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  1. Well actually the debates/discrepancies have been going on since MSC first did the extra OBC for certain cabins, then continued after MSC dropped the extra OBC and put back the VS 5%+10% and 5%+15% categories. I never said they were fast, just that they watch. So yes I'll take advantage of an MSC mistake, or if helps you I'll use the word inconsistency, but broadcasting it will only increase their catching up and possibly end it for good. But again with MSC they may never bother to fix it.
  2. A little strange that some, like myself, have it showing before final payment but yours does not? Did you see anywhere in the Terms & Conditions that it mentions a second OBC?
  3. Not long ago MSC US sailing Health & Safety policy clearly stated that children under 12 would be treated as vaccinated if the parents were both vaccinated and treated as not vaccinated if the parents were not vaccinated. Unfortunately that likely did not work with the CDC rules and MSC recanted to their current position.
  4. The Terms & Conditions at the bottom of VS pages: The additional discount (5% or 15%) depends on the departures and markets. The Voyages Selection departures are not available for Welcome members. Silver, Gold and Black members receive an additional €/$50 shipboard credit on top of the discount on their Voyages Selection booking. Shipboard credit is issued per member and not per cabin. Shipboard credit is applied to the final bill at the end of the cruise. Shipboard credit does not apply to MSC Voyagers Club members under 18 years old. This awarded discount can be extended to all occupants of the cabin and cannot be combined with any other offer and promotion, with the exception of MSC Voyagers Club discount, unless otherwise specified in the details of the promotion itself. All points earned will be assigned approximately 10 days after the end of the cruise. Voyages Selection can be booked online, via our Call Center or through your Travel Agent. MSC's use of the term "additional $50 shipboard credit" is in reference to the discount percentage. The OBC is in addition to the discount. Either way they screwed themselves when they did that true additional OBC based on cabin type and now people pick apart some poor wording and expect two $50 OBC. And to top it off some people are getting the two separate OBC credits while some are not. I guess over the years things like this with MSC no longer surprise me. ETA: The fact that they still mention Black members shows the website is full of mistakes. Good thing they have the general booking Terms & Conditions that exonerate them from any errors they ever make.
  5. Interesting, different than on our Meraviglia sailings. I wonder if that is a change since the Duplex are now in Yacht Club. We were Aurea and the tub was full the entire cruise, the cabin steward was always out there checking the temp, keeping it full and cleaned it mid cruise. Perhaps it was too much work.
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2782915-hidden-posts/?tab=comments#comment-61192695
  7. Yeah the Carnival folks really hate Jim, he really gives Carnival a hard time over many issues. From the first person who posted that CruiseLawNews article all the fake news people started in. And of course the thread(s) is locked. Objective obtained. It was verified by a Belize news group. Probably why Carnival went ahead and admitted the numbers. https://www.breakingbelizenews.com/2021/08/11/tourism-board-says-situation-contained-aboard-carnival-vista/
  8. Thanks Ernie, glad you enjoyed the cruise. It sounds and looks like MSC didn't packed YC, at least yet. I noticed your Duplex hot tub is not full, in the past they were changed on turnover day and once during the week. On a four day/three day schedule I just can't figure why it would ever be empty while a guest is in the cabin.
  9. MSC seems very friendly towards WhatsApp, at one point mentioning them by name in the internet package descriptions. Using that app I've had very good success making voice calls, VOIP, with just the basic package. Texting with WhatsApp has always been no problem.
  10. I've had over a dozen bookings alone with the VS discount before MSC removed the higher percentages and added the extra $50. I had two bookings at the 5%+5% with the extra $50 OBC. I've made four bookings after MSC moved back to the higher percentage and cut the extra $50 OBC. Even though I've only been sailing MSC since 2017 I've watched countless promotions come and go, changes to drink packages, internet and just about anything you can think of. It's pretty common for things to get screwed up between the website, which is operated out of Europe, and MSC US booking in Florida. So yes, MSC has a screwed up website and the business is not run like a typical US cruise line. But I am 100% sure MSC US watches this forum. Their corporate Cruise Critic account may seem dormant with no more posting, that seems to be the way several cruise lines are now dealing with websites where they cannot control the content - It was nice when you could see when a CC user last logged in. Many threads likely have no interest to them but there have definitely been reactions to certain topics. I guess we'll see how long people continue to get the extra $50 OBC, I took advantage of it while I could.
  11. Good to know, probably a conversion rate difference.
  12. The non-alcoholic packages are expensive. I even posted the wrong prices, I posted European sailings prices. On US sailings they are $28pp/day for adult and $17pp/day for child.
  13. I mentioned earlier that this current wording is a mess that started back when MSC dropped the higher percent VS sailings and only offered the 5%+5%. So to compensate they added the part about the extra $50 OBC and that, I think, was only for ocean view or balcony and above. Or it could have been something like $25 for Inside and OV and $50 for balcony and above, I really can't recall. Either way that special extra OBC offer officially ended when MSC US brought back the 5%+10% and 5%+15 options. But the he wording we're left with is still a mess, and for some reason people are sometimes still getting that extra $50 OBC. Unfortunately these threads are likely to draw attention and MSC will get this fixed so I don't expect it to last.
  14. Well the thresholds for each color are pretty well defined. To be in Yellow Meraviglia has either greater than 1% crew or 1.5% passengers having positive COVID-19 tests. Not counting new crew in quarantine or passengers testing positive at the pier. The possibility that the cruise line did not file the EDC is very unlikely. What is vague is that there is no requirement for reporting how many cases to the public or passengers. Carnival would only state "A small number" of cases on Vista. That small number is now over 26.
  15. Sodas around the ship are cruise ship "reasonable". Same price from minibar, just fill out a slip with your cabin steward.
  16. A lot of people from other cruise lines complain about the price. MSC's non-alcoholic covers a lot more drinks than other lines. Lots of coffees, sodas, non-alcoholic mixed drinks, juices, bottled waters, soft ice cream, etc... Can't find the list right now. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/on-board/dining-drinks/drinks-packages ETA: Here's an old package list just as a basic guideline since the new package lists leave out non-alcoholic. 2018 Drink Package Comparison Guide with Drinks On Us (Version2).pdf
  17. Well it's not the official policy but it is happening. I changed a sailing to VS 5%+15% and they gave me two $50 OBC for each member Silver and above. Take it while they offer it. ETA: It is a Yacht Club booking, it might only be certain cabin categories like previous VS specials.
  18. Just realized you were only asking about the non-alcoholic packages. So if not on the October 31 sailing they will be $23 per person/day for adult and $17 pp/day for child. On October 31st they change to $25 and $19 respectively. If you purchase before the cruise it will save you the 15% gratuity that is charged once on the ship.
  19. The drink packages and prices depend if you are on the October 31st sailing or an earlier one. WiFi prices vary a little by ship but in general for a one device unlimited basic package it runs just under $75 for one week, a one device streaming is about $100 for one week. Multi device packages are about 75% more per device than the single device plans. Divina did not have the full MSC for Me capability when it went out of service in March, 2020. The ship went through a refurb over this break and based on CDC tracking requirements it is likely MSC has made some changes to the ship's capabilities. We will probably have to wait for Divina sailings to begin in order to find out what MSC has done.
  20. Just to update this thread I'm adding a better version of the current PlusGrade FAQ and Terms & Conditions. A more complete answer to the OP's question is found in the T&C's #14. PlusGrade FAQ.pdf PlusGrade T&C.pdf
  21. While it's common to call these promotions MSC usually refers to these as "booking rates". The only difference is people tend to call the common, longer lived ones like "Escape To Sea" and "2 for 1" booking rates and the more special, shorter lived ones like "Labor Day Sale" and "Free Balcony Upgrades" promotions, but they are really the same thing. Unfortunately you must pick one booking rate and they cannot be combined. It can be difficult to change booking rates once made, and when done you will pay the current prices. MSC also offers "discounts", these can be combined with a booking rate. Discounts are set percentages off of your chosen booking rate. They are easier to add, even after booking and doing so won't cause a change to the current pricing. So the short answer is that you cannot combine the All-In promotion (a booking rate) with the Free Balcony Upgrade promotion (another booking rate). On the website if you do a general search, meaning not a search from one of the promotion headings which will only give results currently offering that one promotion, you will see you can only scroll through the booking rate offers and only pick one. The good news is that right now MSC has some very good discounts offered which can be combined with most of the common booking rates. One discount is if you are a front line medical worker. It looks like you've sailed MSC before so one of the best discounts is practically every sailing is currently discounted about 20% through the Voyages Selection discount. You can search these sailings through the Voyages Selection search area linked below. There is also a 15% and 10% discount section https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club/msc-club-pax-type-515
  22. For anyone going back and reading that old thread I linked to called "Beware of the MSC Upgrade bid program" I'll include a note that back then when I first linked to the PlusGrade FAQ page it was an earlier version at the time and several policies were missing or different, particular to that thread whether YC bids got the YC perks. That is a hazard of linking to a web page where the owner can later change the page and the information in your posts no longer make sense. Going back through that thread a modern reader wonders what all the discussion was about, the link on page one clearly outlines the policy. But at the time it didn't. And just as easily PlusGrade can change those FAQ & T&C web pages to make everything posted in this thread totally incorrect. I've been working on not posting links to certain web documents and rather posting them in PDF or other non-changeable forms. So that is something I wanted to point out when you see arguments over some policy's wording or a post that makes no sense because a linked web page contradicts it. In order to avoid future reader's confusion here are the PlusGrade FAQ and T&C on this date. PlusGrade FAQ.pdf PlusGrade T&C.pdf
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