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  1. Fresh fruit is available to all cabin types upon request. Years ago there was a card in the staterooms you used to order the fruit. Now you simply call room service and request fruit or as other have mentioned it is always available at the buffet.
  2. You can request fresh uncut fruit from room service.
  3. On the right hand side of your screen click on your user name, this will drop down a menu of options. From there click on “account settings” . From there you will see the option to change password.
  4. For each of our cruises in 2021 the option to purchase the small bottles is listed under Princess cellars but for our 2022 cruises that option is gone. Hopefully it’s something simple like arranging for new vendor contracts. We also use to be able to order the small bottles from room service, Pre-Covid, but I am unsure whether they still allow it now.
  5. When we have had the promotional specialty dining we received a card in our stateroom with an assigned reservation ( location and time). If we weren’t happy with the restaurant or time then we have called the Dine line and changed to our preferred location and time. as for which specialty restaurant I would choose... Crown Grill is always a hit!
  6. If you have a TA they can easily refare or change promo for you, if you booked yourself then you will need to call Princess directly. The Princess rep should easily be able to refare you.
  7. @billco if you have a TA have them call Princess and trigger the refund for you or call Princess and ask them to contact the revenue department for you to ask for the EZair refund to be processed. This is not a problem, I have done it many times and the refund typically shows up within a week.
  8. I received an email from the OM group about missing reservations in Dine My Way. Here is the reply:
  9. @lakemurraykid you may want to look at your travel checklist section to see whether Medallion has dropped something that was originally checked off as green. For some reason this happened to me last week... the app suddenly showed that we needed our passports added even though they have been there for months. I simply checked on the already uploaded documents and “added” them again and everything went back to green. Double check to see that all the green bubbles are still green- it could be a simple glitch in the app.
  10. @ScubadocYou cannot reserve Sanctuary in advance.
  11. @CapeAliso were you able to find out anything more about Sur Le Mer when you called Princess?
  12. I just checked my 3 current bookings and the Ultimate Balcony Dinner as well as the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast are no longer showing as options to purchase. We have the breakfast booked for our cruise this month, it will be interesting to see if they honor it. Hopefully they will bring these option back in the future!
  13. Tomorrow works, you can call on Saturday 8 am - 5 pm pacific time.
  14. Thanks for the correction! I hadn’t heard that.
  15. First welcome to Princess, hopefully you will enjoy your first cruise with them and many more. Princess had limited onboard functionality with the Medallions before the pandemic halted sailing. With the return to sailing they are trying to do pretty much everything through the app and there have been significant teething pains for many attempting to use the app. I am sure it is very frustrating for you. I would keep checking the app to see if your cruise has loaded ( I have one in May 2022 that was there the day after I booked it so it does seem odd yours is taking so long to populate). If you have a TA you may want to let them know you are having issues and they can work with the OM team for you to save you some frustration. Those who have indicated they had information added to their Medallion over the phone said they did so by calling 1-844-525-0924
  16. There is no charge for medallions unless you order special holders or other medallion related merchandise. Did you order anything in addition to the free medallion and free lanyard? You can go on medallion app and check your order. Did you pre-order specialty dining? $58 is the price for a dinner for 2. the only charges I have ever seen in advance from Princess are things I have pre-ordered like water package, specialty dining or excursions. if you or your TA call Princess they can help you determine what the charge is for.
  17. Yes. My sister had same problem. She was able to exchange it onboard. No problem at all.
  18. Our prepaid reservations at Bistro Sur La Mer also disappeared and now it is no longer an option for the entire October cruise. I have emailed the OM team and will see what they say. In my email, I also included the suggestion that these prepaid reservations show up in the Travel Summary ( like the use to when made via Personalizer). Will report back on reply if I hear anything.
  19. Nice upgrade. I would take it!
  20. Emed charges $150 for 6 test so $25 per test. I believe Optum charges $70 for a pack of 2 so $35 per test. as for Kaiser reimbursement you may want to check their FAQ for your area. I have Kaiser Oregon and Washington and their website does say we can request reimbursement if testing outside Kaiser. Here’s the screenshot for our plan. Hopefully yours has updated the plan and you also can request reimbursement:
  21. The best way to do this is to do a mock booking on Princess website. If your cabin fare has gone down contact your TA or Princess and ask them to refare you under the new promotion or under the current price on the web. Very easy to do up until final payment is made. After final payment it seems that most of the price drops or specials I have seen say “ new bookings only” This is how it works in USA. I am uncertain if there are fees or restrictions for those who book/ reside outside the USA.
  22. This is correct. When you refare you are switching to whatever the current fare or promotion is so you ( or your TA) really do need to do the math and be certain it works out to your benefit.
  23. If you booked through the Casino department you (or your TA) has to go through them for any changes to your booking. If you booked a cruise with a casino discount/rate ( not a free cruise) through a TA the TA can refare you.
  24. I think the rep was giving me the worse case scenario and am hopeful that the refund will arrive sooner. The rep said that with a cancelled voyage they have so many customers to refund, credit or put onto new voyages and she explained that each booking must be done individually based on what the customers preference was so it takes time to work through them all. No fun for anyone I am sure. hopefully your refund will come quickly!
  25. I spoke to a Princess rep today regarding a Princess cancelled Hawaii cruise and rep said it would be approximately 40- 45 days before refunded.
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