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  1. We're sailing out of Florida on 11/6. I've assumed that the local CVS's, etc. will booked like crazy. So we'll try in Georgia before heading down to Fort Lauderdale.
  2. So glad to read about Chef's Table. We always enjoy it and we'll be on Majestic for a B2B in March. Thanks for all the food commentary!
  3. I talked to the amazing Alda. She couldn't find my fax from 7 days ago, so I emailed my info to her and it went into their junk folder. She set up my November, March and 2023 cruises. Turns out a couple of years ago they changed the timing for submitting shareholder info. Before, you couldn't submit it until 90 days before sailing. Now you can submit it anytime, which is causing delays. Also, she said emailing is fine (except for my junk folder experience). Thanks for the heads up about who to call!
  4. For those who have charm bracelets, JamesAvery.com has a lovely sterling silver "luxury liner" cruise ship charm. It's being retired soon, so first come, first served. I'm putting it on my new travel charm bracelet.
  5. We did a 14-day cruise to Norway, though I don't it had that exact title. OMG. Norway is stunning. For beauty, Norway is hands-down the best. One nice thing is that ship goes pretty slowly in the fjords so you get an even better view of the countryside, homes, etc. Enjoy!
  6. Emerald E731 should be covered, but it all depends on the direction of the ship. Avoid 730 since it's above the Club Fusion bandstand.
  7. Darn. It was too good to be true, I guess. We've got two cruises in January and in March. Double-darn.
  8. I've seen 50+ people lined up for regular dining rooms, while we stroll into the Club Class section. I'm less patient as I get older and this is worth the $$$. Plus, the crew members in Club Class are stellar!
  9. I love Club Class dining. It's just an area within a MDR, but it is much more relaxed and has great service. You can ask for a particular waiter and/or table if available. International Cafe is great. If they have the little chocolate mousses, get two! Alfredo's is wonderful, too. Excellent menu.
  10. I've been on cruises where temporary luggage storage is available somewhere on deck 7. You get a chit and use it to reclaim your bag(s) when cabins are open to guests. I like to have a lovely lunch in the main DR, so just roll my bag with me, since it's got meds, etc. By then, cabins are usually ready.
  11. I'd ask a maître d' for suggestions. They might be able to put together a private area for you or suggest a time that will be less busy. Just be honest about how loud your group might be.
  12. Our favorite bar onboard is Crooners. Lovely bar to hang out with friends. My cocktail is Dunes. My husband loves the Chairman of the Board, but ask for the old recipe with Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Cointreau. Smooth as silk! The Crooners' bartenders seem to be able to make anything you can think of.
  13. This is a very minor detail, but our Vista suites have had very little bathroom storage. No shelf under the sink, no shelves on either side of the mirror. Just for that I'd choose a penthouse. For Vista suites, we've had D 736 and D 737. Both are good and have larger balconies, at least according to the deck plans. I'd avoid E 732 as it's above the Club Fusion stage one deck below.
  14. I've gone through the Canal in forward and aft suites. I prefer forward facing, but both have good points. In the aft, you see things that are immediately receding from you. Facing forward, things are visible in the distance and moving towards you.
  15. I grew up seeing signs in businesses saying "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service". Seems likes the same thing to me.
  16. We're on that cruise too. Don't know about the excursions, but we did a good one through Princess in Panama City a few years ago.
  17. The balcony is HUGE on Marina deck, but I like the room layout on Lido deck. Either one is a winner.
  18. Same here. I'm signed up for Princess emails but have never received any. (I book with a big box TA.) I check Cruise Critic if I want to know something!
  19. Thanks for all your replies. Background: We've been attending the US NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for 41 years with my husband's fraternity brothers and spouses. In 2023 we went to a Florida beach because tickets have become crazy expensive for nosebleed seats and watched the games in someone's room. We're looking at the 28-day Hawaii-Tahiti-Samoa cruise on 3-17-2023 (available to book today for Elites, tomorrow for all others).
  20. A group of our friends meets in late March each year to watch March Madness games and drink beer. We're thinking of doing this on a cruise to Hawaii and Tahiti. We figure one or more people need to have the NCAA app or something similar, get unlimited WIFI, then stream it to our TVs. Or can anyone who has sailed during March Madness tell me if Princess shows the games in the larger venues (like they do for American football)? Many thanks.
  21. I measured a tub one time (not sure which ship) and it was two feet high. I guess to avoid spills in rough seas.
  22. We just booked a B2B on Viking Ocean. Viking insisted that the two cruises had be booked as a single cruise. FYI.
  23. We used to eat at the buffet every night but Club Class has won us over. First, no waiting for a table (usually). The staff is topnotch, and that's a huge plus to me. And it feels more intimate though it is part of a larger dining room.
  24. Last year we took Viking up to to Seward, rented a car for 10 days, then took Princess back to Vancouver. Amazing! I will say that the smaller Viking ship was better for close glacier views. We've doing a driving trip to AK and a few cruises, but the combination of two ships plus a rental car is my favorite.
  25. We took the Crown to Norway and Scandinavia in minisuites D732 and D733. Both have balconies about twice the length of the other cabins on port and starboard side. On Emerald deck I would avoid MD E730 or S6 Vista E732 as it is above the Club Fusion band stand. If you want a largish B4 aft-facing balcony, look at B4 D735 (D734 will be too close to the band stand). Enjoy!
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