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  1. I do agree that prices are dependent upon supply and demand, but Azamara's current pricing model to me is just crazy. Bear in mind the starting point of a suite is high to start with. To double it to me is obscene. Antarctica this year was a good example. The price for a lowly window cabin doubled and then halved again. And this was not a cheap cruise to start with. Then they fire sold the cabins at the end and the ship wasn't even full. I don't mind certain price fluctuations, but from £12,000 at the top per window cabin to £5500 at the bottom (not including the interline rates that went down to £3500) is just crazy. I know the deal now, but I also know first hand of some that paid way more than others. How does that make them feel and will they come back to Azamara? Hmmmm. Phil
  2. Honestly Bonnie, I really dislike that too. They should be worn in cabin or at the spa. Not in public on the pool deck or around the ship. As for storage, I never hang them in the closet. There's a hook in the cabins that works fine. Ok. Perhaps I'm just snobby, but those that wear robes on White Night should hang a sign round their neck saying "Look at me. Aren't I clever?". Lol Phil
  3. My tip for breakfast in the MDR if like me you enjoy fruit and cereal to start and a cooked breakfast after. Order the first course and when that has arrived then order the hot food. Too often if I ordered it together, the hot food was plated up and left so that an item like scrambled egg was starting to cook stick on the plate or the eggs over easy were not by the time they arrived. This might have been a particular method on Pursuit or a new way generally on the ships. I've not noticed it before. It didn't run my day, but I like my breakfast to be right. Otherwise I'm a bear until coffee time. Lol Phil
  4. I've seen this done quite a few times. The people that do it I think feel they've discovered a unique new joke for White Night. My own personal opinion is it makes them look ridiculous. Phil
  5. I hope you have a great cruise. I have a friend on Pursuit at the moment and she is loving it. Phil
  6. I wouldn’t bother. You should be able to find a sheltered spot on deck and as Leo says, there will be plenty of blankets on the ship. Phil
  7. Well that was the problem. We were in the middle of the Atlantic and it was very difficult to pick a time zone. I ended up choosing Nuuk, Greenland to get it right once! Then it was wrong again. Phil
  8. I did a pasta making excursion in Italy in the last year that had no "making" in it. We were given ready made pasta to shape. There were far too many squeezed around a large worktop. There was no elbow space and once again it looked like Azamara were trying to make a profit at the expense of guest experience. Phil
  9. That is true, but many guests have OBC to use, even more prevalent these days so it's not as simple and straightforward. I know I've taken them to do that. Phil
  10. I know Corinne (poster Cinammon here) had the same issue, so it wasn’t just me. Phil
  11. I did try that. Or at least I thought I did. It had a mind of its own and I wasn't the only one having trouble. Phil
  12. It's a great trip up the river to Ho Chi Minh and something you don't do on X. Make sure you are awake to see it! Phil
  13. Honestly, they were completely useless on Pursuit. Both Christmas/New Year and the ta from Rio to Lisbon. Hopeless. Phil
  14. And don't start me off on the clock by the pool on Pursuit which was 6 minutes fast for at least 35 days. I mentioned it a couple of times, once to the Assistant Cruise Director who looked at me as if I was crazy and took no notice. Eventually it was put right after I spoke to hotel. OK. It's a small detail, but on a ship and celebrating New Year to watch the time, very odd. Phil
  15. Even the time on the navigation channel was wrong for the ta on Pursuit. Phil
  16. I’ve tried that and it was hopeless with time changes. Definitely not a good substitute. I missed the cabin clocks on Pursuit. Nice to just be able to keep an eye on the time with a traditional clock and they should buy some. Phil
  17. I think that’s part of the appeal though. Factor in the preparation that would be required by the crew to turn it into an official eating venue and how many times it’s used throughout a cruise for special functions and it’s a bad idea in my view. Phil
  18. This was the point I was making : https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/4358/ Phil
  19. Thank goodness there is (not yet at least) any of the special deal shenanigans they have on Celebrity. With Specialty dining included if you are staying in a suite they are pretty much always well attended. Aside from the dining packages you won’t find any deals. Phil
  20. Much better! Have a great cruise. If you see guitarist Sebastian from Chile who is part of the trio (he is excellent BTW), tell him hi from me. Phil
  21. Yes, I suspect this is exactly what the reason is. The previous owners did not keep up maintenance to the same high standards Azamara do and there are probably a number of things that need to be checked and fixed. Phil
  22. I’m a great believer in karma. When I see the way some guests talk to crew and officers I think to myself “it’s going to come back on you”. Thankfully, in general those on Azamara are a polite and happy bunch, but occasionally there is the odd one. Phil
  23. I don’t think you are being a cheapskate. In my view just sensible from the moment you booked! If really keen on the possibility of an upgrade then I might bid a little more, but I’m not going to pay too much, because as I’ve said elsewhere here, I book the cabin location I want at the start. Because of that and depending upon where the new cabin location is I might think of it as a downgrade. Having no control over where they move me to brings this into even sharper focus. Even under the old system I always considered an upgrade opportunity as a bonus and not to be expected. Phil
  24. Food of course is subjective, but I prefer Aqualina now to what it used to be. I can find many more menu items that I like. Phil
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