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  1. Agree that is why we always book directly with both celebrity and royal
  2. We prefer Labadee. I really do not appreciate the inflated prices at cococay. We typically took a cabana- and the prices at cococay are about $1000!!! They seem to charge additional for everything- Good that they are adding a pier- but we are all paying for the upgrades.
  3. The storm seems to be turning away from most of Florida- Hopefully the hurricane will not be as bad as originally expected! But who knows! Good luck to all in harms way!
  4. I would prefer the corner oceanview. Space IMO is very important- especially with three people. As long as you aren't under or over a very noisy public space.
  5. Favorites: Harmony of the Seas Allure of the Seas Oasis of the Seas Least Favorite: Quantum of the Seas Anthem of the seas Adventure of the Seas
  6. Freedom class- any of the ships. We were on the Adventure of the seas and found it not nearly as nice as Freedom class as our favorite Oasis class. We did the Quantum class and were really disappointed also.
  7. Go for a aft verandah on the Edge. We had an infinite veranda- didn't like it and were fortunate enough to upgrade once on board to a sky suite- what a difference. We are booked again on the Edge in March in a sky suite. The infinite veranda's are IMO windowed cabins with windows that open-sometimes. They are also narrow. The aft verandah's are "real" balconies. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. My Grandchildren are very conscious of the environment and really do not like the idea of small bottles. They also do not like plastic straws, bottles, containers or cups. The world is changing and we all have to be more sensitive for what is good for the environment.
  9. Actually, we were in a Royal suite and did a move up to a penthouse- did slightly above minimum bid and didn't get it! But yes I was anxious and checked often- too much for my nerves! We were so happy that we didn't ultimately get it! The Royal suite was a dream and we had so much room and so many amenities that the Penthouse would have been a waste! We got a good rate to upgrade initially to the RS as I watch the rates daily and sometimes I am very lucky!
  10. Many of the airports will have very limited access this weekend if at all- including Monday- Hope those who disembark have backup plans to stay in Florida for a few days. I assume hotels are booked. Good luck to all in florida!!
  11. Based on the latest weather reports, I would assume the airports will close and the ships will not depart as scheduled. Good luck to those who have planned a cruise for this weekend and to those currently on the ships planning to disembark on the weekend.
  12. Those who like to dress should and enjoy it. Everyone is free (within reason) dress as they believe appropriate. Also, if you MUST wear shorts during dinner hours- eat at the buffet or in your cabin. You cannot wear short if you attend Captain club functions either. I grew up in the sixties- but enjoy dressing for dinner as does my husband. We like nice things and dress only for ourselves- However, I do not get why people are so opposed to just accepting the dress code as per the ships definition- Reminds me of my children who when they were young- tried to push the envelop and see what they could get away with! Perhaps camping is a better option for some.
  13. However the worst of the season is typically during September and October.
  14. Those who like to dress should and enjoy it. Everyone is free (within reason) dress as they believe appropriate. Also, if you MUST wear shorts during dinner hours- eat at the buffet or in your cabin. You cannot wear short if you attend Captain club functions either.
  15. It isn't necessary, but something special and nice. If you can get a great rate book. You can also book on board. The first night usually a discount and sometimes a nice lunch at a reasonable cost. However you will enjoy all of the included food.
  16. Honestly, wearing those cheesy plastic flip flops are not only bad for your feet (son is a foot doctor) but cause trip and falls. We were on a cruise a few years ago, and my husband was wearing fancy designer flip flops and tripped in the hallway and fell on me! As a result, I broke my foot and hurt my shoulder. Kids should also not wear them. Never wear those without backs and an arch. Be safe , stylish and comfortable.
  17. The bath products were absolutely fine- Have tons of Bulgaria from previous cruises, and IMO not a better quality product. The bathrobes were just wonderful!
  18. I would highly recommend Mr. Sanchos- vs Nacho- been to both. Sanchos just a couple of weeks ago. Cruising at the end of August through end of october often a problem due to hurricanes. Prices typically reflect the potental for a hurricane. The captains do a good job trying to avoid any dangerous area- but sometimes a problem.
  19. We had the initialed robes in the Royal suite and kept ours. The patio furniture was fine! The suite didn't disappoint either- yes same old carpet- but new couch covers and chair- The bathrooms were perfect and master bath huge. Not sure if we will be able to sail in a Royal suite again- but what an experience! Unlimted laundry and dry cleaning were great- fully stocked fridge with soft drinks, water and if you like beer. So many nice perks- Enjoyed Michaels club- We were worried about furniture- but in Michaels, with the exception of the Michael's club concierge area was comfortable. Only true disappointment was the retreat deck- Needs much work to be up to the Edge standard.
  20. The cabin is so much better for four compared to a regular balcony cabin. If anybody can snag it- albeit not the penthouse grab it!
  21. Only issue is that you get a credit card refund- if paid that way and have to repay- So a little hassle. At least that is how it worked with Celebrity. If you use OBC probably easier.
  22. What I suggest you do is purchase now. Check the rates regularly and read the CC boards. If the rate does go down, you can call-cancel and rebook. This ensures you get the best rate- What if it goes up? Enjoy your cruise.
  23. no comparison AQ is a balcony cabin with some small perks. However a smelly atomizer, poor tasting tea a different shower head aren’t worth additional. Also many AQ cabins have a poor location under the gym and pool. blu isn’t a great dining venue. We had been in those cabins three times and never Again. A sky suite is 50 percent larger. More closet and storage. access to the retreat and retreat lounge. Butler service and priority embarking and disembarking. Other perks you can check out on the website. Imo if you cannot budget a sky suite, consider a well located balcony cabin, with cabins above and below, and enjoy dinner at specialty restaurants. Enjoy your cruise
  24. Would definately like a category between Elite plus and Zenith- the span is crazy. Should have some category at about 1500-1700.
  25. Just got off the Equinox. The retreat deck is a waste. Very hot- full sun most of the day- no water option. Edge had a pool, hot tub, bar and restaurant (limited menu) and shaded areas. Too bad. We were looking foward to the deck- went up twice, each time nobody their except staff conversing with each other.
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