economics: Demand and supply.
  6. Don't be embarrassed,I heard someone did reach Zenith less than 15 cruises.
  7. Most of the Uber XL vehicle around the port area are pretty good size.
  8. Yes you still can change within the same category. Very unlikely they will upgrade to a higher category cabin that they used to because Celebrity has a new system call MOVE UP BIT.
  9. Yes, after you get off the building then you make the booking and they will pick you up at the terminal of pick up area.
  10. They will show you who is the driver and what kind of vehicle and the location of the driver once you Booked Uber. They do accept credit card for payment. Just wave at the driver if you know the driver is nearby.
  11. Hmm, now I know Arno is zenith member.
  12. Like the sailing from Singapore to Sydney on a Slostic Class ship. Thanks for posting.
  13. It’s a very sentimental piece of item.i will do the same. i always bring my ring that my love one left me whenever I go for cruises. it felt like my love still with me.
  14. I would pick Solstice that give me an over night at Lahaina. I love any over night stay at port it also give me more time to enjoy my cocktails.
  15. Got this in the mail today. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We look forward to welcoming you aboard Celebrity Infinity® for your 4-Night Bahamas Cruise sailing from Port Everglades on October 24, 2018, but first we have some important information to share with you. On the day of your embarkation, Celebrity Infinity will be undergoing its annual Coast Guard inspection. There might be a slight impact to your pier experience, as we can’t start boarding the ship until this inspection has been completed. To ensure the smoothest possible check-in experience, please note the following: - Please arrive at the cruise terminal for check-in between 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. - The ship will sail at 4:00 p.m., and all guests must be checked-in and on board 60 minutes prior to sail time. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and again, we look forward to welcoming you aboard for a truly incredible vacation. Sincerely, Celebrity Cruises
  16. CE has changed to EQ when you look at the Caribbean and Canals. As I said before Silhouette(SI) move to South America replacing Eclipse(EC). Eclipse(EC) move to Hawaii and Pacific coastals after sailing South America this and next year.
  17. Silhouette move to South America replacing Eclipse. Eclipse move to Hawaii and Pacific coastals after sailing South America this and next year
  18. On Solstice Class ship there is a console table beside the bar counter in MC have the Daily manu of the Restaurant in MDR. Laminae and Blu.
  19. You are absolutely right.They are the bread and butter of Celebrity. Regarding about DRINKS,I don't need to carry with me as my card is good for any bar's on the ship. Except..........one
  20. My Michael's Concierge told me feel free to do so . She told me MC is for Suite guests,Zeniths and VIP to use.
  21. Trust me there are a lot of certified CPA here.
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