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  1. Is it because they dont do/cant do yr round navigation?
  2. Yay another vacay for you! And for us to read about later 😁 were leaving this Sat on a cruise (FINALLY!) Headed over to the Aruba boards to find you (I also have your blog up as well, dont wanna miss anything 😁) Safe travels to you & the fam!
  3. I say #2, Kieron will be there all week, the game wont be 😁
  4. Ive read here on CC that itineraries with GC & Jamaica have switched to Belize, Costa Maya and/or Mahogany Bay
  5. Nope Nope Nope! I would be walking everywhere after that lol Hahaha Mr Toads Wild Ride!!! 🤣
  6. Learn something new on these threads everyday, did not know jewelry store purchases were forwarded to customs! Is it only done if its over a certain amount? I dont purchase jewelry on board, but still good info to know, so thanks!
  7. If a vaccinated passenger seeks medical attn for their symptoms and tests positive, then contract tracing and quarantine (for the positives) would begin
  8. Thanks for this info. Question since you are in Belize, have you heard or read anything about masks being required even on the beaches there (like Caye Caulker, Goffs Caye, etc)? I had read from someone else just off Vista that they were required on the boat if you did a snorkel excursion, but not sure about the beaches themselves. Thanks!
  9. Yes, you get on them right in the port area. Ships usually have an excursion to Mahogany Beach that includes the chair lift tickets as well.
  10. I also wonder why that is as well. Inside stores, yes masks on, but walking around outside?
  11. You can get an all day pass for those chairs at the port, i believe its around $14 for adults, kids are around half of that IIRC
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