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  1. no comparison AQ is a balcony cabin with some small perks. However a smelly atomizer, poor tasting tea a different shower head aren’t worth additional. Also many AQ cabins have a poor location under the gym and pool. blu isn’t a great dining venue. We had been in those cabins three times and never Again. A sky suite is 50 percent larger. More closet and storage. access to the retreat and retreat lounge. Butler service and priority embarking and disembarking. Other perks you can check out on the website. Imo if you cannot budget a sky suite, consider a well located balcony cabin, with cabins above and below, and enjoy dinner at specialty restaurants. Enjoy your cruise
  2. Just got off the Equinox. The retreat deck is a waste. Very hot- full sun most of the day- no water option. Edge had a pool, hot tub, bar and restaurant (limited menu) and shaded areas. Too bad. We were looking foward to the deck- went up twice, each time nobody their except staff conversing with each other.
  3. A major plus royal vs celebrity suite is the 1/2 bath. You get unlimited specialty restaurant dining. Your butler will be restocked daily your beverages , non alcoholic, but beer will be provided in your fridge if you desire. Unlimited laundry and dry cleaning. We had stayed in aqua multiple times. Never enjoyed the food in blu. I agree food in luminae isn’t great, but the restaurant is physically so much more inviting then crowded blu . Blu has tables lined up offering no privacy with mediocre food. But it isn’t the mdr. Also location of most aq cabins not ideal. we have also been in celebrity suites multiple times and enjoyed them. Much nicer and more spacious on the M class ships. the S class while bathrooms have two entrances it is small. However Michaels club is excellent so Sky suites are also very good and comfortable we sail in a variety of suites and cabins depending on our budget at the time. We would rather stay in a well located balcony cabin and dine in specialty restaurants most nights. You cannot compare a Royal suite with the other two. Of course the penthouses are the ultimate! On my bucket list
  4. Hi Boarding tomorrow- will see what it is like- dosen't sound good IMO as we do not like sun and unlike the edge, no pool or hot tubs. Sounds like I will not be spending any time on the deck. Loved Michael's club- hope it is still good.
  5. You are really cutting it close- First of course you must do a walk off. Sometimes the elevators are mobbed so you might have to use the stairs. Good if you are on a low level. Also, no guarantee that you will be off the ship at 8AM. Sometimes, customs takes long to clear the ship. Especially if other ships are also in the port. While getting a cab shouldn't be a problem, last year we had to wait over 1/2 hour as somebody had a accident on the highway and most cabs couldn't come in the terminal. If you have an 11 AM flight and must arrive 2 hours in advance- could be a problem. I assume you have tsa or another rapid entry access so you do not have to deal with an airport security line. Of course everything might be perfect- but you must be prepared if things aren't as you plan. I would be much too nervous and either take a later flight or if I could, fly the next day.
  6. No premium non alcoholic package just one
  7. underbed we put carry ons in large suit case both underbed and room for another garment bag
  8. Already answered yes. Also some bottled water, OJ fresh squeezed and I believe specialty coffees.
  9. All specialty coffee is included in classic package. You can order a cafe al bacio or in specialty restaurants- even the MDR . If you are AQ or a Suite guest- you can also order in those venues.
  10. Yes! You will love it. As soon as you board, go to one of the dining room reps who are all over the ship and at the entrance to the buffet to reserve your date and time for all specialty restaurants.
  11. We are in a Royal suite and might also want to host a party for the people I know we will meet- will ask our butler to bring an assortment of cheese and other snacks. Of course some alcohol!
  12. Sailing on the Equinox Saturday! Very excited as usual!
  13. Once they accept one bid in a specific category, other bids are null and void. I received a weird email from move up today. We bid on a penthouse. Instead of a yes or no I got a response stating that move up would share my request with the ship and they would let me know onboard. We never got a response like this before.
  14. Once you are accepted to a cabin, your other bid is no longer valid. I am sure the cabin will be great- probably life boats causing a partial obstruction. But so much better then an inside cabin! Enjoy. They will or have deducted the amount from your credit card. It is automatic.
  15. While the lounge isn't as big as it once was, you can still enjoy the great views and during the day it is a nice place to read and watch the ocean go by. If no meetings or special functions happening- it is great! Our favorite ship is the Silhouette, but the Reflection #2. We will be on the Equinox on Saturday another really nice ship- but not the Silhouette or Reflection. We really enjoy the lawn grill, our favorite specialty restaurant.
  16. We sailed on the last New years week. Really enjoyed the ship- However, didn't like Eden. Food not good and the Characters were Disney Avatar- So not my cup of tea. We are scheduled to sail on the Edge again in March and will not dine in Eden. Lunch however is nice and the characters aren't annoying you. If you are in a suite, you are in for a treat as the Suite pool deck was wonderful.
  17. The reflection has had these suites since it first sailed. They are adding them to other ships. Yes the sky lounge is smaller and not nearly as nice as it once was- Perhaps they felt it was under utilized space. Typically the captains club meets their.
  18. If you sail "prime time" holiday periods and do not book at least 1 1/2 years in advance you will pay top dollar. We enjoy a central park view if the prices get insane. Comfortable cabins- with or without a small balcony. Some people want to see water- so doesn't work for them.
  19. Fortunately never experienced a problem with 6 Silhouette cruises- But we like to eat early. Also we do dine 50% of the time in specialty restaurants.
  20. Never found Luminae busy- always extra tables. Many suite guests, and other guests I assume, do dine in Specialty restaurants instead of luminae on any given evening.
  21. Having sailed so often- getting ships confused- but the point is better not directly below a public deck- if you can avoid it!!
  22. Honestly, we cruise so often that we feel the ship is our destination. We enjoy the ports- but the ship is very important to us.
  23. Not too high. Best cabins are midship with cabins above and below. I would stay in cabin 7358. Deck 11 is just below the buffet- while we didn't mind our sky suite on that deck, some of our neighbors complained of noise from the deck above. Especially vacuuming late and early, moving of chairs, etc.
  24. I think only for Royal suites and Penthouses- Maybe ChezMaryLou can help. Do not recall when we had a sky suite or celebrity suite. But Terminal 25 is pretty new.
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