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  1. It would be nice considering the price difference, but as others have said they won't. We even asked about getting the premium non-alcohol package for our kids instead without any luck. Celebrity's policy clearly states that guests under the legal drinking age will be given a Classic Non-Alcohol package instead.
  2. This promo worked out well for us. Price for our Nov. 2023 cruise hasn't changed, but we tacked on an extra $400 OBC.
  3. Ouch, that's one heck of a drive. I have my fingers crossed that we won't be facing the same issue come Nov. We're booked on American out of YYZ to MIA.
  4. I'm keeping an eye on round trips YYZ to YVR in Aug on WestJet and then YYZ to MIA in Nov on American. We always fly in a day early, but even before all this mess started we had decided to fly in 4 days early to YVR, and 2 days early for MIA. Fingers crossed that things will start smoothing out over the summer, but who knows.
  5. Yes, you'll just be charged the difference + 20% gratuity. If you do the math based on how much you drink, you may find it's actually cheaper to upgrade to the premium pkg.
  6. Doesn't sound right to me either. I would ask them to point out where in the T&Cs that is stated. I've never had any issue getting a cruise repriced to take advantage of a new promo. As Wrk2Cruise said, if it has any effect, it may lower the amount OBC they give you but since the price isn't changing in this case it shouldn't. The pessimist in me thinks it's more likey they're trying to avoid the work.
  7. Bookmark the following CC thread. A much more reliable way of finding out about PUP activities, plus someone will typically provide all the answers to make it even easier.
  8. I agree that pre-pandemic, they typically released about 2yrs out. Right now it's anyone's guess. We have a Nov. 2023 Caribbean cruise planned with friends and they didn't release those itineraries until mid to late Feb. this year.
  9. Sorry, should have worded it a little better. You can upgrade to the Premium package. It's basically the different in cost between the two packages plus a 20% gratuity. Depending on the exchange rate that would work out to roughly $23.53CAD pp/pd. For Captain's Club members there is a discount based on what tier you are. The first tier that offers a discount is "Classic" which would entitle you to a 5% bringing it down to $22.35 so on a 7 day cruise that would save you $8.26CAD pp. Since this is your first cruise with Celebrity you'd be paying the full upgrade cost of $23.53CAD regardless of whether you do it now, or on the ship so why wait on hold for a long time when it would be easier to upgrade on the ship. Believe me, there is no shortage of crew that will be more than happy to sell you the upgrade since they get a cut of it.
  10. Since this is your first X cruise there is no discount (unless signed up for Captain's Club and you've been doing the Power Up Points), so I would just upgrade onboard.
  11. LOL. When I used to travel for business (pre-marriage), connecting flights were the norm. I lost count of how many times I felt like I was recreating the OJ Simpson car rental commercial to make it between gates. DW is a nervous flyer so it's direct flights only and we always take the opportunity to fly out at least a day or two early so we can explore. The current situation just gave us an excuse to increase our exploring time. 😁
  12. I hope that legal forces them to clean up the language in that third bullet. If they don't it will just re-ignite the shitstorm "Always" started with people booking a Cruise Only fare and then going off on the lawsuit rant over fraud, misleading advertising, etc...
  13. I had the same experience. Applied for my renewal in late 2021 and had my new card a few weeks later. I was surprised that there was no interview required. DW's application got processed just as fast but has to go for an interview as it's her first time. No Canadian interview centers open yet. Will see if we can get her interview done in FLL when we're there in Nov.
  14. I sincerely doubt that many of the "mean people" on this board are like that in real life. The anonymity of the internet especially when you can hide behind a screen name just causes people to turn off their filter. I have empathy for the OP and truly hope they get their passport situation straightened out soon. But for the life of me, and maybe they just aren't articulating it well but why wait for certain dates before escalating it with the Passport Office? Personally, if it was me I'd have been on the phone first thing in the morning everyday starting on Day 31 until it was resolved. Maybe they have been and they haven't told us.
  15. Nowadays, just use the translation app on your phone. If needed you can grab a dirt cheap tourist SIM, decent data bucket and most also have voice minutes back to North America. I speak fluent Italian and when I travel to Italy most businesses I go in to and they realize I speak English, they would rather practice their English than continue in Italian.
  16. My point was, he had nothing to do with the invention of PayPal and Tesla. Those were the brainchildren of others. As for him not being ruthless and unethical, you really should read up on the multitude of lawsuits he is facing. There is a serious disconnect between his public "anti-establishment" & "free speech absolutist" personas and the one inside his companies. For all you know, the only reason he's "in the trenches" is to crack the whip.
  17. Perhaps you might want to do a little reading up on PayPal and Tesla. Neither were "invented" by Elon Musk, but true to his megalomaniacal personality he lets that myth grow. SpaceX on the other hand is his baby, but while he may have had a vision, it's the thousand of engineers that work for SpaceX that have brought it to reality. Take off your rose colored glasses and see Musk for who he really is, a modern day Robber Baron.
  18. Call your TA, since the Elevate package is considered part of the cruise fare, they are the ones that need to straighten this out for you. While you're talking to them, ask that they have Celebrity email you the "Guest Copy", this is what Celebrity is contractually obligated to provide you.
  19. On the OP's Mediterranean cruise, I wouldn't worry about the water quality from public fountains.
  20. Shhhhhh. Don't say it out loud. Otherwise the rest of the world will find out we aren't as nice as we fooled them into believing. 😁🀣 😁🀣 😁🀣
  21. If the receipt from X says 1 yr from purchase, if I were in your position I'd email a copy of their receipt along with the repair bill from Apple and insist they cover it. I like a good fight and nearly $700 is well worth the time & effort to fight it.
  22. How exactly would they research this? My family is fully vaxx'd w/boosters and it didn't stop the four of us from coming down with Covid. Our daughter was the first to show very mild symptoms no different than the symptoms the rest of us had. Did she get it from an unvaxx'd person? With the decline in testing, and the fact they don't do contact tracing, there's no way to figure out who she got it from and it doesn't really matter if you end up hospitalized. We take precautions and don't have an issue wearing a mask if the situation calls for it. In fact, both our kids have been wearing masks in school since they lifted the mask mandate, and so do pretty much all the kids at their high school. Realistically take a look at what the CBC is reporting. 1. No vaccine mandate for domestic travel. Ok, this is a change but they aren't reporting that mask mandates during flights are being dropped as well. So realistically how much of an increased risk is it? 2. No vaccine mandate for outbound international travel. Big whoop de do. Vaccine requirements are determined by the destination country, not the departure country. 3. No mention that vaccine mandates are being dropped for those that are travelling to Canada. I'll wait for the official announcement, but I'm not expecting much to really change. IMO this is nothing more than smoke & mirrors.
  23. Interesting. Will definitely need to look into this as I was planning to purchase for our family cruise in Aug, and would not be happy if this was the case should our 16 yr old daughter tested positive. Will be following this thread to see if you find any better option.
  24. If you cancel your upgrades and rebook them, you will be charged based on current prices. With the recent price increases, depending on how far back you purchased the upgrades it may actually end up costing you more after your CC discount.
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