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  1. How dare her leave without you 🤣 BUT......Cozumel 💗!! In 1 month yay! Yep, I'm a bit jealous lol Have a wonderful time, and we will all be here waiting to read allllllllll about it on your website 😁
  2. Totally understand the whole "spur of the moment" thing, I couldn't do that either! I'm a planner too, and I've got to have lots of time to look into hotels, things to do, etc etc IF something does work out, whether it is with Kendra n friends or not, let us here on this thread know, we LOVE your reviews 😁 Stay safe & healthy Kim and family!
  3. Can't wait for the FL review! Sure hope ya'll are able to go 😃
  4. Loving the Disney review so far! You crack me up the way you tell stories of things like the passport 🤣 But.....oh my goodness THIS HOUSE!! What in the world went on in there 😲
  5. I'm still following! I was JUST wondering what ya'll ended up doing, and now I know 😁 I will hop on over to your website to check out the review!
  6. Thank you RedDirtTurquoisewater for sharing your beautiful pictures in Twangsters absence Hope everyone here has a happy, healthy New Year! Stay positive, Test negative 🙂
  7. This was our last cruise before Covid as well. There was talk here and there on the ship about a "virus" but nothing serious at that time. Since then, we have had 4 cancelled cruises and 2 more that i am 100% sure are going to be cancelled (Jan '21 & Feb '21). Next hope is July '21 on Liberty.
  8. Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures intermittently until Twangster returns 😍
  9. I love Cozumel! So many different things to do, places to go. We did a day trip to Allegro resort (not far from either port) last year and that place is beautiful! Check it out if you haven't already. As always, I wish you and your family safe travels wherever ya'll decide to go ⛱️
  10. OMG lol I am glad y'all (well, him really 😁) figured this out! Any plans for another land vacay any time soon? I am SOOOO missing your reviews/reports! 😁
  11. Oh no what a nightmare! I'm thinking that since USPS cannot help you without a tracking number, your best bet might be to call the passport office to see if they can help. It's crazy that your passport made it there but hubby's didn't!? I would be beyond frustrated! Good Luck girl!
  12. Wow what a journey your passport renewals have been on! Even your "passport review" is hilarious and detailed. Love your reviews, even if its just reading about your passports 😁 Safe travels in the future to you and your family ⛱️
  13. Hahaha! This is awesome and SOOOO needed right now on these boards!
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