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  1. Exactly! To be honest I can't see it happening and if it does then it will be very limited and extremely restrictive onboard. Maybe he is just trying to keep shareholders happy? And of course this is Royal Caribbean we are talking. Azamara is a very different animal. Phil
  2. Thanks Ann. It's so hard to sort the wheat from the chaff right now. These businesses must be hurting so much. Even on the routes they are actually flying and speaking to those who have flown those routes, the planes are empty. 😔 Phil
  3. @ceejilly, it will also be interesting to see how actually getting to the cruises plays out. There are so many rumours out there at the moment and much to happen, but as a favoured user of low cost carrier easyjet on European destinations I am concerned when I read that they are hanging by a wire. There is much to play out. I continue to be hopeful for a vaccine. Phil
  4. Definitely not. Ask at Guest Relations. Phil
  5. Just to say, ALL the crew work hard. Not just the butlers. I don't always have a suite and those cabin attendants work pretty hard too. As do many others behind the scenes. Those in the laundry room. The galley. Cleaners keeping the ship clean. It's why I feel so bad for them all just now. Here's an idea. Next time on the ship and the thoughts move toward tips think about contributing to the staff welfare fund. Then the fun and wealth is shared around. Doesn't matter how much. I'm sure it's all appreciated. That's what I do now. Phil
  6. Perfectly stated for me too and I don't need to post how much I tip. That is personal to me and dependent on the service I received. Phil
  7. Hopefully this works: VIEW IN BROWSER Dear Philip, Unfortunately, the world is still confronted with the many challenges resulting from COVID-19, but today I am very excited to share a bit of good news. Through our Healthy Sail Panel, a group of globally recognized experts assembled back in June as part of Royal Caribbean Group, we have been working diligently with world health experts to recommend and develop innovative protocols and procedures that will facilitate a healthy return to service. This week the recommendations were submitted to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in response to their request for public comment to help develop future health and safety measures for the industry. The Panel has concluded that with a comprehensive set of protocols backed by health and science experts, cruising can take a step forward to returning and sailing safer in today’s environment. In total, the Healthy Sail Panel has made 74 recommendations across five core focuses, all based on insights from the most trusted medical and scientific information in the world. If you would like to read the Panel’s 74 detailed best practices, you can do so here. They include guidance on testing, screening, ventilation, contingency planning, and destination and excursion planning. Moving forward these recommendations are publicly available and all cruise lines and the travel industry at large can leverage these protocols. Our industry has a collective responsibility for the highest safety standards; we do not compete on this. We have one common goal and that is a safer resumption of cruising. And we are determined to get there through collaboration, not competition. Our colleagues at CLIA and other cruise lines have been collaborating in the work and have freely shared important insights they’ve learned from their own experts and successes with early sailings. There is still some work to be done, but in the meantime, I wanted to reach out and thank you for being an Azamara Circle member and for your continued loyalty and patience. We look forward to a healthy return to sailing and exploring the world safely together. All my best, Carol Cabezas Chief Operating Officer, Azamara
  8. I'm sure many of you received this email from the COO of Azamara. Good news and one more step closer to a return to cruising? There are now 74 point best practices that's been put together by Royal Caribbean. I'm left with the feeling of "Good news? Who are you trying to kid?". The crisis is so sad for the industry and I know they have to try their best to put a positive view on it, but if their top priority is the health and well being of their guests and knowing the demographic of those that cruise Azamara, how can they possibly spin it like this? Phil
  9. Totally agree with you, albeit very depressing. My cruise days are over until there's a vaccine or treatment if I get it. I have no desire to put myself through the protocols that will be in place as and when cruising restarts. That's not a relaxing time. I am desperate to cruise again, but not that desperate. It's going to be at least 2nd quarter of 2021 and even then I am not so sure. We face a long winter ahead here in the UK with continuing and tightening of restrictions as covid numbers grow again. Phil
  10. I think you made a wise decision. The $75 cancellation fee worth it. Just put it down to experience I guess. Phil
  11. Same here Ann. Definitely not that desperate. Phil
  12. It's not the space so much for me, but having been not feeling so great on a cruise (a nasty cold on more than one occasion rather than covid) it is nice to have the butler look after you with hot tea and lemon wedges with honey. I'm very low maintenance, but this has been very welcome. Phil
  13. I'm so fed up with this covid rubbish. If I could get back on the ship and have my laundry done I'd gladly have my smalls boiled in bleach! Lol Phil
  14. At least it reminds you of what cabins you've been in! 😀 Phil
  15. I think it really does depend on what you send out. There are items even I wouldn't put in the laundry bag. Tee shirts, cotton shirts and shorts are ok, but I've had ship launder items and you can tell now what they've been through. Bottom line, I totally get why some are careful with what they send out. Phil
  16. It's not about class and cabins and that misses the point of Azamara and its success. It's about the experience of getting to places that the big ships of Celebrity can't and the more personal service onboard a smaller ship. Whilst Celebrity is a nice product (and indeed preferred by some), you really can't compare the two. Phil
  17. I haven't received one although I can't remember ever giving a member of the crew my email address. If it was me I wouldn't respond to it. Phil
  18. I consider it a specialty restaurant as it follows the same dress code as the others (ie smart casual at all times). Same as Blu is the specialty restaurant for Aqua Class. That is my only complaint about Luminae that the options are less. I really try not to order from the main dining room if I can help it. Whilst I know they are always willing to do it I feel I am causing extra work in them arranging it. And in the back of my mind I'm thinking I paid extra for this restaurant and shouldn't have to eat from the ordinary dining room menu! Phil
  19. In my view and having done both it's an apples to oranges comparison. Luminae has better quality food in a more intimate environment. But it's a specialty restaurant so you'd expect that. The specialty restaurants on Azamara are more than a match for it however. Well that's what I think at least. Phil
  20. A day and a half stop in Aqaba and an overnight ship tour to Petra was one of the most amazing trips of my life, for sure. Phil
  21. I could post lots of tidbits and try to prove I'm in the know somehow, but I resist because speculation at this point is pointless in my eyes. Third party resources like this even more so. Phil
  22. More unfounded rumours. If that is the website I'm thinking it is, then it's definitely not somewhere to go to give an accurate picture of a cruiseline's plans. Especially in the middle of what is going on just now. Phil
  23. My magic ball says Azamara won't restart operations until at least 2nd quarter of 2021. Sadly that is my view. Phil
  24. I'd agree with uktog and Riocca. There are a few of those kind around on Azamara. Thankfully they are in the minority. The thing with Azamara is the crew are so keen to help that you only need a guest who is demanding and for want of a better term, think they are special and the ship will fall over themselves if they can. And sometimes that means just keeping quiet yourself. It can be embarrassing. I've been there! Phil
  25. Sorry Laurie, yes. It was the follow on. We missed Rarotonga. Tender port. Terrible weather, but in fact they did have to land someone there because of (another) medical emergency. They took the opportunity to drop off and pick up entertainers too. I did see a video of it. Not for the faint hearted! I have never spent that number of days and seen so many medical emergencies. Starting of course with Eric's dad. Phil
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