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  1. File the dispute with your card company anyway. Use the letter that you posted as the basis of your claim. I paid my very large deposit for the 2021 Crystal Endeavor cruise that they canceled in June(?). The original payment was made in January 2019, well over a year. It took only about 3-4 weeks to get a full refund posted back to my MasterCard. You have nothing to lose at this point. Good luck. J
  2. I have had a lot of success using Viator in Europe. It is really not a big city so the sites are close, except for the Royal Palace. I would suggest you might consider a walking tour. Nyhavn district is in the middle of the city. Want to do something different? Take a tour that goes over the bridge to see Malmo, Sweden. J
  3. Usually only cool weather for the first 2-3 day. Once you cross 30 degrees north latitude the weather warms up. in January there can be winter storms out of Alaska that can make the early part rough. We once had 25 foot seas all the way form LA to Honolulu. Other times it is fairly smooth. You would be on the Mariner. This ship rides the open ocean well. J
  4. Hope this helps. Here is what the website says: Link Elevate Your Experience with FREE First Class Air on 2021 Alaska, Canada & New England cruises and arrive at your destination in comfort, prepared to explore and enjoy the charming coasts of these regions. Plus, enjoy the flexibility and confidence of Regent Reassurance, which allows you to cancel up to 15 days prior to departure date and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit*. In Alaska, the royal stature of the bald eagle can be witnessed up close in Sitka and the world of the region’s original settlers, the Tlingit people, invites outsiders to connect through cultural engagements in Icy Strait Point and Hoonah. To the east, the crisp autumn air of Canada & New England is a refreshing preface to delighting in the bounty of the sea with perfectly cooked lobster and local brews in ports like Halifax and Bar Harbour. And in the larger ports of Québec City and Boston, historical treasures await your discovery. Book by September 30, 2020, while seats are still available. *For complete details, please see Terms & Conditions Note. The "terms and conditions" page does not reflect the first class air upgrade. go figure..... ;( J
  5. Here is good explanation of how credit card vs cash surcharging works and where it is legal. Your Complete Guide To Credit Card Surcharges J
  6. I was hoping that in '23 they would finally use the Explorer for the World Cruise. Now that would truly be luxury! J
  7. Just a point of clarification; it is not your bank that sets the credit refund/charge-back rules but the underlying credit card processor. There are really only 4 major card processors in the US. Visa, MasterCard, discover and AmEx. All of their rules are fairly standard in this regard. Also know that the major's have set a very large "hold-back" reserves against the large cruise operators, like CCL, NCLH, and RCCL. I don't know if they are doing the same with Crystal. J
  8. This does not apply to credit card transactions. The Credit Card companies have their own "contract" with Crystal and those terms are different. The public, when using a Credit Card, are the 3rd party beneficiaries of that "contract."; this is your cardholder privileges. Thus the rules regarding charge-backs have a different result for the consumer than if the consumer tried to sue under Crystal contract of carriage (General Ticket Terms & Conditions). And Crystal rules do not supersede your cardholder privileges. If you paid with a credit card AND have a Crystal cancellation letter, you can file for a refund and charge-back with the credit card company immediately. No need to wait any time, no matter what Crystal puts in their contact or rule to the contrary. J
  9. Be sure to order the passport with the extra pages. At first I didn't know this was an option and the pages would be full after a few years requiring a new passport before the normal 10 years. Many Countries that require advanced Visa require two blank passport pages. There is not extra cost. Hopefully we all can start "refilling" our passport pages soon. 😉 J
  10. I had a similar offer but for a different voyage. Turned out that it was much cheaper to just book it new as the price had dropped significantly. If I had taken the roll-over deal it I would have lost $$$$$ . (I love my Travel Agent!) J
  11. My T/A says since Regent canceled the January world cruise. nothing is going to go until at least late February 2021. I think November is totally out of the question. J
  12. Seems like a good idea to continue this thread, rather than start a new one! NCL Corporation Ltd. -- Moody's downgrades NCL Corporation's CFR to B2; outlook negative Moody's•August 24, 2020 Rating Action: Moody's downgrades NCL Corporation's CFR to B2; outlook negative Global Credit Research - 24 Aug 2020 New York, August 24, 2020 -- Moody's Investors Service, ("Moody's") downgraded the ratings of NCL Corporation Ltd. ("NCL") including its Corporate Family Rating to B2 from Ba2, Probability of Default Rating to B2-PD from Ba2-PD, senior secured rating to B1 from Ba2, and senior unsecured rating to Caa1 from B1. The company's Speculative Grade Liquidity rating of was upgraded to SGL-2 from SGL-3. The outlook is negative. This concludes the review for downgrade that was initiated on July 14, 2020....... ....Today's action reflects the impact on NCL from the deterioration in credit quality it has triggered, given its exposure to travel restrictions in the US, which has left it vulnerable to shifts in market demand and sentiment in these unprecedented operating conditions.... Read the full article here J
  13. Hi BillB. Long time. no posts. Glad to see you back. (No fires, I hope.) J
  14. I am very familiar with what Regent has to offer with their "Plant Based" and Vegan programs. You can contact me via email if you have specific questions. My email address is in my signature below. J
  15. I agree. Although, due to SSS status we have had free laundry for years, there are many items that are never sent out. The main reason is that the laundry service is harsh and has damaged several items. Regent is good about compensating for the damage, but the loss of the item for a long cruise becomes problematic. Regent has offered free laundry in the recent past for some of the Grand voyages. This resulted in having several days added to the laundry turn around. J
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