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  1. That’s a pity and from my experience on Azamara not typical, but sometimes it happens. I did Antarctica on Pursuit in January and can honestly say they were the most miserable and rude guests I have ever encountered with just a strange atmosphere. Hardly saw the Captain or Officers. Not helped by being cold weather that made the inside of the ship very busy. The Azamara ships don’t deal well with that. Phil
  2. I notice on the schedule that there are still “TBA” later on in the year so this looks like a temporary fill in. I know it’s usually HD/F & B roles that combine so maybe gaps need filling. Phil
  3. That is perfect and exactly what I do. Don't worry at all. You'll be fine. Phil
  4. As I understand, Fred and Liesl have left Azamara. I didn't realise Ngawhira had been promoted into the Associate HD role though. Phil
  5. One can live in hope, but....... Phil
  6. You make a very good point. I'm afraid the whole LCV benefits thing is a mess and the more time goes on the more it gets left behind by the plethora of special deals. You've highlighted yet another absurdity. I hope Azamara are taking note. Phil
  7. If you are going to attend the Grand Prix (which is why the OP posted here), then the fact that the shopping prices go up is irrelevant and from the point of view of streets being closed and stands up everywhere this is a very positive thing for race week! Phil
  8. The video. Love it!❤️ I’ve seen the expos advertised on the ship before, but have never been. I will now make a point of going. Thanks for your continued reports. Phil
  9. Those of you who know me here from when I first started cruising on Celebrity will appreciate how enthusiastic I was about the cruiseline, but that latterly over the past five years or so the X experience has not been so rosy for me. I have favoured Azamara since 2011 and apart from the occasional venture onto Royal, Windstar and back to Celebrity have cruised exclusively with the smaller ships of the sister company. i had the opportunity to cruise to Hawaii on Eclipse to celebrate a significant milestone of friends of mine and this celebration was the main reason for trying Celebrity again. I am pleased to report that I had a fabulous time with great service from all over the ship, not just pockets of it in the suite areas. This seemed like a very happy ship. I know some don’t share my opinion of the importance of the top team on the ship (Captain and senior officers), but I really believe that their attitude filters down. Happy Captain and officers = happy crew. And this has a knock on effect with the guests onboard. The whole ship was happy and I don’t think I experienced so many greetings of good morning/afternoon from other cheerful guests on any Celebrity cruise. Captain Leo is really such a nice guy and an absolute laugh in Liars Club. A special mention to a wonderful team in Luminae who provided excellent service at all times. Marjan, Lorendo, Sintu and Nertela were all fantastic. The breakfasts served there were so good that I went every day. It is cooked perfectly. Ask for eggs over medium and that’s what you get. Beautifully presented and it’s detail like this that makes a huge difference. I would say that the evening meals are still a bit limited in their offerings and the one day when I ordered from the MDR wasn’t great, but also I shout out to the buffet for lunch. I really enjoyed it. I had an evening meal there once when I didn’t feel like dressing up and it was very good. My bugbear in recent years has been the terrible music around the ship. I was very happy to hear some very good tracks played over the public system rather than incessant beat music I’d heard before. Way better. I will admit that I never ventured to the martini bar this cruise. I used to love it, but maybe I wanted to preserve my good thoughts of the lack of loud music and either went to Michael’s or Ensemble. Perhaps also those martinis at the bar are getting a bit large for me these days. So overall i had a wonderful time and am very pleased to report that my faith has been restored. Phil
  10. Such a pity the weather forecast isn't so great, but hope you manage to at least get off for a much needed stretch of the legs and fresh air. Phil
  11. What a good positive attitude you have! And someone who wasn't disappointed in the size of the bathroom. At last! And yes, there is plenty of storage in them. Small, but perfectly formed. Keep enjoying. Phil
  12. Glad you are off and running and hoping you all have a good crossing. Just for info to others, that centre “Captain’s” table on the upper level is the worst spot in the dining room for noise. In fact whenever possible I ask for a table on the lower level as the whole of the upper level is noisier. My recollection of Pursuit was that the space used for eggs cooked to order on Journey was used as a fresh fruit station with someone serving there. Is that what they have? Phil
  13. Pleased to hear of the resolution after passing it up the line. Two clocks? Now you are just being greedy. Not even the big suites get two😂 Phil
  14. Unfortunately not. Phil
  15. A TA would make no difference to the use of free nights because the rules on their use is strict. Phil
  16. This is the wave site I use. Just click on the map area of interest and it gives a 180 hour forecast. http://stormsurf.com/mdls/menu_wam.html Phil
  17. Safe trip Vicki and you and Charlie have a lovely cruise. Phil
  18. Have fun. I just checked the wave models and think you need to prepare for it to be rocky for the first few days, even down in the Canaries. Could be interesting to start! Phil
  19. Yes, those free nights, especially if you are a single on a reduced supplement and on a longer cruise need careful calculation and I have found the same thing. 10 nights max seems to be about it. Phil
  20. I've embarked a number of times on Azamara in Barcelona and usually it's the WTC pier, but I have been at Adossat too so it's not unheard of. I think marinaro has given a good explanation of the reason and that it's nothing to do with cost cutting. Phil
  21. Well there are at least two live from Journey threads on this main Azamara board started in recent days. Phil
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