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  1. Barb, I hope we do. It's always a pleasure to cruise with you and Graham! Phil
  2. I just reread this. AFAIK it's Glasgow. Belfast is not correct. Or have I this wrong Odd? Phil
  3. I'm not forgetting the legacy. I don't think anyone is. I'm just saying that nothing ever stays the same and from the moves that Azamara made with personnel they have done a very good job. All the people are quality. Not one can I say "I don't think much of that choice" and I've met all of them except Gianmario. He went up hugely in my estimation though when I saw how he handled the crew and covid when it was all going horrible. Phil
  4. There are still many originals and long serving. Johannes, Magnus, Carl, Heike, Ryszard, Eric, Tony. And more importantly they have hired and promoted some amazing quality people like Antonio, Gianmario, Tomasz, Elisabeth, Ernest. Nothing ever stays the same. Some of those you mention have moved on for personal reasons. Some because of circumstances. Am I right in saying that Bonnie has left for now, but as and when cruising resumes then so will her role? Phil
  5. Which ones? Because I don’t see that at all. Just the opposite in fact. Phil
  6. Of course it was, Odd. Silly me. Coz that's where I flew home from! Yes, as soon as it's safe and there isn't a raft of medical procedures in place when it does restart. If it's onerous then the joy of why I cruise on Azamara will be lost. Phil
  7. Yes. Knew that. 14 days quarantine. Yuck. Phil
  8. Well Odd, it had to come out eventually. I learned of the plans at the beginning of the year, but of course a lot has happened since then! J, H and little brother E was always dynamic and I don't quite understand the need to mess with it. If it's not broke then don't try and fix it, Fortunately there are some real characters at Azamara on the ships. And I'm not just talking of Captain, although I feel a lot filters down from there. I wish them all well. If I was honest, I'm so pleased to see that the ultimate parent is thinking of the future Azamara. Phil
  9. https://www.azamara.co.uk/life-onboard/crew/senior-officer-schedule Phil
  10. Heike on Pursuit and Eric stays on Journey. Talk about splitting them up! Phil
  11. Looks like Quest is Johannes' new ship and a few switches. https://www.azamara.co.uk/life-onboard/crew/senior-officer-schedule Phil
  12. I can't single him out because all the teams on all of the ships are great. I just fear for who and what is next. Wishing Philip all the very best for the future. Phil
  13. That was fun to see you both in Wellington as you were getting on as I was getting off. We nearly missed each other, but it worked. Little did we know what a mess it would become and our cruises were one of the last that Journey would do. Hopefully will see you again on a ship. Journey holds a soft spot for me. It might be all change when this thing works through. Phil
  14. For the first time in a number of years I have no Azamara bookings. I have one Celebrity booking for next October, but still don't know yet whether I can stand what onboard protocols there will be. And that's it. Just praying for a vaccine because what we have in terms of restrictions is not sustainable. Phil
  15. The question has lost its context being split into a separate thread. Motion sickness facing backwards was the reason. Phil
  16. I'll ask for you, but it might be a couple of weeks. I'm guessing either Pursuit or Quest as the numbering is different on Journey as it has accessible cabins in that range? Phil
  17. The mattresses are very comfy. As good as Celebrity I'd say. The handicap suite major difference is the bathroom that has a roll in shower and a lower sink and adjustable mirror and I don't think the storage was as good there. I've stayed in them a couple of times and they are fine. I've never been able to book them specifically, but was assigned them. It's disappointing they are being released so early. My view is they should be held for those really needing them and released closer to sail date. The points accumulate between Azamara and Celebrity from day one. Phil
  18. But you booked the flights to get there during the pandemic, right? Phil
  19. This is very common and has been going on for years in Australia. It's the same here. Cheaper to buy Aussie wine in the UK. Phil
  20. Just hard to get out to the bush when you are on a cruise! 😉 Phil
  21. Same here. Sad, but true. I'm keeping so many things crossed for a vaccine that I've fallen over at least half a dozen times! Phil
  22. Sadly these people are everywhere and I really shouldn't rise to it because that is exactly what they are after. However, it's another one for my ignore list😉 Phil
  23. Ridiculous. It's not that they don't need you. They don't want the virus. Although with that closed attitude, they won't miss you. That's for sure. Phil
  24. And picking out Seabourn, they don't seem to have covered themselves in much glory with refunds either. Phil
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